Ugandan Government Cheats $300 Million from White Nations in Fake “Refugee” Aid

The Ugandan government has cheated white countries out of at least $300 million in “aid” money by claiming support for 1.46 million “refugees” supposedly living in that country—while in reality only about a third of that number are actually present in the central African state.

The revelations about the latest swindle were revealed in a report by the UK’s Mail on Sunday, which said that Ugandan officials inflated the number of refugees living in the country in order to receive more money from Britain and other white nations.

The United Nations has consistently claimed that there are 1.46 million refugees living in Uganda. However, a spot check of 26,000 recorded refugees found that only 7,000 of them actually existed. In other rural areas, 40 percent of all recorded refugees turned out to non-existent.

The investigation has also found that there were repeated warnings about fraud before a crucial UN summit, and that these warnings were either ignored or covered up.

The exaggerated claims of “1.46 million” refugees were made at a “Uganda Solidarity Summit” which took place last June. In response to this, white nations offered up over $400 million, based on the numbers.

In reality, less than a third of the 1.46 million “refugees” even existed, and Ugandan government officials simply pocketed the cash, milking the race-denying white liberals for every penny.

The EU alone has pledged over £78 million to the country, which makes up a total of over £300 million pledged to Uganda since the “Uganda Solidarity Summit” took place last June, at which the exaggerated claims of “1.46 million” refugees were made.

Women and girls who had fled neighboring countries and supposedly sought “asylum” in Uganda were instead taken into sex slavery by Ugandan officials, police officers and charity workers, who then used the women and girls to claim money from naïve white nations like Britain, who automatically presume it be “racist” to question any claims by Africans.

It is believed that much of the food aid funded by the West is stolen at the point of delivery in trucks before being sold on the black market.
Western aid, which included food, child nutrition packs, cooking oil and solar charging devices, have been sold openly at markets, even within UN encampments, the report revealed.

The article also revealed that Britain’s Department for International Development (Dfid) knew that corruption was rife and an “obstacle” in Uganda, but still gave that country millions in aid anyway.

NGOs operating in the country have been involved in corruption for years, and some aid has been found stocked up in warehouses, where it is sold to locals at an inflated price.

The deliberate swindle illustrates once again the total unreliability of any “statistics” emerging from Africa, whose population has an average IQ of 62, and which precludes them from running any advanced First World society.

Uganda’s backwardness is illustrated by the fact that foreign aid to that county amounts to two and a half times the amount that the government of Uganda receives in tax revenue each year.

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  1. We need to give more money to Uganda, to stop fraud.

    Sounds like satire, but the US did this before, with Pakistan, the government said it was lost to corruption, said it needed more to fight the corruption, so it could fight terrorism…but that money too, was lost…to corruption.

  2. That’s when Priti Patel was in charge of doling out British taxpayers’ money in foreign aid.
    And now we have another Indian in charge of the British police, prisons, deporting Muslim criminals (what a joke), and covering up Pakistani Muslim Rape Gangs. He’s the one who reportedly had already signed the “D-notice” gagging the press before Tommy Robinson was even arrested. Sajid Javid is his name, appointed by Teresa May, who also appointed Priti Patel.

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