Two Mile Stretch of “Trump Wall” Opened amid Vows to Stop Invasion Caravan entering US

A 30-foot fence high spanning two miles has been completed and officially opened on the US-Mexico border, sporting a plaque sporting President Donald Trump’s name—as the Department of Homeland Security Chief has vowed to halt the invasion caravan currently making its way north.

The opening of the wall—actually a long series of steel barriers which allow vision through to the other side—was held at an official ceremony in the  El Centro region, one of the hotspots for the ongoing Third World invasion of America.

“It’s different than a fence in that it also has technology. It’s a full wall system,” Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said during a press conference at the ceremony. “It’s a wall, this is what the president has asked us to do. It’s part of a system.”

This year’s congressional spending bill specifically states that border construction must use the same kind of fencing previous administrations had used.

The wall celebrated Friday replaces shorter, older fencing installed in the 1990s that was now out of date and operationally inadequate, Nielsen said.

“Let me be clear: Walls work,” Nielsen said after workers fixed the plaque to the barrier which featured names several high-ranking officials including herself and Trump.

“We are looking at every possible way within the legal construct that we have to make sure that those who don’t have the legal right to come to this country do not come in.”

The Pentagon has meanwhile approved a request for an additional 1,000 troops to be deployed at the southern border. In addition, there are already 2,000 National Guard troops on the border.

Nielsen also called for more funding for the wall. “Border security is national security. We need funding to continue building @POTUS’ wall. We need personnel to secure the border. And we need laws that work for the American people,” she tweeted. “’I refuse to believe that this is too complex for Congress to solve, they must address this crisis.”

In a separate tweet she thanked the US Customs and Border Patrol in El Centro. “Very proud today to acknowledge the completion of the first section of POTUS’ and all our partners that are helping us to deploy new border wall systems,” she posted.

“Thank you @CBPElCentro and all our partners that are helping us to deploy new border wall systems.”

Earlier, in an interview with Fox News, Nielsen warned that “Everything is on the table to make it very clear that we have a sovereign right to protect our citizens.”

Measures apparently being considered include executive action that would make it nearly impossible for the Central Americans seeking “asylum” to gain entry at the U.S.-Mexico border. One possibility is to use an authority similar to that invoked by the travel ban, which would block entry to unauthorized immigrants who are not yet in the US.

However, if any of the invaders managed to cross the US-Mexico border and claim asylum, they would have the ability to apply for asylum.

To prevent that from happening, the administration is also considering invoking a piece of the Immigration and Nationality Act where “asylum applicants” are required to wait in a contiguous territory, in this case Mexico, while their case is considered.

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  1. Let’s see, 2 miles of US border wall built in 8 months,so it will only take 651years to complete!

    Meanwhile, the Hungarians built 325 miles of border barrier of razor wire patrolled by troops & volunteer militias in about the same time, less than a year.

    Even building the Great Wall of China was faster, at 7 miles a year…

  2. Keeping illegal aliens out is “too complex” a problem for Congress to solve? Massive federal governments LOVE complexity. Have you seen the tax code? What’s complex about lining the border with thousands of troops and actually enforcing the laws already on the books? No wall necessary. Billions of dollars saved. The point is Congress doesn’t want to and has no intention of solving the illegal migration and human trafficking problems.

    So, if illegal aliens cross the border and set foot on US soil, then their asylum case must be considered and yet, Congress is considered legislation that will keep them housed south of the border, preventing them from crossing…while their cases are being considered. How does that make any sense when they’ve never crossed the border to begin with? You see? Congress has no intention of keeping these people out. They’re getting in or rather being let in. It will just take a little more time this way. That’s all. Guaranteed.

  3. This is just a replacement for an existing section of wall just 2miles long which is probably funded from an existing budget that does not need the approval of Congress. Congress will thwart a truly extensive wall because the Democrats think that would be a racist wall and they are ideologically opposed to borders anyway, while Republicans will not want to stop the flow of cheap labour from Central America.

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