UK: 897 Criminal “Syrians” Arrested

At least 897 “Syrians” living in Britain have been arrested over the past year for serious crimes including rape, death threats, and child abuse, it has emerged.

At the same time, the UK Government has undertaken to resettle up to 20,000 Syrian “refugees” by the end of 2020 under its “Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement” scheme.

Official statistics show that 1,602 Syrians have already been resettled in the UK under the scheme by the end of March 2016.

The statistics about the number of crimes being committed by the “Syrians” emerged when the Sun newspaper obtained the data after submitting Freedom of Information requests to police forces in England and Wales.

The Sun said that the decision to request the statistics came after “Northumbria Police were last month accused of a cover-up over an alleged attack by Syrians on two teenage girls in Newcastle.”

One of the suspects was being followed by the BBC for a report on how his family had settled in the UK, the Sun added.

In Northumbria, the force admitted that last year they arrested a total of 16 Syrians, the report continued. This tally of arrests included two alleged sex offences, six claims of violent assaults, and three of public disorder.

In London, 238 “Syrians” were arrested, including two for rape, three for death threats, and seven for sex offenses.

In Nottinghamshire, one “Syrian” was arrested for “sexual activity with an underage girl.”

According to UK Parliamentary research issued in June this year, it is possible for “Syrians” to claim asylum upon arrival or after-entry to the UK.

The research revealed that “Syrian nationals were the sixth-largest group of asylum applicants in the year ending March 2016. Eighty-seven percent of initial asylum decisions in Syrian cases gave permission to remain in the UK.”

The resettled “refugees” are given five years’ Humanitarian Protection status, with permission to work and access public funds.

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  1. Great so more taxpayer funded terrorist attacks. Looks like it’ll be the same state of affairs this time next year and the only thing that’ll be different is more savages and more dead Europeans

  2. There are many criminals in syria. Not all syrians are saints. The political elites simply just ignored those simple facts and opened the doors wide to people holding a syria passport. Its never about humanity. Its about destruction.

  3. I guess we’re really starting to see those brexit benefits already. I voted out for a reason, certainly not for this.

    1. I just read a really good comment someone wrote theyre not buying German made goods anymore in protest at the fat Frau. Thats an excellent idea thats one bit of power to us as people/consumers. Boycott all goods from Germany, Brussels and France the 3 dictators of the EU, Im happy to do that

      1. Taking away the tourist money would work even better. I believe tourism in Europe is already in decline. We need hundreds of our like minds, to influence thousands of others. Why should tourists be at risk of assault abroad, when they go away to relax on holiday? A lot of these so-called Syrians, as portrayed by the media, are more than likely Afghans and Pakistanis.

  4. Every sympathiser with those “poor, helpless, innocent Syrians”, who we are being brainwashed into believing are somehow a special case, should be reminded of these events some ten years ago. After the outrageous overrreaction to the publication of cartoons of “the Prophet” in a Danish newspaper, there were protests all across the Muslim world. Who were the most violent of the protesters? SYRIANS.

    As the press reported then, “Angry Syrian protesters set fire to the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Damascus. Police eventually used water cannons to disperse the crowds. Police also used water hoses to disperse hundreds of protesters in front of the French embassy and riot police were stationed at the American diplomatic mission.”

    A question: how many of those very same Syrians now expect those countries to give them sanctuary from their self-created hellhole? Self-created because the civil war is caused by their inability to co-exist peacefully and resolve their differences like civilised people. We could be importing Third World chaos and criminality on a massive scale by allowing ANY Syrians into our free, democratic societies.

  5. 56% of supposedly carefully-vetted invaders commit serious crimes. I would guess the other 46% are either (a) magistrate-court level lawbreakers or (b) haven’t been apprehended.

  6. The problem starts with our “leaders”. Was it not T. May that was to expose pedophile rings among VIPs who then appointed Butler Sloss (bottled slush?), possibly biggest child abuser and family destroyer, to chair investigation? Is she not the one to “lead” us from EU? Is it not under her current reign that we hear about 40.000+ applications for asylum this year? How the hell did they get in? It would seem that our “leaders” are not doing much to ensure that our border is safe. Get navy to patrol channel and all those who enter illegally must be repatriated.
    Sharia courts springing up everywhere.
    Invader demos screaming fu*k UK, fu*k police all over the place.
    East London is being “patrolled” by muslims who claim it is “their” territory.
    What next? Being asaulted on the streets for being white in white country? Wear tent or get raped? It must be stopped and it must be stopped now. We need demos like Hungary, Poland, Holland, Austria etc. so the PTB now how we feel. We need to force government to use Vienna Convention on the Law on Treaties 1969 & 1986, under change of circumstance clause (due to the referendum) to exit EU immediately and seal our border. Then we can negotiate the rest. Does anyone really believe that Germany will be prepared to “punish” us and be left with over 800.000 cars to sell to some other country?
    Let them call us all the names they want if that is what it takes to show concern for our and our children’s future sake.
    We are facing serious crossroads, to fight any which way we can for preserving our way of life, our traditions, our culture and our very survival or sit tight and disappear quietly into the endless night. I, personally, rather die on my feet than on my knees.

  7. The family whose son was charged with rape claimed to be perfectly innocent good Syrians in the television show, well it was done by the BBC, but they did admit another son had died in Syria fighting for IS and now another had been charged with sexual assault, why has Europe been so gullible to accept these people, we were told they were all doctors and lawyers not rapists and thieves

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