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U.K.: Invader Fraudsters Rewarded with Cash

A new case of an invader who used a fake passport to enter and claim “refuge” in Britain—and who is now being given thousands in cash by the state as a reward—has showcased the utterly fraudulent nature of the “asylum” swindle being perpetrated on race-blind Europeans.

The case involves an invader, named as Mohammad Aabouss, who spoke openly to the U.K.’s Sun newspaper about how he swindled his way into Britain, flying in on a commercial flight from Dortmund, Germany.

Aabouss, who claims he is a Syrian from Aleppo, told the Sun that he had paid £300 (US$ 368) for the fake passport and had used it to fly into Stansted airport on a commercial flight from Germany.

He told the newspaper: “I was amazed it was so easy. I could have been a terrorist. I was desperate to get here but amazed they let me in.

“If it was that easy for me imagine how easy it would be for a terrorist with more finances and more sophisticated methodology.”

Aabouss said he and his family invaded Europe in 2015, and headed directly for Calais after deciding that they wanted to live in Britain.

“We decided I had to get to the UK, seek asylum then get my family here too,” he said.

He then approached smugglers in the Calais Jungle and was offered a U.K. passport—apparently a genuine one—for £300.

“I assumed it would cost thousands and had no chance,” he told the Sun. “But to my great surprise the smuggler said he’d got me a special price, £300. I looked at the passport owner’s photo. He looked similar to me with the same short brown, thinning hair and light skin.”

The only problem, he added, was that the man looked ten years older.

“But I was desperate so I handed over the money. The man advised me to go to Germany then fly to the UK because few migrants used that route. I spent the rest of my savings on a rail fare to Dortmund and Ryanair ticket to Stansted.”

The passport triggered alarms on facial recognition scanners, the newspaper reported. A border control officer at the airport appeared not to care, and only asked Aabouss from which city he had flown.

When told by the invader that he had come from Dortmund, the officer “thanked him and let him through.”

Once through border control, Aabouss then burned the passport and took public transport to the Home Office’s major “asylum” processing office in Croydon, south London, where he lodged an asylum claim.

As a result of this claim, Aabouss now gets free accommodation, free meals three times a day, weekly cash payments—and the right to bring over his wife and two children.

According to the U.K. government’s website, an “asylum seeker” will get £36.95 per week per person in his or her household.

This means that Aabouss will soon get £147 (US $180) per week—or around £600 (US $738) cash per month, plus accommodation and meals, as a reward for having broken the immigration laws and entering the country fraudulently.

This adds up to over £7,200 per year—but this is only the tip of the iceberg as far as handouts go, because Aabouss and his family will qualify for thousands more in other benefits.

The U.K. Government website goes on to list the handouts given to these swindlers:

You may get free National Health Service (NHS) healthcare, e.g. to see a doctor or get hospital treatment.

You’ll also get:

free prescriptions for medicine

free dental care for your teeth

free eyesight tests

help paying for glasses

Your children must attend school if they are aged 5 to 17. All state schools are free and your children may be able to get free school meals.

Extra money for mothers and young children

You’ll get extra money to buy healthy food if you’re pregnant or a mother of a child under 3. The amount you get will depend on your situation.

Maternity payment

You can apply for a one-off £300 maternity payment if your baby is due in 8 weeks or less, or if your baby is under 6 weeks old.

If you’ve been refused asylum

You can apply for a one-off £250 maternity payment if your baby is due in 8 weeks or less or if you baby is under 6 weeks old.

Applying for the maternity grant

You apply for the maternity grant in the same way whether you’re still an asylum seeker or you’ve been refused asylum.

If you get pregnant after you’ve applied for asylum support, you can apply to the support team that dealt with your application for asylum support.


All of this, and more, Aabouss and his family now will qualify for—despite his open use of fraud, deception, and lies to enter Britain.

  • Incredibly, the U.K. Government website adds that “If you’ve been refused asylum, you’ll be given somewhere to live, and £35.39 per person on a payment card for food, clothing and toiletries.” In other words, even if Aabouss’s “asylum” application is rejected, he will earn only slightly less than if he qualifies, and will be able to appeal and legally contest the denial of his application.


  1. There’s an awful lot of benefits being offered to women to get their anchor babies born as quick as possible.
    So, what happens if Mohammad’s new forth wife has a baby in Britain, does that mean the first three and all of his other children become British as well?
    British, what does that even mean anymore?

  2. The generosity handed out by the government is the reason these invaders keep coming they get everything without putting one penny into the kitty and all governments are too weak to put a stop to this benefit fraud.

    1. The sign in the background should read lunacy house. Britain, and other white countries have been affected by the moon!

  3. Meanwhile Theresa May pledged this week that the Govt would become caring and sharing. By some convoluted logic the package will include shafting the pensioners (again). During 9 years at the Home Office she admitted thousands of men like Mohammad Aabouss. Her Internet Surveillance bill became law this month so now the Brits must be careful what they write in their private emails.

    No matter how many rats we get rid of there is always another one to take his place.

  4. Free dental health care too? I thought that needs to be paid privately in the UK. Can anyone from the UK explain that?

    1. UK National Health Service dental charges are on a sliding scale, from £19.50-£233.70, depending on whether the course of treatment is basic or complicated.
      None of this applies to ‘asylum seekers’, legal or illegal.

    2. Yes, you get free dental care if you have no job or are on benefits.

      They forgot to say in the article………they get free lawyers to fight their case to stay in UK.

  5. That £7200 is about what a UK pensioner gets after working paying tax and N/ins for 50 years. There is going to be trouble soon (this year probably).

    1. I totally agree with you, civil war will break out on the streets of the UK if the Government continues to allow these lying, cheating, third world welfare benefit seeking parasites to invade. They have no right to even be in this region of the world, let alone on this densley overcrowded Island draining our state systems like a plague of locusts. Its time they were all rounded up and deported back to the cess pit nations they themself have created.

      This cannot continue, this Island and its people are now 1.7 trillion in debt as a direct consequence of open borders and unlimited immigration of impoverished people, unwilling and incapable of working and contributing.

      We are also sinking as a direct result of giving ever increasing amounts of our hard earned cash away in foreign aid to corrupt despot nations and Countries that should never qualify for aid in the first place. The EU is also draining the wealth from this Country to bail out failing member states, and pay for its wasteful projects, whilst awarding massive salaries and other perks to its corrupt, totally unelected bureaucrats, many of whom are failed Politicians. Enough is enough, this is not going to end well as these freeloading, scavanging immigrants will find out in due course.

  6. You forgot to mention they also get advanced council housing priority points, which means they jump the affordable governments housing lists and go to the top, meanwhile the native English get pushed lower and lower down the lists and they will never be offered affordable housing, even when many of them are homeless. Many London borough councils have now closed their general housing waiting lists, and only have priority housing waiting lists, which are full of fake asylum seekers, and other non-whites who have large families and who get priority for over crowding.

    It gets even worse, as once they get a cheap low rent government council flat, they get the right to buy it after two years at a massive government subsidy. Then two years after that, they get the right to sell it on the open market and make a fortune in profit.

    This is one of the other main reasons there is a housing crisis in Britain as all the affordable government housing stock is dwindling due to being sold off and no new homes built. Now housing associations are the main option for affordable accommodation, but guess who they take their housing lists off? No, not their own lists, but from the local government council lists! The councils who prioritise illegal immigrants and other non-natives. And they wonder why the native white British hate the foreigners doing this and the corrupt ZOG government for selling them out and engineering the system that way.

    1. They are also top of the list for schools, meanwhile my grandchild whom is autistic could’t get the placement which was most suitable, also cant get a statement as Kent County Council has cut back due to the so called child immigrants we come last. I saw an oldish man last week in the town, sitting on the floor “why” it was cold, wet, sure he didn’t want to be there .If Mohammed is entitled to all of these perks so are our own needy

    1. British indigenous people have Human Rights, and those are first and foremost not to be overrun with foreign immigrants to the point where are country is totally unrecognisable. We have the right to be put first for housing, jobs, NHS treatment, etc…. and we also have the right to be protected from anyone who seeks to harm us. It’s a government#s responsibility to take care of its own people at all times.

      This lousy traitorous government not only are failing to keep out the invaders, but they bring them in deliberately to rub our noses in it, and they are giving away ever increasing amounts of our cash in foreign aid to immigrants all over the world, while leaving our own people homeless, living in squalor on the streets.

      Our elderly have to choose between eating and heating their homes, due to the disgraceful pittance of a pension they are handed after paying into the system all their lives, and our own people are being sent home, operations cancelled, one 13 year old British born white boy was sent home to die as NHS England refused to fund the one off treatment he required to save his life. His parents were forced to crowd fund to get him the treatment. Yet the government are happy to take in entire third world, grant them asylum, fast track them through the NHS health and benefits systems so that they can receive the complete package of free housing, welfare benefits galore, schooling for the kids, etc… and all families received thousands of pounds worth of very expensive anti-viral HIV drugs, which they will need to take for life.

      It’s disgusting, the charities are behind this scam. They advise and encourage these scroungers to come to the UK and claim, and our government are so soft, have absolutely no backbone, and due to political correctness and fear of being called racist and uncaring they worry about their image and how the world perceives them, so they never turn these parasites away.

      I am not inhuman, but we cannot treat with expensive medicines, support, feed and house the entire third world and all its population who believe it is their divine right to land on our shore and demand, beg, steal or use whatever means they can to get into the UK and live on a free meal ticket for life.


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