Two More “Charity” Invader Smugglers Abandon Fake Rescue Operations in the Mediterranean

Two more far left pro-invasion organizations pretending to be charities—“Save the Children” and “Sea Watch “—who are involved in the illegal ferrying of Africans from Libya to Europe, have announced that they are halting all operations in the Mediterranean Sea following a Libyan crackdown on their criminal activities.
Workers from the fake charities actively assisting with the African invasion of Europe.
The “Save the Children” organization announced in a press release that its ship the Vos Hestia had been withdrawn from operations as the “Libyan Navy assume[d] control” of the sea off its coastline.
In reality, the “charity” has refused to sign up to the Italian government’s charter which would put government officials on board every ship to make sure that they were not colluding with the smugglers in offering a ferry service to Europe.
Previously it has been proven that these leftist organizations were in contact with the smugglers, and arranged pick up points to collect the African invaders only a few miles offshore, thereby saving them the effort of having to travel across the Mediterranean.
Having picked up the invaders, the “charities” would then ferry them directly to Europe, or to a nearby EU naval unit, which then took the nonwhites back to a port in Italy.
The blatantly criminal act of cooperating with the smugglers has gone on for years, and it is only after public attention was drawn to the goings on by ships such as the “Defend Europe” operation, that the authorities finally were pushed into acting.
The “Save the Children” statement however still tried to justify its criminal activities by quoting its operation director Rob MacGillivray as saying that they were “concerned that in this situation boats will either be turned back to Libya, or, migrants will die before they leave the newly extended Libyan SAR zone. People are crossing on flimsy rubber boats that take in water and don’t carry enough fuel.”
The “Sea Watch’s” fake charity founder Michael Busch Heuer said on Facebook that it was “with a heavy heart” that they have had to suspend their operations because of the “changed security situation in the Western Mediterranean, after the Libyan Government announced an indefinite and unilateral extension of their territorial waters” and an “explicit threat against the private NGOs.”


The Sea Watch organization ran two ships—the Sea-Eye and Seefuchs—as part of its criminal smuggling operation which it disguised as a charity.

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