UK: First Mosque Built on Outer Hebrides to Accommodate Fake “Refugees”

The full extent of the nonwhite colonization of Britain has been brought home once again with the news that a mosque is being built on the isolated Isle of Lewis in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides to accommodate dozens of invaders pretending to be “refugees” who have been “resettled” in the in this remote and historic location in the UK’s far north.

The Isle of Lewis has an area of just 683 square miles, and a population of around 18,000, and was once part of the Norse Kingdom of Mann and the Isles.

However, this far north island region has been targeted by the race-denying liberals in their demands to “multi-culturize” all (and only) white nations, and has had dozens of nonwhites all falsely claiming to be “refugees” parachuted in to force the all-white community to be “multi-racial” at last.

There are in fact so many Muslims on the island now that they contacted the Muslim community in Leeds, north England, for help in building a mosque.

According to a report in the Telegraph newspaper, their cause was taken up by a builder from Leeds, one Aihtsham Rashid, 39, who launched an appeal among the Muslim community in that city for funds to build a mosque on the Isle of Lewis.

Rashid launched a fundraising drive for the mosque, which has already been granted planning permission, and raised £56,000 within days of launch, outstripping its £50,000 target, all collected from Muslims in his local area.

An empty house on the Isle of Lewis has already been purchased, and is being converted into a mosque. It is set to open by June 2018, the report added.

The local Presbyterian Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) on the island has urged followers to pray that “no mosque will ever appear in Stornoway,” (the local town on the island.

In a press release published at the end of last year the Rev David M Blunt, of the Presbytery of the Outer Hebrides, said the establishment of the mosque would mean that “Islam will be able to promote itself in our midst through public worship, despite its beliefs and practices being alien to the religious convictions of the vast majority of our community”.

He added: “Islam is also incompatible with, and indeed a threat to, our religious and civil liberties, as is very evident from the situation which prevails in those countries where it dominates.

“The oppression of Christians and the reduced status of women under Islam are well-known, as is the willingness of some of its followers to spread its influence by violent means.”

The Muslims—all fake refugees from Syria—started arriving in the far north of Scotland last year as part of the UK Government’s “Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement” scheme, which aims to import a minimum of 20,000 of these invaders within the next two years.

The invaders have all been given five years’ “Humanitarian Protection” status, permission to work and access to public funds, with their costs met for a year from the UK’s overseas aid budget.

The Isle of Lewis has many ancient sites and was first mentioned by ancient Roman and Greek historians, but is possibly most famous for the “Lewis chessmen,” a 12th century Viking chess set carved from walrus ivory which is one of the few complete surviving chess sets from that period of history.

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  1. That is madness, putting the ‘so-called’ refugees on that Island is bad enough but to allow them a Mosque is beyond belief. So no place in the UK is now safe from maintaining its Christian Culture, not that it ever has been for the last 30-40 years. There will be no cohesion there for a long time, and soon there will be rules giving these people more rights than those that have lived there for generations. Sad day, indeed.

  2. I remember being shocked when I found out they were up in Yorkshire, and that was in 1983. Look how fast they came into Britain and sat their asses down in every hamlet the eye could see until no young girl is safe in any town. The other day I laughed – I admit it was the bitter type of laughter – when I read that Ireland – tiny little Erin, the Land of Saints and Scholars – will be hosting One Million “refugees” or “immigrants” from Shithole Counties by 2040. They will make short work of that place. There will be mosques all over the Aran Islands I guess. What could be weirder than the call to prayer being announced out of a Celtic Round Tower? Wow. It’s like a psychedelic acid trip. It will instead by the Land of Beards and Hajibs. What a disaster it is that people will not protest this. I can’t understand how there aren’t long lines of people carrying pitchforks, shovels, and whatever else and walking to the Houses of Parliament, The County Halls and State houses, etc. etc. and showing these assholes who they work for. How fast they get out their pens and sign whatever they’re told to sign – maybe they’d think twice about it if they had no hands and had to sign it like My Left Foot Christy Brown?

  3. The white world has truly gone insane. For sure the leaders are full scale evil. Crazy whites are sentencing their offspring to some serious Haiti like ethnic cleaning circa the 1800’s..

    1. why would you say “white world” when (((JEWS))) are subverting ALL western nation government, to the extent many do not even know they are being subverted by parasites…. much like Germany during the 20’s and 30’s….

      by saying “white world” you are throwing the blame on people who do not even know they are being used as hosts…
      {{{are not white}}}

      1. Oh no doubt globalist Jews are doing this but so are non Jewish whites. You can’t just pretend there are no goyim whites going along with the program. Just like in Hollywood. Yeah, Jews run it but there are more than enough goyim to go along with it. Someone like Merkel is not Jewish. I can mention a ton of others who are not Jewish. You can’t just say all the goyim are innocent. That is total BS. They are going along with it for their temporary evil desires. That being said, of course globalist Jews are the main players.. Not all Jews though.

      2. Jews jews jews , that’s all I hear nowadays , there is no truth in your ramblings , the ADL says so .

      3. Agreed, the plan to destroy all white countries and people originated with Jews and the really diabolical plan put into play by them. But the way white people all over the world have given in to this so enthusiastically without a second glance is beneath contempt. It’s appalling. I understand the concept of “pathological altruism” is true in whites to some degree, but even when they are told the truth, given all the resources to confirm the truth, they would rather believe in fairy tales like “diversity is our strength,” and that we will all live in harmony together, and when whites are a despised minority we’ll be given minority protection and rights. Plus, it’s the right thing to do – help your fellow man, Whitey. Muslim refugees. Muh Crusades. It really drives me to distraction sometimes, and I can only hope the Jews do what they always do — push too hard, too fast, and too soon. Hope they don’t have the patience and whites wake up right before it is too late. But in the meantime, 75% of white people are their faithful assistants.

    1. If they were truly Syrians and moved back when Assad has cleansed the country from its invaders, i could even feel some empathy towards that. but most of the Syrian invaders are isis and rebel agents that fled, abd were allowed back by the very Western deep state that piad these mercenaries to destroy Syria.

  4. When Alex Salmond was in charge years ago, he raked his own staff and supporters over the coals for timidly pointing out that Indigenous Scots were being trampled underfoot by his “Open Door” policies, welcoming African and Muslim Invaders to Scotland. He forbade them to use the term “Indigenous Scots”, or mention that their human rights were being violated according to the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples to protect their indigenous culture, religion, ethnic identity and ancestral homelands from invasion and destruction by foreign cultures. Wee Commie Krankie is even worse.

    1. The majority of these ‘refugees’ would find it hard to obtain work – even if they tried – in most parts of the UK. The Isle of Lewis will struggle to have employment for their own residents even before these were planted on them. How did our so-called elected people at local and national level stoop so low as to discard the wishes of the people they ask to vote for them? The UK is not the country I was born and brought up in anymore. No more voting for me, they’re all corrupt and are the lowest form of humanity in my eyes.

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