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UK: Awards Barred to “White Movies”

In another outburst of anti-white racism, the British Academy Film Awards (Bafta)—the U.K.’s equivalent of the Oscars—will in future be denied to any British movie that only has heterosexual white actors.

According to a Bafta statement, films will not be eligible for two of their main awards if they do not meet new “diversity criteria” to bring in “under-represented groups,” that is, anyone who is not white, male, or heterosexual.

The Bafta award is in the shape of a mask.

From now on, the statement said, films will only be nominated for “outstanding British film” or “outstanding debut by a British writer, director or producer” if they meet two of four criteria.

This “significant change” will bring in more people from minorities, women, people with disabilities and from lower socioeconomic groups, Bafta said.

“To be eligible for the two awards, films must prove they have worked to improve diversity in two of the four following areas: on-screen characters and themes, senior roles and crew, industry training and career progression, [and] audience access and appeal to under-represented audiences,” the Bafta statement said.

The new rules will “comply with the diversity standards” set by the BFI (British Film Institute), the statement continued.

These “diversity standards” say that there must be “meaningful representations of diversity” in the casting of “main protagonists and/or antagonists,” in “primary or overall themes and narratives,” in “representations of diversity in background and sundry characters who are pertinent to the narrative and themes,” and “casting not intrinsically based on or related to specific under-represented groups.”

The BFI says that their standards “focus on disability, gender, race, age and sexual orientation (as they pertain to the Equality Act 2010), because there continues to be significant under-representation in these areas.”

The moves follow earlier complaints by black actors that the Baftas were “too white”—echoing a claim made about the Oscars.

In the latter case, the claims were exposed as a hoax, while in the U.K., a report on the blacks-only database of black actors known as the “British Blacklist revealed the BFI had announced that black actor Sidney Poitier’s “performance as Detective Virgil Tibbs in In the Heat of the Night (dir. Norman Jewison, 1967) had been voted the public’s Favourite Black Star Performance in a poll which included 100 performances spanning over 80 years in film and TV.”


  1. This IS NOT diversity, this is a multicultural suppository. And how do you know if the actors are gay or straight? will that be a requirement for hiring now? being gay? When racial diversity is more important than content.

  2. How dare they! One would hope that anyone who is in any way associated with the motion picture business, would tell these morons what to do with their award.

  3. This is just more social conditioning, a product of Agenda 21..the whole point of freedom of expression within the arts is to be the vanguard of it. These kinds of coercive measures to comply to the madness that is the politically correct agenda of the crazy messed up global elite is such a turn off. In any sane society people would vote with their feet and not watch their dull, watered down, badly written movies but the way things are going, the masses will embrace this as a thing of value. The best thing that can happen is that the beast will eat itself to death. Hopefully the artists on the fringe will be alert enough not to allow themselves to be bought by these monsters.

  4. It’s Affirmative Action for the arts. It’s amazing how no one wants to be judged by the “color of their skin but the content of their character” EXCEPT when it comes to a paycheck. So-called “minority” actors are now shamelessly okay with knowing that they got their roles not because they’re the most talented, but because they fill some diversity quota. This is why we live in an age of mediocrity when it comes to art, drama, music, film, TV, theater and so on. In 100 years, no one will remember the souless garbage they’re making today.

    You might say, “Well, so these quota actors will get the jobs, but their performances won’t merit actual award nominations.” Not so, at least with the Academy Awards. Because of the incessant whining from blacks earlier in 2016 about Hollywood and films being “too White” (never mind Hollywood is run by Jews, not Whites, and the massive appropriation of White culture by blacks in the media) the Academy drastically changed its member base and nomination process. Now, unless you’ve been an Academy member for decades or have been nominated several times, you can’t be a permanent voting member. They now rotate large numbers of actors in and out of the organization every few years. After they booted lots of White actors out, they handed out something near 600 new memberships to non-Whites, who will all be voting for Oscar nominations. So, get ready not just for a quicker disappearance of the White actor in Hollywood, but a higher rate of non-White nominees and token wins because of the way the Academy has now gerrymandered its own membership.

    SIDE NOTE: One of the most powerful things Whites can do to combat White genocide is to STOP going to the movies and cancel their cable/TV. Stop paying a large part of the machine that uses billions of our own ticket dollars each year to destroy our people and nation. Stop funding your own genocide. Dump Hollywood. The entire industry would collapse if even 50% of Whites could follow through. I ditched TV twelve years ago and haven’t seen a movie in a theater in over three. It’s much easier to do as the quality of Hollywood’s offerings continue their steep decline in quality, become less White, more politically correct and agenda-driven and full of prequels, sequels, remakes and dumbed down sophomoric humor.

  5. I’m not spending my hard earned money to suit multicultural leftie clowns, I don’t care who is in the film as long as it’s worth seeing. If the film is rubbish because they cast poor actors, whatever colour or orientation my money stays in my pocket.

  6. It just means that the award is worth absolutely sod all. They are so far up their own backsides they just can’t see where they are heading or what it means.

  7. I wonder what all those top actors of the silent movies, and the black and white films, would make of today’s bshiz. Awards go not to talent,but for who and what is represented. Sickening.

  8. This is in fact not a particularly new thing. Jews ran films from the start of their commercialisation, and Jewish issues and Jewish aims have always been included in the package. Think of 1930s anti-German films, 1940s and later war films, 1950s and later porn and adultery etc films, support-for-atrocities films, films showing blacks as intellectual heroes, ‘Cold War’ films on Russians etc omitting the role of Jews in the USSR, war films omitting financing, etc etc etc etc. I suspect the reason for the announcement may in fact be back-handed – they know many people correctly think the cinema is sh*t, and they’re providing a sort of excuse – look, we’re doing our best, try to understand. It’s a bit like the policy of the failing printed newspapers, pretending they have no serious option but to tell lies.

  9. May I quote Henry Makow’s comment on this: “Really, heterosexual white people are not allowed to tell their stories? ‘White Genocide’ is the correct term.”

  10. This new rule is an assault on the creative process. It’s akin to mind control, and reverse censorship in the highest form. Screw BAFTA and let the great Indy films reign. Now go tell Bollywood they must incorporate a “Brokeback Mountain” theme in all their films.

  11. “This “significant change” will bring in more people from minorities, women, people with disabilities and from lower socioeconomic groups, Bafta said”.

    “To be eligible for the two awards, films must prove they have worked to improve diversity in two of the four following areas: on-screen characters and themes, senior roles and crew, industry training and career progression, [and] audience access and appeal to under-represented audiences,” the Bafta statement said”.

    The political Establishment traitors are obviously aware that if you commit White genocide upon the people of the UK then they have to train the invaders that they’ve brought in to replace the indigenous White British population.

  12. I will not watch any movie with blacks featured in major roles, especially if they are black males paired up with white women. I’m sick to death of having miscegenation shoved in my face, and of having blacks endlessly shoved in my face. If they wanted to make me a racist they are succeeding.

    1. Martina, I did not watch mainstream films for years apart from the odd DVD but have now, because I have much more time, have been watching many, what strikes me is most of the top positions or the ones in charge are played by black people, most of the good guys are black people, it’s either that or a woman in charge, to be honest,most are American films or series but what I see on British TV it’s not a lot different, some are fantastic actors and actresses but many are wooden and obviously put in to make up the quotas to suit PC agendas.

    2. I agree. It never bothered me in the past if a programme on tv featured blacks, it was how it was. But now, almost every ad, every feature contains a black or some other dark person. Sometimes it’s so inappropriate it’s laughable!


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