UK: Fake Refugee Invasion Continues

Not content with bringing obviously lying “children” fake refugees into Britain from the Calais Jungle, the British government is now importing “asylum seeker minors” who don’t even claim to have any family in the country.

Previously, it was claimed that the nonwhite invaders had to have “family” already present in the UK in order to qualify for the importation scheme—but even this pretense has now been abandoned.


The British Home Office has brushed aside media reports which have shown that the “unaccompanied children” all claiming to be minors are obviously adults, and has implemented a rule based on what is called the “Dubs amendment.”

This “Dubs amendment” is a law pushed through the British parliament by the Jew Alfred Dubs, a former Labour Party Member of Parliament, and now a “lord” in the unelected House of Lords. Dubs claims to have been born in Czechoslovakia and brought to Britain on the so-called “Kindertransport” of Jews into Britain from the Continent to “escape the Nazis.”

Dubs compared the ongoing nonwhite invasion of Europe to the “kindertransport” and was thereby able to force through an amendment to the Immigration Act earlier this year which gave “unaccompanied children” free entry to the UK even if they had no family in Britain.


Alfred Dubs welcoming “child refugees” outside the British parliament building, London.

At least 54 “unaccompanied minors”—allegedly all girls from Eritrea under the age of 16 supposedly “living alone” in the Calais Jungle”—were bused into London over the past weekend.

What exactly “unaccompanied minor females” from Eritrea were doing fleeing from France—or indeed, how they even got there—seems to be of no concern to the British government, which remains steadfast in its obsession to bring in as many invaders as possible from the Third World, no matter what.

calais-fire-02 calais-fire invader-attack-calais

Meanwhile the French government has announced that it is once again “clearing” the Jungle Calais, the third time that this is supposedly happening.

Predictably, the nonwhites who cannot swindle or otherwise dupe their way past the race-blind British officials, have reacted with violence. The invaders have attacked police with Molotov cocktails.

The real cause of the Calais Jungle—namely the ongoing tolerance of the mass Third World invasion of Europe—continues however to be ignored. Until the invasion is definitively halted—through the use of force—and reversed, the “Calais Jungle” type incidents will continue, at least as long as there are still Europeans.

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  1. Well said, they will never stop letting in the third world… black and brown people,
    regardless of brexit.
    May is a puppet the “jew elite” took no time in making her PM. They control the anti white policies that parliament passes.
    “coudenhove Kalergi “plan is coming to fruition, the only way it will stop is white revolution throughout Europe,or we will drown.
    It is all out in the open what the elite’s have decided for us, White genocide.

    1. I was hoping against hope that Teresa May & the others in charge of the UK after Brexit would turn out to be what was needed to galvanise the British people into becoming wide-awake patriots aware of the JWO One-world govt genocidal agenda against Whites. I haven’t given up the ghost just yet but I do believe that a new strong United nationalist/patriot party is badly needed in the UK in order to counter the 24/7 controlled media brainwashing in which Lies are now Truth & the Truth is now perceived as Lies by the majority of the UK people, though things are changing for the better. This inversion of the Truth – created in part by the Establisment ‘hate laws’ which were put in place to silence patriots who tell the Truth – is the same in virtually every White nation where the Marxist Brainwashing Centers formerly known as the Western Educational System turn out nations of young dumbed-down Cultural Marxists who actually are ashamed of & despise their own race & birthright. The UK needs a strong Jew-free patriotic nationalist party asap to lead the British people to the Truth & away from the Lies of the anti-White genocidal racists & Liars.

    2. And France is the UK’s hereditary enemy for over a thousand years. They will stick it to Britain at every opportunity. Come one UK start doing dental checks on these invaders and get rid of that traitor May and put Leadsom in. Vote UKIP to get rid of the Conservative Party traitors.

  2. Its all lies from the British home office, a deal has been done between Britain and France to take thousands of these illegals from Calais, but the government has lied to the citizens saying only children would be coming but we have seen adults and people not from Afghanistan or Syria are being bussed in. The government are traitors to British people to assist this invasion, none of them will work and will all want unlimited benefits before flying back to their home countries for a holiday and then demanding their long lost family have been found and should join them in Britain. May and Rudd lied to us.

  3. I can look at both those young men of military fighting age & say, without even seeing their faces, they…are over 18…at least.
    I no longer have any faith that any election will matter any more, it’s just going to go to it’s inevitable conclusion: ethnic conflict.
    There is no going back now, the institutions are run by people with pathological autism, nothing we say will make them change course, they’ll stop doing it when they stop breathing.

    1. Better still, we need to march on parliament and force our way in. These politicians who’ve allowed this to happen to Britain over the last few decades are all traitors and should be treated as such. This destruction of our country has been happening for decades. The vast majority of all Third World immigrants are more of a drain on our nation than they are a benefit and it’s not only imperative to stop it but also to reverse it. Once that’s done, all the SJWs can be dealt with to ensure we never have similar problems again.

  4. Nationalist parties in the UK need to unite and issue a strongly worded statement in regards to this disgraceful treachery and betrayal of the British people.

    1. UKIP have let us down badly ever since Brexit with squabbling amongst themselves and seemingly unable to replace Nigel Farage, a man who deserves a Knighthood at the very least. If Suzanne Evans wins the leadership contest, UKIP will be finished and I believe that Raheem Kassam could well be another Trojan Horse, like despicable Carswell, so I wouldn’t vote for him either. No way would I ever vote in a non-white as potential PM, so that only leaves Paul Nuttall who also wants to move UKIP away from the right and more to the centre.

      I fear that without Nigel Farage UKIP won’t be a patch on what it was originally and so therefore the setting up of another Patriot party may be the only way forward. Whatever happens, it needs to happen soon.

  5. Yes, we know but don’t rub it in. We know how incompetent our politicians and Europe is in sorting this mess out.

    The only certainty is that there will be as many in Calais again by next week.

  6. Where is a list of all those charities whose staff are actively encouraging this invasion of the UK by totally useless human beings who wouldn’t know ‘the truth’ if it hit them in the face. I suspect ‘Save the Children’ and ‘OXFAM’ could well be involved, and having never donated to these, it’s time the good people of the UK boycotted them.

  7. Communist Traitor Alf Dubs, baronized, let off after falsely claiming parliamentary expenses of £26,000, whose only employment seems to have been as a sometime local government officer, who was inexplicably given high positions in the Fabian Society, Refugee Council, Immigration Advisory Service, and British Humanist Association, has repaid the British people who welcomed him by doing his best to destroy them with the notorious “Dubs Agreement”. Please see the excellent article by Francis Carr Begbie in the Occidental Observer entitled, “Britain’s Jewish Communist Traitors”, from which the following is a quote:

    “There is another little awkward fact about the Jewish refugees taken in by Britain before the war. And that is the remarkably high proportion of them who chose to actively betray the country which gave them sanctuary by acting as spies for Britain’s deadly enemy, the Soviet Union.

    They not only ensured that many British agents were sent to their deaths or capture, torture and long periods of imprisonment, but played a crucial part in stealing the atomic bomb secrets that allowed the Soviet Union to catch up and have its own atomic bomb by 1949. Their treachery compromised the security of Britain and the West and probably extended the length of the Cold War and the enslavement of the subject peoples of Eastern Europe.

    What is more astonishing is that in many cases the British authorities took no action against them to avoid official embarrassment. As a result some of Britain’s foulest traitors were left free to enjoy their retirements in comfort and security.”

    1. Now the veil is coming down,they are all wolves in sheep’s clothing and they will destroy England and everything it once stood for.

      Today the patriot is imprisoned and the traitor is lauded. All sit at the table of power in Europe. If you dare question the holohoax,” woe betide you” Their are people languishing in jail throughout Europe for merely questioning the holohoax.

      The truth will rise someday you can’t hide the truth forever. We live in a pretend democracy,the real fascists are in power . Where in their Orwellian world truth is lies and lies is truth,sick is healthy and healthy sick.

  8. You know those MP’s who have suddenly decided sovereignty of Parliament is just so important?

    They didn’t think so in 2014 when they ceded control of 43 areas to Brussels… Including Asylum, Border control and Immigration. Read

    UK parliament effectively comes to an end

    The problem for Remainer May was how to hide this from the British people, so that the EU does not become even more unpopular.

    By appointing Remainer Rudderless, May hoped to hide the truth…and Rudderless has refused to be interviewed when the Iraqis arrived on the beach from France and again last week, when it was clear these “children” were adults.
    She even sent her Minister to the Commons last week to make a statement…the same things May used to do when any criticism was due.

    But, the truth will out.

    Because of the treachery of our MP’s, we now have to accept however many and who Brussels/ Merkel decides…there is nothing else we can do..Abbott’s grandstanding today was typical theatre…attempting to pretend we still had some influence over who comes to this country. They are treating the electorate like complete fools.

    Now we know why Remainer Rudderless has not increased the Border Force and why there is no concern in the government over all those coming in in the backs of lorries…

    Please share the link above widely…people need to know the truth about our MP’s …

    1. Unless UKIP sort themselves out there won’t be anyone else who will work in the interests of the British people, rather than everyone else but us. Whether Tory, LibDem or Labour – all the rest want unfettered invasion of our land and the eradication of its indigenous people. Without UKIP or something similar, only widespread civil unrest, disobedience and, if need be, war will ever change anything.

  9. We are treating France as a third world, uncivilised, dangerous country and our politicians think that only the UK can properly look after ‘vulnerable children’. If there were lots of ‘vulnerable children’ shouldn’t the charities have done something about them? Regarding Alf Dubs, he was escaping death when he came here; these people in Calais have already escaped whatever they are escaping from (poverty, conscription) and they are safe in a beautiful country. They are just greedy.

    1. “Alf Dubs was escaping death when he came here”.

      So says this Jew but as far as I am concerned his word is worth absolutely nothing. Many of these Muslim invaders also claim to be ‘escaping death’, & many of these Liars also claim to be school-age children & are being encouraged by these nation-wreckers to take part in this ‘Jew Culture of Lies’ which now has control over the whole Western world. Any nation that encourages Lies as a way of life is a nation that is soon going to be extinct. But there is to be no mass immigration to Israel. Oh, but that is deemed ok by the anti-White Liars & traitors in power.

  10. Here in the US 1,000 plus are pouring across the border every day, hoping that Crooked Hillary gets elected and they won’t be deported. Clinton and her crooked jew friends can go to hell as far as I’m concerned. I wish Britain luck.

    1. Yes Clinton received money from many Israeli’s who are globalist but also received a lot of money from Saudi and Qatar for services rendered in helping to destabilize Iraq, Libya, Syria, Egypt to help ISIS , al Qaeda and for helping to arm these groups. Free Syrian Army is anything but as they are ISIS or al Qaeda just changing names to provide subterfuge.

  11. Our government has failed and endangered all of us for generations to come. My children and my children’s children will be forced to live in a police state to keep the muslims in line until the day their (the muslims) numbers have grown large enough to make us refugees.

  12. The EU is not England’s overlord any more, so who is? Who is paying the government to take in these fugitives? Who the hell is on the take? We the tax paying citizens want to know.

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