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UK “Aid”: 9.1 Million Get Cash

The U.K. Government’s “foreign aid” program has handed out over £1 billion (US $1.23 billion) in cash, paid directly into personal bank accounts, of at least 9.1 million people in 14 countries, including Pakistan, the Yemen, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zimbabwe since 2010, an investigation by the Daily Mail has revealed.

Pakistanis in Pakistan show off their bank cards with which they withdraw their “free” money from local ATMs every month.

The cash handouts work through state-administered welfare systems in the 14 Third World states, where recipients are given debit cards and can draw cash at will from auto banks in their countries—with no control at all over what it is spent on.

The Daily Mail report went on to reveal that Pakistan—which has three nuclear power plants, its own nuclear weapons, a $6 billion space program which has three satellites in orbit, and which has a Gross Domestic Product of US$271 billion (the 41st largest in the world and second largest in South Asia), is the main beneficiary of this astonishing U.K. taxpayer-funded cash handout.

Last year Pakistan announced it would buy eight new submarines at a cost of around £4 billion, with the country expected to spend more than £10 billion on new weapons by 2024.

The Daily Mail revealed that currently around 235,000 families are given the cash through the “Benazir Income Support Programme” (BISP), a government-run welfare department, which is a beneficiary of the U.K.’s Department for International Development (DFID).

According to the DFID’s own website, the cash handouts are expected to increase to 442,000 families by 2020.

The money is supposed to be spent on necessities, but, as the Daily Mail pointed out, “despite warnings of fraud, officials have quietly quadrupled expenditure on cash and debit cards that recipients can spend at will.”

The cash handout budget has soared from £53 million in 2005 to an annual average of £219 million in the period 2011 to 2015, in a program which Nigel Evans, a Conservative Party MP, described as nothing less than “exporting the dole.”

While 90 percent of the recipients get their cash handouts through bank cards, fully 10 percent are given the money in cash in envelopes at their local post offices, the Daily Mail went on to report.

In addition, the newspaper found evidence of wide scale corruption in the program’s implementation, with many of the recipients only being given their bank card after they had paid “kickbacks to officials.”

Furthermore, Pakistani newspapers reported last year that a nationwide probe had been launched after a “growing number of complaints about fake accounts and alleged corruption from project staff. Seven employees have been suspended on corruption charges and 125,714 suspicious accounts have been suspended.”

Yemenis clutching their bank cards and cash with which they withdraw their “free” money from local banks each month.

Other countries where similar schemes are either in place, or set to start operating, include Burma, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

The U.K. provided a total of £12.2 million of Overseas Development Aid (ODA) in 2015, according to its latest overview of operations.

According to official figures, for the fiscal year ending in March 2017, the U.K.’s current budget deficit is around £19.1 billion.

The complete list of countries in which the DFID operates is as follows: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burma, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Nepal, Nigeria, the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Pakistan, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, South Sudan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Uganda, Yemen, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.


  1. And we think Merkel is out of control?

    Are the British public aware of this? Time to cut all foreign aid programmes! It’s just communism under a different name.
    Bet this was started by Blair’s New Labor party.

    If the British allow this to continue they are even bigger fools than the Europeans.

    1. What do you propose to do to stop it ? People are prison for political activism or are put on terrororist group list and shut down…
      Mouthing off or venting in comments sections is about as far as it goes. Which amounts to grumbling at the bus stop.
      Even if this so called mass awakening happens, then what ? So everyone awakens and knows. Knowledge alone isn’t enough.

  2. This is a staggering Marxist Redistribution of Wealth, bleeding the West like leeches. All now presided over by Pakistani Muslim Invader Priti Patel, outrageously made UK International Development Secretary, as if Britain doesn’t already have enough corrupt Indian Subcontinentals in its government, business, legal and medical systems, just to make sure the money keeps flowing out of British taxpayers’ pockets into her own ancestral homeland.

      1. Um, not hopeful there. UKIP chose a Pakistani Muslim Invader as its candidate for MP locally in the last election, REJECTING the Indigenous British applicants. This also happened in many other areas of Britain. I’ve never heard Nigel Farage stand up for the human rights of the Indigenous People of the British Isles: the English, Welsh, Scots & Irish, whose ancestors have lived in these islands for more than a thousand years.

        1. Thank you for pointing that out. The UKIP is not really for the native people, but appear only as such. If one looks closer at the speeches and people who have leading positions they are sell-outs just as the labors, tories, liberals, and greens or “scottish national party”, where only the name is national and nothing else.

        2. I have to contradict you there Bramble. You`ve obviously never heard and watched Nigel Farage in Brussels giving the Eurocrats `what for ` and pointing out how UK citizens constantly lose out. I`ve never heard anyone other of our supposed `representatives` in the den of EU crawlers banging the drum for the UK.He`s a fine and fearless orator and speaks without notes too.
          You can find many of his speeches in Brussels on You Tube.

  3. Thats the way Brits keep voting Labour and you can be assured this will continue.Dont forget they can save the money to pay people smugglers to get them to Britain, where they give you money and a house….

  4. It is now clear that every Briton is employed, healthy, well fed and educated, and has lifetime financial security for themselves and their families. What? NO? Britons are just eeking out an honest living, paying taxes, and go to sleep in constant worry when handouts are everywhere in the third world??? Please people! Try the benefactors in court!!!

  5. I didn’t think I could be shocked by anything anymore and then, this. They just can’t bring the collapse of the West on fast enough, can they? So, they break down the front door of Britain, and other western nations, with endless legions of Third World invaders to immediately dispossess them of their land and hard resources, while at the same time shipping their cash out the back door to tens of millions more sitting on their needy asses in the same foreign dung holes who should be the responsibility of their own governments. This is proof positive that no matter what country you’re talking about, “the system” is beyond repair.

  6. Paper money hs become completely decoupled from any real-world goods. I think this may be related to jewish control of things like the ‘federal reserve’ where money is printed and handed out, though the process is complicated by intermediate outfits with serious-sounding names. Probably May (like Cameron, and the Milibands, another Jew) thinks it’s entirely natural that paper should give parasites power.

  7. Helping war widows with children, especially ones we created, I can almost live with, almost.
    But, WTF are those A-holes in the top picture smiling about, actually they don’t look to amused do they.
    I get bent over at the gas pump, I get worked over by the Tax Man, I go to work every day with a gun to my head, I can’t remember where I was going with this, but Fudge Me those guys in that top picture can kiss my back side, actually I want full tongue action.

  8. The current British Tory government has the policy of eventually eliminating social security payments – that is ‘dole’ money – to British paupers. It is doing this by stealth and for ideological reasons. The last Labour government of Tony Blair had a similar policy, as it happens.
    It is strange that a government which is destroying welfare payments at home sees fit to subsidize foreign paupers with British taxpayers money.

  9. Ridiculous. We constantly hear non whites and their white enablers complaining about English colonialism and the “exploitation” of her former colonies. But then I read stuff like this, England has given billions in dollars in aid to third world nations, especially Africa. I think the English have finally atoned for their past even more so than Turkey or even Saudi Arabia who occupied Spain and other parts of Europe for centuries..

    1. C`mon folks! We`re doing what we always do – moaning and griping to each other rather than to those we elect. If we don`t get right up the noses of our politicians they`ll carry on convincing themselves that we agree with their latest wheeze.
      I fire off angry emails -without any use of profane language. However if few people complain then they`ll continue to ignore us.
      Politicians constantly need reminding that there are other views particularly when it`s OUR money they`re throwing around.


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