UK: Idiot Politician Bunfight over EU Nonsense, Ignore Nonwhite Immigrant Tsunami

British politicians are continuing their idiotic and pointless bunfight over membership of the European Union—to the point where the government is in a serious crisis and could even collapse—while the real threat to Britain’s existence, mass Third World immigration, which has nothing to do with the EU, continues apace.

According to the latest immigration figures issued by the UK’s official Office for National Statistics, in 2018, some 625,000 people moved to the UK in the 12 months ending June 2018—of which 326,000, or 52 percent, came from outside the EU (that is, the Third World).

At the same time, 351,000 people—mostly white British and white EU nationals leaving the UK in the run up to Brexit—left the country. This fact means that in real terms, almost all immigration into to the UK in the last reported period was made up of nonwhites coming in from outside the European Union.

In spite of this fact, the idiot politicians in Britain, and the so-called “right wing” still maintain that EU membership is a vital issue over which they are prepared to provoke a political crisis. In reality, it is meaningless, as the ongoing Third World immigration tsunami has nothing to do with EU membership, and everything to do with the British parliament’s race-denying immigration laws.

This mass nonwhite immigration has already turned many of Britain’s major cities into white minority areas. In 2013, London became a majority nonwhite city, with massive nonwhite immigrationcaused by the parliament in Britain, not the EU, having taken over the UK’s capital city.

Britain’s second largest city, Birmingham, is on course to becoming a majority nonwhite city within the next twelve months, also directly due to nonwhite immigration caused by the British parliament’s immigration laws—and once again, nothing to do with the EU.

This—and similar trends in many other major centers—means that white British people are set to become an absolute minority in the UK by the year 2066 at the latest. This is only 47 years away.

This then, is the real threat to Britain’s existence as a white, First World nation. The simpleton politicians and controlled media in that country continue however to engage in the panem et circenses* nonsense of “EU membership” to keep the population distracted from the real threat to their future, and the tin pot patriots cheer them on, oblivious to the total destruction that is staring them in the face.

* “Bread and circuses,” a phrase attributed to the Roman poet Juvenal, used to refer to a tactic to deliberately distract the masses of Rome from their imminent destruction.

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  1. It is the Left Wing that condones the immigration tsunami. One migrant walked completely through the Channel Tunnel connecting the UK with France, he was not arrested, not prosecuted but given accommodation. No White person would have been so lucky. There have been cases where people are now afraid of speaking out against migration problems because they would be classed as ‘racist’ and even arrested as there is now a law for doing so. Irrespective of political party, our so-called elected representatives DO NOT represent us any more. The initials MP (apart from Military Police) instead of being Member of Parliament they are now MY PAY, MY PENSION, MY PERKS and do not include MY PEOPLE. We could do with a 21st century ‘Guy Fawkes’.

  2. I’m sorry to repeat myself, but anyone who thinks that an EU run by such scum as Verhofstadt, Timmermans or Juncker is not fixated on massive black/brown immigration into Europe is seriously deluded.

    I very clearly remember Frans Timmermans lecturing sceptical Hungarians that a majority black/brown Europe is ‘the way of the future’, ‘inevitable’ and ‘should be warmly embraced’.

    If you don’t believe me, there’s a video clip of Timmermans saying just that.

    1. Every Prime Minister has failed to be honest with the Electorate ever since that idiot Ted Heath signed us into the EEC in 1973. British politics is as corrupt as the EU is itself. Tragically, all those that have never known what life was like outside of the EU have no interest in anything other than today. They’ll soon be screaming when taxes will rise, which they will.

    2. Exactly. As one commenter said: “Appallingly, Brussels recently stated… Europeans must accept mass migration from the 3rd World as the “new norm”, and that “neither walls nor policies will allow any part of the EU to remain homogenous and migration-free”. The plaque at the entrance to the Visitors Centre of the European Parliament reads… “National sovereignty is the root cause of the most crying Evils of our times… The only Final Remedy for this Evil is the federal union of the peoples.” – Notice, folks, how it doesn’t actually state… union of the “European” peoples. Also notice the unusual term “Final Remedy” – Another word for remedy being “solution”.”

  3. I don’t understand why the TNO seems to regard all immigration from the EU as “white folks”, with all the Third World Invaders avoiding Europe completely, to go all the way around it by sea, or above it by air, in order to reach Britain! Please understand that Britain is under attack from a two-pronged invasion: one by Third World Parasites using Europe’s Insane Open Borders to travel overland to Britain, and the other by Third World Parasites coming in directly using their Insane Commonwealth Free Pass to Invade Britain. But our own European brothers & descendants from Australia, New Zealand & Canada are somehow not welcome by the Marxists controlling our borders, because they are European (=”white”).

  4. Yes, Brexit is not a be-all panacea that will solve all our problems, for the reasons cited, but that is not the point. Brexit has re-energised Nationalistic feeling in the UK in a way that no other issue could have done. It’s also dealt a devastating blow to globalism and the NWO. Brexit is a step in the right direction and will probably bring about a re-alignment on the political right. It’s something all Nationalists should be able to unite around and it could act as a catalyst for a new unified movement in the future. I strongly suspect opposition to mass immigration is the main driver of anti-EU feeling .

    Whatever other issue can unify The Cause at the moment? British Nationalism is dead. Recently, an NF candidate polled 18th out of 18, and a BNP candidate was defeated by the Monster Raving Loonies. Things could hardly be worse. The wind is blowing – no, it’s raging – in our direction but Nationalists are incapable of exploiting this, or of getting their act together. Brexit offers a way out of the impasse.

  5. it is true that not all EU imigrants are white europeans but 90% of them are, with the exception of some gipsies, arabs, turks, jews, etc. On the other hand 90% of non EU migrantion is not white, that is a difference. Most of the so called right wing have been manipulated by the press and corrupt politicians as we could see on the forum and this was the purpose of brexit nonsense. In fact brexit increased the non-white imigration to UK and now that is at the highest levels in the history of UK and will likely increase under javid. Far from bringing a change in UK politics or a revival of nationalism brexit achieved the contrary as most of its sponsors wanted as they were corrupt politicians or traitors, to destroy English nationalism . There is now a strong possibility that Corbyn would win, not that it would make such a great difference in the long run but that may happen

    1. One thing I’m certain of is that if we remain in the EU, which looks increasingly likely, then the vast, vast darkie hordes, who bumrushed Italy, Greece, Serbia, Germany etc etc will inevitably get EU passports, and will use those passports to impose their black arses upon the UK – and plunder the UK welfare state for every penny it’s worth.

      It’s so damned obvious. Even a child can see it.

      1. this argument comes from Farage who was niether to bright nor to honest, in fact look at his sponsors. However when these countries will have large muslim and non white parts, UK will already be more non white and more muslim than any other country in europe, you have to accept that UK is the most down towards the path of white minority than any other EU country even more than France. On contrary in fact UK is the source of terorism for other places in europe since Birmingham extremists financed terorism in Belgium. Also, Britain is bellow EU average GDP so there is no particular reason for muslims for other countries to migrate there. Farage was a payed traitor and that was all, repeating his arguments shows lack of understnading

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