Turkey: “We’ll Open Border Gates”

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has announced that he will reopen the “border gates” for Third World invaders to head for Europe following this week’s European Union Parliament’s vote to halt all talks on Turkey’s EU membership.

“When 50,000 refugees turned up at the Kapikule [border gate] you cried out and began to say ‘What will we do when Turkey opens the border gates? Look, if you go further, those border gates will be opened. You should know that,” Erdogan said, according to a report in the Turkish Hurriyet Daily News.


European Union lawmakers voted on November 24 to halt EU membership talks with Turkey over Ankara’s “disproportionate” reaction to the failed July 15 coup attempt, with some 479 votes in favor and 37 votes against, with 107 abstentions.

According to reports, about 37,000 Turks have been arrested since the coup, which alongside thousands of job dismissals and measures against Turkish media outlets, caused the European parliamentarians to make a stand on the matter.

The non-binding motion approved by European lawmakers said parliament “calls… on the Commission and on the Member States to initiate a temporary freeze of the on-going accession negotiations with Turkey.”

Turkish EU affairs minister Omer Celik earlier dismissed the vote, calling it “null and void” and saying it “breached basic European values.”

Turkey formally applied to become an EU member in 1987 and accession talks began in 2005.

Earlier in 2016, Brussels agreed to give visa-free travel to Turks once Ankara had carried out reforms and also pledged more aid to Turkey in exchange for Ankara cutting the number of invaders attempting to reach Greek islands from Turkey.

That deal was supposed to include the repatriation of invaders who had crossed into Greece, but that part of the “arrangement” has been pitifully enforced, much like the Turkish undertaking to halt the invasion.

The only reason why the numbers invading Greece are down is because of the strict border actions of countries like Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Macedonia, which effectively cut the “Balkans route” off to further mass invasions of Europe.

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  1. The EU autocrats are full of shit.

    Deep down even they must know that Austria, The Netherlands, Greece etc will never but never accept Turkish EU membership under any possible circumstance. I would have added Germany to that list, but these days I’m not sure. Anyway, it only takes one EU member state to effectively bloc and veto the accession of any candidate to that stinking failing bloc.

    But, two-facedly EU big-wigs insist on leading Turkey on with a merry dance of lies rather than be honest and blunt with Turkey.

  2. The Eurocrats will undoubtedly open the doors to have Turkey in the EU, open borders, with Turkey is part of the plan.
    It will happen quickly now before the “populist” doctrine gains to much strength.

    It’s all over unless there is a revolt VERY,VERY soon.

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