UK Govt. Promotes Invasion

The granting of asylum to a Sudanese invader who illegally walked most of the length of the tunnel under the Channel between France and Britain has highlighted the fact that whole sections of the British government are devoted to helping invaders bypass British laws, a new report has revealed.


Nonwhite invaders storm the Eurotunnel at Calais.

The Telegraph newspaper in London—usually a staunch defender of the Conservative Party—said in a report that the country’s “Criminal Cases Review Commission” (CCRC) encourages nonwhite invaders to “challenge criminal convictions related to their entry, such as fraud or using false passports,” and thereby “quash their convictions for illegal entry to Britain.”

This fact, the newspaper continued, will “lead to thousands more arrivals.”

The CCRC is, according to its own website, an “independent public body set up to investigate possible miscarriages of justice in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.”

It appears that this taxpayer funded organization is actually running an “unprecedented publicity campaign” aimed at “encouraging hundreds of migrants to challenge criminal convictions.”

According to the Telegraph, the CCRC has printed leaflets and posters encouraging asylum seekers to apply to it, and conducted “outreach events” with refugee organizations.

“The CCRC has already helped more than 30 asylum seekers to overturn their convictions — something which has allowed many of them to receive refugee status and stay in the UK. It is considering a further 60 cases.”

The revelations about the CCRC’s activities came to light after nonwhite illegal invader Abdul Rahman Haroun was granted asylum in Britain on Christmas Eve 2015—after he had broken dozens of laws in the European Union and the UK.


Haroun and the Channel Tunnel.

Haroun left the Sudan because, he said, it was “poor,” and managed to illegally enter Europe over the Mediterranean, breaking all official immigration laws in the process. Once in Italy, he then broke the Dublin Agreement rules which state that he should have applied for asylum in the first EU nation he reached, and then he made his way to France’s port of Calais.

On August 2015, Haroun scaled four high fortified fences, evaded security patrols, dogs, and 400 CCTV cameras inside the Eurotunnel site on the French side of the rail link, and then walked all but a “few steps” of the thirty-one mile tunnel.

Haroun walked all day in almost complete darkness, dodging trains whistling by at more than 100 miles per hour. He formed part of a large mob of invaders who stormed the Eurotunnel complex that day, all hoping to break through to get to Britain.

He was detected in the tunnel just a few yards from the UK exit near Folkstone, where he was arrested and charged with criminal obstruction of a train.

The Eurotunnel company filed a legal complaint, saying that it hoped that “the force of law will be used and justice done” so that Haroun’s illegal act “does not set a precedent for other migrants to try and do the same. Not only did he run a significant risk of being seriously injured or killed, but he has also lost all possibilities to request asylum or find work in England,” a spokesman said.

However, the Eurotunnel company was not factoring in the interference of the CCRC, and last week, prosecutors in Britain said they were going to drop the charges after Haroun was granted asylum.

The Telegraph pointed out that as well as “advertising for asylum seeker cases, the commission [CCRC]  has waived its normal rules which insist that people seeking its help must first have tried to appeal through the courts in the normal way.

For British citizens, the commission states that “applying to the CCRC before you have appealed will usually be a waste of your time,” and “we usually tell people who come to us before they have appealed that they need to go back and try to appeal in the normal way.”

If the appellant is a nonwhite invader, non-British national however, the CCRC gives them priority. As the Telegraph put it: “[The CCRC] has instead fast-tracked dozens of asylum seeker cases, making up a large proportion of its workload. Despite massive demand from British citizens who say they are victims of injustice, almost a third of the people who the CCRC helped overturn their convictions last year were asylum seekers.”

According to the 1951 UN Refugee Convention, which has been taken up into British immigration law, asylum seekers cannot be prosecuted for the act of illegally entering a country if they come “directly from a territory where their life or freedom was threatened.”

In Haroun’s case—and in fact for every “asylum seeker” to reach European shores, from any direction, this is clearly not the case, as all of them, bar none, have entered Europe from countries which are “safe” and in which their life is not threated. This includes Turkey, Libya, and Tunisia, from where almost all of the current invaders originate.

The Telegraph pointed out that among the cases the CCRC had referred back to the UK’s Appeal Court were those of two Iranians, Amir Ghavami and Saeideh Afshar, who were convicted of entering Britain on fake documents.

The two invaders had first travelled from Iran to Thailand, where they spent two months, followed by three weeks in Tanzania, a week in Kenya, and three weeks in Spain—all of them “safe” countries—before entering the UK.  Their convictions were subsequently overturned by the Appeal Court, and they were given “asylum” in Britain.

Another case highlighted by the Telegraph was that of the Ethiopian invader, Eyasu Mulugeta, who entered Britain legally on a visitor’s visa using his own passport but then claimed asylum under a different name, pretending he had been smuggled into the country. He was jailed for 12 months “for making false statements to gain refugee status.” His conviction was upheld and he was recommended for deportation but he is still in the UK, 12 years after first arriving, thanks to the endless appeal work created by the publicly-funded CCRC.

Other cases included those of Somalians Yasin Bashir who spent weeks in Kenya and Greece before arriving in Britain on a fake passport and Richard Sohe Nguidjol, who spent time in France before invading Britain and claiming asylum.

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  1. We’re only lucky that Comrade Corbyn in totally unelectable here, because if he were the Prime Minister he’d just open the border with France and welcome them all, hoping of course for their gratitude at the ballot box.

    1. As did Tony Blair before him.
      The BBC, this morning (‘Today’ programme), interviewed the French Calais Port Chief Executive. He, not only failed to condemn the criminals in “The Jungle”, he referred to, “…..these poor people….”. I observe that this statement is akin to describing at burglar caught reconnoitring a potential property as a “poor burglar”. The problem is, it seems many of the brainwashed British public (+the large number of existing immigrants already here) will rush to throw their doors open and unlock their windows for the burglar! It is utterly incomprehensible to me.

      1. Happens all the time on the Mail on Line. Any comment that mentions race, colour or anything closely related never gets printed. They don’t seem to like comments about our leader Mr ‘call me Dave’ Camoron either……….

  2. Cameron is totally unconcerned about Calais, cases like this prove it. It is anyway the same process that we saw when warships of European navies provided a ferry service for floundering illegals. It is all a pantomime.

  3. i think all the people travelling and working on the tunnel that day need to be more than thankfull that this law breaking African didnt cause carnage, a train crash….He should be charged with endangering life….??..If we all went for a day trip up the tunnel by foot, well would we be arrested? Or as in this mans case A HOUSE..BENEFITS..ETC ETC…!!! Hes hit the F****** JACKPOT…..!! I cannot beleive what utter prats the English have become….

        1. I don’t know how that can be Rerevisionist, whenever I post a comment which has something ‘too close to the mark’ it doesn’t make it through the moderation stage.

  4. Haroun left Sudan because he was poor and he got asylum in Britain despite the fact he travelled thru several safe countries and finally he broke the law trespassing in the tunnel – lovely!

    I wonder what would’ve happend if a poor White South African had done exactly the same 🙂

    1. They can do anyhhing with impunity…if a white Christian did it we would be jailed…like the b**w job in the shopping centre…fined and banned from London..big deal….!!!

      1. Sue, maybe they should ask this poor Haroun who went straight north from Sudan all the way to Britain why he didn’t decide to go in the opposite direction to South Africa instead 🙂

        1. Ha.! Those lovely black South Africans who complained for so long about racism have taken to ‘necklacing’ their fellow blacks who migrate from neighbouring countries.

          1. Always Kol, I mean South Africa would be a booming, cosmopolitan paradise had the white man never arrived 🙂

            Do we know how much of their resources (gold, silver, diamonds etc) the black South Africans were producing themselves before the whites came and destroyed their industry.?

  5. In the Charter of the International Military Tribunal which met at Nuremberg the Jurisdiction and general principals in Article 6 included (a) Crimes against Peace (b) War Crimes and (c) Crimes against Humanity. (b) and (c) are now included in the Charter of the ICC and it is often said that the ICC is discriminatory in that they try and punish African Politicians. If at some stage Gentlemen in Europe decide that this discrimination in unacceptable and their own politicians are also answerable to the Court there will be less aggression and a chance for peace in Europe. Article 6(a) Crimes against Peace in IMT is now within the Jurisdiction of the Permanent Court of International Justice. “CRIMES AGAINST PEACE. Namely, planning, preparation, initiation or waging a war of aggression, or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances, or participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the foregoing.”
    The sooner a start is made to bring the culprits to trial who participate in the crimes here, the better the chance will be that there will be peace in our time.

  6. Sounds like the CCRC is engaged in a racket that has the tacit but full support of Cameron and the rest of his globalist criminal cartel government.

    1. British Right Wing Conservative PM David Cameron said on gaining power during 2015, “No if’s, no but’s” we will reduce immigration to, “….the tens of thousands”. Problem is, since that crass statement, migration to the UK has gone up and up and up month in month out. The last figures showed that under Cameron’s premiership, the last year saw the HIGHEST recorded net immigration flows. Point being that the conspiracy to flood Europe is clearly not solely a Left Wing thing.

      1. I’d hardly class the Cameron ‘lead’ Tories as anything other than left of centre. They appear slightly more right than that purely because Labour has gone communist. All in all, a thoroughly bad lot.

        1. Who is voting them into power?? The majority of voters are White English, Welsh, Scots, northern Irish. You lot are your own worst enemies, all looking for a handout (just like the asylum seekers).

          You had the chance to at least try the BNP some years back, you’ve had the chance to put UKIP in power but you don’t have the balls to do it.

          You all know perfectly well that if any party under performs you can simply vote them out. Problem is you all want the easy way out and would never give up a BENEFIT.


  7. and in the mean time the UK Govt is intent on prosecuting members of the UK armed forces for doing their job on active service in the middle east! A complete Govt. not fit for purpose!

  8. , “The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies” : Robert Conquest
    Exactly !!

      1. By the way Kol, I found Kalergi`s book but printed in German.
        However, you might be interested (or maybe not, as the mood takes you ) taken from his book.
        “Two thousand years ago the Ancient Christians……were the revivers of the Mosaic tradition. Today it is neither the Zionists nor the Christians, but the Jewish leaders of Socialism; because they wish, with the most exalted unselfishness, to erase the original sin of capitalism, to free the people from injustice, violence and subvervience and to change the redeemed world into an earthly paradise.”

        1. “I found Kalergi`s book but printed in German”
          I’ve heard about this copy – apparently it was recoverd from a library of one of these just burned “refugge” centres 🙂
          Boss, seriously – I appreciate your effort to “convert” me but I do strongly believe that the Ugly Angie simply had made a terrible mistake last summer when she blurted out her invite, and being as stubborn as she is, she won’t admit it with all the consequences which followed … sorry, but that’s my way of explaining this total mess!

          1. Kol, look at what Sarkozy said, part of which is in the ‘With Open Gates’ video.

            Sarkozy; “What’s the goal? – The goal is to meet the [EU] challenge of interracial marriage. It is not a choice, it is an obligation. If voluntarism does not work for the republic, then the state will move in with more coercive measures. We must change, therefore we will change.”

            Now that seems to me to be firstly a violation of the human rights advocated by the EU, suggesting forced interracial marriage, but also to be an absolute model for the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan.

          2. Yes, I’ve seen it – scarry. However, wasn’t that addressed to potential “ethnic” voters who normally wouldn’t vote for him? Another Jew, Hollande, actually tried to do much more damage with his outrageous 75% tax rate on wealthy Jews so he could give it away to hords of happy muslims welfare recipient with lots of wifes and kids which in a sense was quite comical – Jewish taxes given to muslim lazy retards 🙂

          3. I was referring to an original yellowing copy available on Open Source for download.

            Kalergi mixed in the glittering circles of the great and the good. His 1923 Pan-European bullsh*t was the precursor of the EEC >> EU . His influence is surely obvious. Pan -Europa finally came to fruition 27 years later in Vienna when in 1950 Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi was awarded the first Charlemagne Prize.

            “Boss “sighs >>>>>” There`s none so blind as those who will not see”, LOL !!

            ” Boss” gives big sigh……..LOL
            There`s none so blind as those who will not see.

          4. And there’s none so deaf as those that will not hear 🙂

            Kalergi was a real fruitcake who luckily had no power, but the Ugly Angie is unfortunately the Chancellor of Germany and somehow this freaking headcase assumed the dictatorship of Europe – sad nad scarry!

          5. @Kol Please …take a look at the link below posted @ Charles Martel.
            Wake UP!! It may not be verbatim but she`s actually quoting Kalergi.

            WE think no one could ever contemplate anything so heinous as Merkel`s actions let alone implement them.
            I don`t think for one moment that she`s insane. Far from it…to her this is the next logical step to save her beloved Germany, and by extension the EU.
            I think Merkel truly believes she`ll go down in history as the Mother Teresa of Germany…….SHE, Angela Merkel – true patriot – has saved her country.

          6. “I think Merkel truly believes she`ll go down in history as the Mother Teresa of Germany”

            BINGO !!! And that’s why I’ve been saying for months now that she’s gone mad. Besides other factors, the way she acted during thes Greek’s sopa opera last year was a real indicator of that. The Ugly Angie is-insane-in-the brain dangerous and stubborn bitch!

  9. .Do not think the police are doing as their masters wish,they too have wives and daughters and are 100% behind the ordinary people and it shows how stupid the leaders and EU are to think that they or the armed forces would turn against the people!!They ARE the people!

    1. @ bazablue. Does Germany have troops of its own and if so are they separate from Frontex – the Border Force that the EU is supposed to be ” beefing up? ”
      UK armed forces numbers have been drastically cut ……. so crazy with how things are going with the world.
      Perhaps the Border Force will be used in the future to put down all dissention if and when we plebs get stroppy.

      1. Both German and British navy very actively participate in fishing out them “refugees” just miles off the Libyan coast and instead of returning them back to Libya they safely transport them to Italy – what do you call that, amigo?

    2. I did think the same that maybe our own police and soldiers may not go against their own. But America has recently shipped in a lot of foreign soldiers and we have moved a thousand of ours to Poland. I think there maybe a force of Americans in Germany on the pretence of excercises. I wonder if they are going to keep order in other countries.A German force might not mind say having a pop at us.

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