Two Senior Russian Jewish Senators Resign over Dual Loyalty Allegations

Two senior Russian Jewish Senators have been stripped of their senatorial status by Russia’s Federation Council amid allegations of dual loyalty to Israel. Senator Vitaly Malkin was forced to resign when it was revealed that he had a passport in the name of Avihur Ben Bar in contravention of Russian law which bars lawmakers from holding another country’s citizenship.

Malkin was earlier denied permission to enter or immigrate to Canada because of what Canadian courts described as his “being a member of a group engaging in organized or transnational crime.”

He was accused by the Canadian immigration services of “personally profiting from African debt relief” and of “subverting the democratic process in Russia” by using organized crime profits to help fund the re-election campaign of former Russian president Boris Yeltsin. He reportedly has large assets in Israel.

Senator Boris Shpigel, who is also the president of the World Congress of Russian Jewry, was also forced to resign after he took up a new role as head of another extremist Jewish Supremacist pressure group based in France, called a “World without Nazism.”

Before leaving Russia for France, Shpigel introduced a bill on what he called “combating xenophobia.”

Apparently Shpigel is convinced that Nazism is about to take over the world again, for in his justification of his bill he wrote that “The problem of Nazism in the world, especially in Europe, is very serious. I intend to make every effort to counter manifestations of Nazism in the world and, in particular, in EU countries and the Baltic states.”

Shpigel was also in the news as he was behind the erection of a large monument to the Stalin-era Red Army in Israel. The monument, built in the Israeli city of Netanya, was opened last year as a “sign of gratitude to soldiers of the Red Army.”

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  1. Our western politicians need to take lessons from Russia on dealing with such manipulative. materialistic and aggressively self righteous hypocrites.

  2. This would be a great law for the United States where many senators have more loyalty to Israel than the USA. And this fellow ended up in France. Is he involved with Hollandes party that wants to block right wing democratic parties ?

    "Before leaving Russia for France, Shpigel introduced a bill on what he called “combating xenophobia.”

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