UK: Health Deficit £1.6bn, Foreign Aid £12bn

The hatred which all Britain’s establishment parties have for their own people has been demonstrated once again with the news that the UK’s healthcare system (the National Health Service, NHS) is facing its “worst deficit ever” of £1.6 billion—while that country’s foreign aid budget has risen to £12 billion per year.


According to official figures published by the Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority, the health services ended the second quarter of the financial year with a deficit of £1.6 billion. This was £358 million worse than planned at the beginning of the year.

Based on current performance, the NHS’s English trusts are predicting they will end the year £2.2bn in deficit, with 156 out of 239 of them recording deficits, the Monitor said.

“In particular, delayed transfers of care—where medically fit patients cannot leave hospital because the care they need is not yet in place—are having a negative impact on NHS organizations meeting other standards, especially in A&E [accident and emergency], while spending on agency staff is continuing to have an extremely detrimental effect on their financial position,” they said.

In other words, healthcare in Britain is in a serious crisis due to underfunding from central government—or, to be more straightforward, from the taxes raised by the government from the working public.


Meanwhile, the UK foreign aid budget has nearly reached £12 billion—six times the NHS deficit. According to the official figures contained in reports on the Department for International Development’s (DFID) official website, the amount of taxpayers’ money being handed out to the Third World increased by 3 percent, from £11.4 billion in 2013 to £11.7 billion in 2014.

In 2014, Africa received the largest percentage of DFID country-specific bilateral ODA expenditure which could be assigned to a single region (60.1 percent), equating to £2.4 billion—more than the NHS deficit alone.

The countries that received the most bilateral aid—money that goes from the UK taxpayers to a single nation—in 2013 were Pakistan (£338m), Ethiopia (£329m), and Bangladesh (£272m).


Pakistan has a military budget of £4.5 billion, while Bangladesh has a military budget of £2.6 billion—figures which mean that any sort of “foreign aid” to those nations is totally superfluous.

Even India, which has a larger fleet than the Royal Navy, and which has nuclear submarines, atom bombs, and a space program, still gets UK taxpayer money in foreign aid.

In fact, UK taxpayers give a total of £1.7 billion in “foreign aid” to Asia.

To add insult to injury, Pakistan is the second largest country of origin for “asylum seekers” seeking to enter the UK, while Bangladesh is the tenth largest.

Incredibly, UK taxpayers even give “foreign aid” to Turkey (£3.9 million) and the Ukraine (£2.9 million).

This insane policy of putting British people last in every single instance is the confirmed policy of all of the “main” parties in Britain—and is a powerful indication of the state of mind of all the “democratic” parties currently in power in western Europe. They would rather deprive their own people of services in order to help the Third World.

There is another word for this, now not often used, but perfectly adequate to describe such behavior: treason.

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  1. Treason yes our government is guilty of this many times over and the sooner we get rid of David Cameron and his party of down right thugs the wealthier and safer we will all be.
    Its disgusting and totally abhorrent that the British people have now been reduced to second class citizens in their own birth place, whilst immigrant parasites from all corners of the world invade and then are handed free access to OUR social housing, welfare benefits, Healthcare, Schooling and all manner of handouts over and above our own people. We are always bumped to the bottom of the housing que, our ex Servicemen are left sleeping on the streets, are elderly people are reduced to having to choose between heating and eating, young people left without a single hope of ever obtaining their own home, and our disabled and poor are labelled scroungers by the mainstream media, but not the refugees, oh no they are well and truly loved amd protected, its 100% an absolute basic Human Right to make sure that they never go without, even to the point of handing extra cash to an immigrant to enable him to purchase his cigarettes….. disgusting. Sweden and Germany also hate their own people and bend over backwards to deprive them in favour of supporting aggressive, uncivilised, lazy, begging parasites from foreign shores. All British people reading this please vote us out first from the vile, bullying, corrupt EU, then lets together get rid of the main stream parties in Britain. There is only one hope for us left and that is UKIP, please vote them into power, its our last opportunity to save this failing, sinking, Island that is fast becoming a third world immigrant cess pit.

      1. l think the vast majority agree with you SJS. David Cameron got back to No.10 by cheating and promises.
        He promised us a referendum on the EU and once back in told us we would have to wait for 2 years.
        For the life of me l don’t know how he got away with that with no massive and constant demonstrations.
        He tricked us over that and l genuinely believe the voting was rigged. The disappearance of the Thanet votes for 6 or 7 hours was seen and highlighted because all eyes were on Thanet. And yet they got away with that without any problem at all. How do we know just how many times this happened throughout the country on voting day ?? What are we going to do to ensure that does not happen again ?

        A reader in another paper commented that he signed the vote of no confidence in the government petition and got a reply that more or less said We’re ignoring it…Prime Ministers rarely or never get thrown out under such and such an act. They are closing all the loopholes sneakily and Cameron has ensured there is another 2 years before we can vote for Out to give them chance to close more and do their miscounting more efficiently.
        lt seems to me that most of Europes people feel the same and yet it continues.

        The EU has failed miserably for so many reasons in so many ways. The Open Borders policy has
        been diabolically stupid and extremely dangerous too. But we have very little army left and far fewer police and they’ve had their hands tied anyway. All planned.

        l do believe there really is a long term plan that is being carried out. There can be no other explanation as
        to why our government contintues to refuse to listen the people and common sense about this very serious situation.
        There are millions and millions of us. Why are we tolerating this diabolical mismanagement of our country and allowing this obvious invasion ??

        Something serious really DOES need to be done – and very soon.

  2. Thank you for saying what the ENGLISH are forbidden to say in any publication in the Uk.We can connect the way this tory shambles are using the same policies as the Germans.They are far from happy either,We know this because we are all speaking to each other.Thank god for Internet,BBC .Daily Mail we see all of your lies,Cameron or Osborne are following orders,

    1. austerityred, Regarding your remarks on the UK , I have noticed that since the start of 2016, that most papers have now stopped people commenting in the DE, INDY, AND THE GUARDIAN, talk about freedom of speech, there is none in the UK, unless you are from Ethnic races. Roll on the Referendum, if we ever get one from liar liar my ass is on fire con-Cameron.

  3. The NHS is being systematically bled dry by a whole raft of :
    * Well paid bureaucrats using the NHS as an expenses facility.
    * Foreigners treated yet never having paid into the system.
    * PC politicians with no ba**s watching the world and his wife pillage our free facilities.
    * Not forgetting the £12bn squandered in Foreign Aid because – according to clueless Cameron ” It`s the Right Thing To Do” .
    NO ! Saving OUR NHS is The Right Thing To Do.

  4. The Con Merchants (conservatives)are determined to destroy the World Health Service to make their friends richer and the people of the uk poorer and sicker…they are a disgrace…traitors to our country…get them out…!!!

    1. Sue, what would the immigrant loving and embracing Labour party, or the equally vile but now almost defunct Liberal Democrats do?
      They’d be taking in as many invaders as Merkel demanded, dancing to her tune.
      The problem isn’t the Conservatives, at least they’re trying to stem the flow, albeit against a tsunami of liberals who want to force multiculturalism on us whether we like it or not.
      It was Labour who turned the National Health Service into the International Health Service, not the Tories, and don’t misunderstand me, I’m no fan of the Tories either.

  5. Part of the politicians thinking is hatred of their own kind but I think the owners of the monetary system have ‘convinced’ as many politicians as they need to reinforce that hatred.

  6. Totally agree. SJC has said it all so no need to reiterate.
    I have seen my own relatives, sister and cousins mis treated in the hospitals. As a sister I was not even allowed to speak to them or ask about them. (I am in another country) I was appalled and had thought of a returning to UK but now, do not know what to do.
    There are definitely some British who take advantage and prefer not to work but when I see councils trying to throw out old people, 91yrs old or 92 yrs old for failure to pay rent!!!! Utterly abhorrent!
    Get out of EU first and get Farage as new PM?

  7. Camoron is a traitor – pure n simple – when in “opposition” he was gagging for a referendum…..but now he’s Merkel’s lapdog, rolling over to have his fat – offshore- fund- fed- belly rubbed!

    I sit here and watch the England that I grew up in being systematically destroyed – and am now ashamed to be a Brit!!!

    When my daughter finishes her M.Chem, I will be pushing her on a plane out of the country – the UK is completely and utterly ******d!!

    We’re broke, going begging cap in hand to the Chinese & French for our nuclear power, we have NO real industry, swamped by k*****s, the NHS is overwhelmed, we have NO idea what diseases they bring into the country….if you are young & educated .LEAVE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. The problems in the UK are not caused by the EU. The problems in the UK are caused by 37 years of the freemarket neoliberal crackpot ideology known as Thatcherism created by the Rockefeller’s adapted by Keith Joseph and deployed by Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, Clegg and Cameron. It is Thatcherism with the compulsive need to privatise, outsource, downsize, offshore and dismantle all public services for private greed and private profit that has resulted in the failure of the state. The UK must remain in the EU as the UK. If the UK leaves the EU then it will be at mercy of multinational corporations and full TTIP, be forced to fully comply with EU regulations on open borders and pay far more to access EU and international markets. The Conservative party have also always hated the NHS and even the Health Secretary supports full privatisation. Brexit (UK leaving the EU) will mean Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland leaving the Union, full privatisation of the NHS, dismantling of the Welfare State and full and complete adoption of TTIP. The Conservative government will sign up to TTIP to include the NHS even after Brexit. The EU has agreed an opt out public healthcare services such as NHS. However the Conservative government along with New Labour have restructured and reorganised the NHS to allow it to be taken over by the vultures of US Healthcare medicare and medicaid corporations. The leading supporters of Brexit are self serving, self aggrandising politicians and bankers who see opportunities of untold billions ready for the taking. The Conservative’s and controlled media support the abolition of human rights and its replacement with a flawed undemocratic unaccountable new constitution that in the best tradition of banana republics protects the interests and rights of the powerful and uber rich especially Conservative politicians whilst removing this rights of the powerless peasants. Brexit has already failed in that all of its alleged benefits could have been achieved decades ago without leaving the EU if the Thatcher worshipping and Thatcher idolising politicians had chosen to ditch the neoliberal ideology of Thatcherism and free market econonomics.

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