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Two Largest Christian Churches in Germany Come out in Support of the Nonwhite Muslim Invasion of Europe

The Lutheran church in Germany has joined up with the Roman Catholic Church in that country to formally promote and encourage the nonwhite—and overwhelmingly Muslim—invasion of Europe, a move which will ultimately lead to the destruction of both of those confessions through demographic displacement.

The head of the German Lutheran church, more properly known as the Evangelical Church in Germany (Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland, or EKD),   Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, and the chairman of the Catholic German Bishops’ Conference (Deutsche Bischofskonferenz), Cardinal Reinhard Marx, were both personally present to welcome and shake hands with the invaders at Munich station over the past weekend.

catholics and protestants welcome invaders

According to a press release issued by the German Bishops’ Conference on September 5, 2015, the two “top representatives of the two major churches in Germany welcomed newly-arrived refugees at Munich Central Station.”

Cardinal Marx described as a “disgrace” what he called “xenophobia in Germany,” and went on to urge violence against anyone who dared oppose the invasion, labelling them all as “Nazis.” He said, according to the press release, “I will physically hurt anybody I see giving the Hitler salute or shouting Nazi slogans.”

As the “Hitler salute” and “Nazi slogans” are illegal in Germany, and almost never seen, even at gatherings of right wingers in that country, the Catholic leader was obviously referring to anyone who he would interpret as having those sentiments—in other words, anyone who would dare speak out against the nonwhite invasion of Europe. “Being xenophobic and being Catholic does not go together,” Cardinal Marx declared.

Meanwhile, the supreme head of the Catholic Church, Argentinian-born Pope Francis, has called on every Catholic parish religious community, monastery, and sanctuary to take in one invader family, saying that the Vatican would lead the way by opening its doors to two such families.

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Addressing a crowd at the Vatican just prior to his departure to America (where he is expected to make a public call to allow the invasion of the US by millions of central and South American nonwhites to continue and be legalized), Francis said that “the gospel calls us to be close to the smallest and to those who have been abandoned. Sheltering a refugee family will be seen as a concrete act of preparation” for the Jubilee Year of Mercy beginning in December, he added.

A press release issued by the Evangelical Church’s  relief agency “Diakonie Emergency Aid in Germany” on July 23, 2015, blamed white people for the flood of invaders, even ascribing the flood of sub-Saharan Africans to “western economic policies, along with western-driven climate change and weapons exports” for the chaos in Africa.


President of the Protestant relief agency, Cornelia Füllkrug-Weitzel, said in the statement that the European Union must “create legal routes to Europe” and that “blocking the maritime route to Europe would only lead to refugees taking the terrestrial route via the Balkan countries.”

She added that the discussion “about ‘economic refugees’ missed the point. The people who had been turned into refugees by western economic policies, along with western-driven climate change and weapons exports, also had economic reasons for fleeing.”

She also specifically rejected a policy of special assistance to Christians fleeing from Islamic countries. “As a humanitarian relief agency, the organization was committed to freedom from discrimination,” she said.

The irony of this position is, of course, that, along with declining numbers of Christians in Germany in particular and Europe in general (as native Europeans become increasingly secular), a declining European birthrate, and a boosted Muslim birthrate thanks to the mass invasion policies these churches are so eagerly advocating, Christianity in Europe is set to be extinguished within two or three generations.

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By adopting a pro-invasion stance, these churches are therefore effectively writing their own death warrants.

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  1. These religious nuts are going to put germany at great risk .when are these dogooders going to learn islam is an evil regime. Well I just hope when there is beheading on the streets of gemany they are the first .there will be civil war all over Europe and it better start soon or else the indigenous people of European country’s will lose.

  2. Love the picture of the dipstick bible basher sticking his hand out to a fat, unwashed, disinterested newcomer!! Let Germany get on with it, they deserve everything they get!

  3. Christian leaders should be reminding the politicians that they must consult the people over who comes in- respecting their rights as well as the international responsibility to genuine refugees. It is unhelpful for the heretical catholic bishop to lump all those who object to his policy as nazis….actually arrogant and rather unchristian.

  4. This is suicidal!
    But worse is that we are still allowing organised religions to dictate over us as though they have some sort of ridiculous ‘divine’ right to rule.
    This is exactly like their hated Nazi, totalitarian control.
    And even further is that these out-dated religions must be completely eliminated. The only way to stop Islam is to fully secularise all the laws and governments and public facilities.
    In fact, that maybe the reason why these Christians are defending Islam so ardently. They feel that atheism is the greater threat to the existence of their religions; thus the enemy of my enemy is my friend!
    Back to the issue – these churches think that they still have the power to lord over the people and their agenda does imperil our culture, our laws and our civilisation.
    We must now more than ever ensure greater secularization at an even faster pace before Islam uses the laws to create their enclaves, and then the towns and on and on.

    1. Total secularization of religion ! Great idea, Brien…… if only !!
      Muslim enclaves are spreading fast so using the law to legitimise the parallel life they`ve been allowed to establish across Europe would be a logical next step for them to gain an unassailable advantage.
      As you say, suicidal ……. especially for we `kuffars / infidels`.

  5. Pastors and their underlings in the pay of the state funded evangelical (Lutheran) church, are teaching little children to recite jingles like: “Deutschland von der Karte streichen, Frankreich muss bis Polen reichen!” or “Bomber Harris hilf uns doch, Deutschland gibt es immer noch!”
    (Strike Germany from the map, France must reach to Poland!” or “Bomber Harris help us yet, Gemany exists still ever more!”) Or, in plain English: “Bomber Harris do it again!”

  6. These two are a good example of how Crypto-Jews have infiltrated Christian churches around the world, pushing the Cultural Marxist agenda to destroy all nations and merge all cultures into one. Ironically, it is African Christians who are now the most devout, courageous, steadfast adherents to the original Christian faith, despite horrific persecution by Muslims burning down their churches and slaughtering them, and precious little support from Christians in the West.


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