UK: Foreign Aid vs. Immigration Control

The British government plans to spend more on foreign aid than on its own departments concerned with immigration control, counterterrorism, and law and order, that country’s finance minister has announced.


Speaking during this “Autumn Statement”—one of two official budgetary forecasts made by the British government every year—Conservative Party Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced that spending on foreign aid will rise to £16.3 billion by 2020.

At the same time, he said, spending on the Home Office, which is responsible for all immigration and passport control, counterterrorism, and all police-related matters, will be £10.6 billion.

In addition, expenditure on the UK’s Ministry of Justice, responsible for all courts, prisons, probation services, and related services will receive just £5.6 billion. Together these two departments will get £16.2 billion, or £100 million less than what is given away to the Third World—from where all the terrorism and immigration problems originate.

To add insult to injury, Osborne also announced that the official state pension in Britain was being raised by a paltry £3.35 per week, which he had the cheek to boast was the “biggest real terms increase to the basic State Pension in 15 years.”

Osborne also boasted that his government had been successful in cutting £12 billion off the country’s welfare bill, through what he called “savings” and what other people would call “cuts.”

Other astonishing statistics revealed in his speech before Parliament, which were totally ignored by the controlled media, included admissions that the country’s national debt was 82.5 percent of the national income, and that the budgetary deficit was 3.9 percent of national income.

In addition, Osborne said, when housing associations were included, the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) had projected that the government would “borrow” £73.5 billion this year to meet its budgetary demands.

In other words, the British taxpayers would be borrowing the money being given the Third World, and then be forced to pay it back to unspecified “lenders” at exorbitant interest rates for decades to come.

Other idiocies revealed in the budget forecast showed that the UK government, like all the other parties in Parliament, continue denying that race and immigration is the source of their greatest problems.

Instead of addressing the two core issues which cause high crime rates and terrorism inside Britain, namely mass nonwhite immigration and biased Middle Eastern foreign policies—the British government appears to think that increased “security and defense spending” will somehow solve the problem.

In this regard, Osborne announced, the “Single Intelligence Account”—which finances the “intelligence-gathering” and surveillance operations of various agencies—will rise from £2.1 billion to £2.8 billion, and the entire defense budget will rise from £34 billion to £40 billion.

In reality, if the Conservative government—and all previous governments since the 1950s—had not engaged in promoting mass Third World immigration, there would be no major terrorist threat today, and no danger of radical Islam inside the country.


A London street, 2015. The British government is puzzled where Islamic terrorism is coming from.

Furthermore, if the UK government had not consistently followed a pro-Israeli Middle Eastern foreign policy—even to the extent of invading countries like Iraq at the behest of the international Jewish lobby—then groups like ISIS would likely not even exist and Britons would not be despised and viewed as targets in many parts of the world today.

* Osborne also announced that £460 million of the overseas aid budget “will be used by 2019–20 to resettle up to 20,000” Syrian “refugees” in Britain. In addition, the government “will provide around a further £130 million by 2019–20 to local authorities to contribute to the costs of supporting refugees beyond their first year in the UK.”

This news is probably of interest to British students, who earlier had their university subsidies cut as part of “austerity measures” introduced by Osborne two years ago.

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  1. Just unbelievable! As you say we are actually borrowing money to give away, most of it to countries that don’t need it! This is the man that seriously expects to be the next UK Prime Minister. We suffer cuts to all services, Police and Health cut to the bone, armed services reduced to a joke and we give money away. It almost leaves me speechless, traitors to the British people all of them!

  2. Osbrown just one of the many Socialists and progressive liberals that are the Tory Party. Unfortunately they are not a Conservative Party, destroyed by Cameron and Major before him.

  3. Was reading yesterday how the enormous taxes put on our energy, to pay for renewable energy, windmills and solar, is forcing steel industry in the north of England to shut down losing thousands of jobs. Apparently our energy is the most expensive in the EU, the other countries getting subsidies, but not us???????????????? And the UK has the highest green energy targets in the world.????????????? Yet our output is something like 1.6% of the worlds total and China totally ignores green energy. Hopefully I’m wrong but if not it makes wavy Dave, and Gideon prime targets for a shotgun. The other prime target being Merkel who wants to solve the migrant crisis by calling them legal immigrants instead of illegal immigrants. The Asylum is now run by the inmates.

    1. You are perfectly correct Vera. It is unfortunate that covering our beautiful countryside in useless wind turbines and acres of solar farms does nothing for the energy problem at all. The only people who benefit are the landowners and the equipment owners, they do nothing for the public at all. Green taxes just put up our energy bills while China (who is flooding the market with cheap steel hence the problem with our steel producers) cares nothing for the problem and is opening coal fired power stations as fast as it can. Our only viable solution, whether we like it or not, is nuclear power and we would be better putting money into developing a solution to handle the nuclear waste.

  4. Yes, political lunacy is the norm and always has been upon reflection. Voting for a ‘Government’ is to willingly allow your mind to be governed by others.
    After, the last general and local elections I decided never to vote again. The ‘game’ is rigged no matter what muppets get into office. The ‘red rabbits’ in the article above illustrate my opinion.
    Even if there is some sort of E.U. referendum in the far, flung future for the continuing membership of the U.K. ; the counting will be fixed for the desired result (Scotland, independence vote) or the rules will no longer allow an exit. I shall not bother to vote ever again, for I have finally realized that, ‘what will be, will be’. Rallies and demonstrations are a circus ; entertainment value only. T.P.T.B. merely chuckle and tolerate the inconvenience and say to you ” there you have freedom, you can demonstrate and voice your opposition ”. There are ”tiny” public disagreements and spats between ‘political figures’ but it is all part and parcel of the illusion of a balanced democracy in action. Nothing will alter the passed down, commanded course. The voting carrot ; maybe if I vote this time change will happen. No it will not.
    I shall become ‘stoic’ now, bye.

  5. Foreign Aid spending is a red herring and is a case of being penny wise and pound foolish.

    The British government has spent at least £856 billion on bank bailouts since 2008 with commitment by the treasury to spend over £1.2 trillion.

    Foreign wars to support Israel and US foreign policy in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria has also cost trillions of pounds.

    Selling state assets beneath their real value have also lost the UK billions of pounds as have tax cuts for the rich and not collecting tax from multinational corporations.

    Privatisations have cost the UK greatly because public money is subsidising private profits and modernising infrastructure for foreign state owned companies. Nationalised bank shares and assets being sold for billions of pounds loss.

    Thatcherism isn’t working.

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