UK Intel: Israel is “True Threat”

Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) intelligence unit officially described Israel as the “true threat” to peace in the Middle East, a leaked top-secret report has revealed.

“The Israelis constitute a true threat to regional security, notably because of the country’s position on the Iran issue,” the GCHQ report said.

According to a report in France’s Le Monde newspaper—which undertook a research project in collaboration with whistleblower Edward Snowden, both British and American intelligence agencies targeted Israeli missile projects, and spied on Israeli diplomats and firms.

Le Monde headed its coverage of the report with the tame-sounding heading “British Intelligence also closely monitors Israel” (Le renseignement britannique surveille aussi Israël de près).

The report was then republished in the Israeli Haaretz newspaper with the far more dramatic headline—with the difference in approach of the two newspapers summing up the essential problem of the Jewish lobby’s control over Western media.

In France, a newspaper would never dare run a story headline reading “Israel is a true threat,” but in Israel—where the media is aimed at Jews and there is no concern about “offending” anyone, Haartez can run the story as it is.

In most of the West, however, it is unlikely that the story will ever see the light of day.

According to Le Monde, the GCHQ collected information on Israeli diplomats, including a person described by the newspaper as “the second-highest ranking official in the Israeli foreign ministry.”

Email correspondence belonging to the Israeli ambassadors to Nigeria and Kenya was also the subject of British intelligence-gathering efforts as was Ophir Optronics, a firm making up part of the Israeli defense establishment, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Racah Institute of Physics.

It is not clear from the reports how far the GCHQ report was taken, but it clearly refers to the fact that Israel and the Jewish lobby worldwide have consistently pushed the lie that Iran has “atom bombs.”

In reality, as all the U.S. intelligence agencies, and the International Atomic Energy Agency, Iran never had nuclear weapons and possesses no weapons grade Enriched Uranium (EU).

In the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate, the Director of National Intelligence of the United States assessed that Iran had ended all “nuclear weapon design and weaponization work” in 2003.

The Israeli and Jewish lobby’s insistence on spreading the “Iran atom bomb” lie—a story which, disturbingly, appears to be believed even by Donald Trump—is part of a much wider program which is aimed at getting America to smash Israel’s enemies in the Middle East.

Exactly the same strategy was followed with Iraq, where the record now shows that Israel and the Jewish lobbies in America and Britain were behind the flood of lies and false news stories claiming that Saddam Hussein also had “weapons of mass destruction.”

Given the extent of the chaos, violence, terrorism, rise of ISIS, and the fake refugee invasion of Europe—all of which is a direct result of the Jewish lobby’s manipulation of the U.S. and U.K.’s foreign policies—it seems that the newly-revealed GCHQ report is an understatement.

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      1. “There has to be war to make the usury system work. The lack of money to carry on business will cause the misery of the people to be intense. The government will NOT print money to relieve the suffering. The only way they will allow it to come into existence is for it to be borrowed into existence from the banks of the Federal Reserve System and their sister usury banking systems throughout the world. It can be borrowed into existence faster if the government is made to borrow money to buy an expensive airplane (costing 50 million dollars each), than if the government has to go to the trouble of contracting for 1,000 – $50,000 houses one at a time. Then too, the plane will be obsolete in five years and will have to be re-ordered, a never ending source of business. The cheaper houses will be around for a long time….” —RICHARD KELLY HOSKINS

    1. And also Britain, which gives Israel £6 Billion a year in “foreign aid”, according to one report, which is more than any other country receives.

  1. Not even Hillary Clinton threatened to renege on the Iran deal.
    The Jewish lobby don’t care about Trump’s occasional side-swipes at Jewish money, but having him onside over the middle east is crucial for their plans of a greater Israel.
    Trump is beginning to look like a ‘patsy’ – and many are having second thoughts about him.

  2. Trump’s own son in law Jared Kushner has been called out on donating to charities that support Jewish settlements in Occupied Palestine. Trump will get weaker and weaker on Israel as the days count down. Look at the Superjews already positioned in his cabinet. We though we had a chance, didn’t we?

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