UK Jewish Board of Deputies are Liars and Dishonest, says Hungarian Govt.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews are liars, dishonest and need to “mind their own business” when it comes to Hungary, that latter nation’s Secretary of State, Vince Szalay-Bobrovniczky has said.

In an email—a copy of which was put on line by the Board of Deputies of British Jews in their ongoing interference in Hungary, Szalay-Bobrovniczky said that he had “read your press release on our conversation”—a reference to the fact that the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Marie van Zyl, and Szalay-Bobrovniczky had met in London on February 8.

After that meeting, Van Zyl issued a press statement saying that she had raised

“the Board of Deputies’ long standing concerns directly with the Hungarian government, including: the use of antisemitic tropes, and remarks directed at Muslims and migrants; moves to downplay the role of historical Hungarian leaders in supporting the Holocaust; the threatened closure of the Aurora Jewish community centre; and relations between the Government of Hungary and the Federation of Jewish Communities (Mazsihisz).”

“In particular, we were clear that while it might be legitimate to have a range of opinions about the causes supported by George Soros, some of the language used against Mr Soros by Prime Minister Orban and others, whether intentionally or not, represent the oldest antisemitic tropes and this has to stop.

“We said that a clear test on the Hungarian Government’s good-will on the subject of the history of the Holocaust will be whether the new museum, the House of Fates, can command the support of the mainstream Hungarian Jewish community, including the Federation of the Hungarian Jewish Communities (Mazsihisz) and key international Holocaust research institutes like Yad Vashem.”

[The “House of Fates” is a holocaust memorial center being planned for Budapest, which the Jews have objected to because it does not blame Hungarians enough].

Van Zyl concluded her statement by saying that

“We had a respectful and honest dialogue on these matters, while also acknowledging the positive actions of the Hungarian Government, including moves to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism, strong bilateral relations with Israel, and the investment in the forthcoming Maccabi Games in Budapest.”

In his response, Szalay-Bobrovniczky started by pointing out that van Zyl was lying about the “Aurora” center, saying that “Aurora is not a Jewish community center and has not been closed.”

Secondly, he said, Van Zyl’s

“definition of antisemitic language is different from ours. It would have been correct from you to state that my opinion was a different one. We have asked for it via our Embassy, but you denied our request which is a message that means: you do not have the slightest respect for Hungary.

“I harshly reject again your allegations of antisemitism against us, and especially against PM Orbán (that you formulated in our conversation). It is a shame for you and a shame for the whole cause: a simple lie. The Jewish Communities in UK and in Hungary would deserve more than your obviously politically motivated words.

“I again explicitly reject every charges of yours concerning our declarations regarding Soros. Soros organises illegal migration to Europe and thus is undermining European security and the security of Jewish life on our continent. That is our problem.

“I am extremely sorry for the Jews that you pretend to represent then they would need support and not letting them alone with their growing worries like you do.

“It is and remains our responsibility to decide upon organisational structures regarding our national institutions. With due respect, please mind your own business and we will equally not interfere with yours.

“But, if you had the intention to be at least a bit correct with me, you could have mentioned (what I told you 1000 times) that ‘the House of Fates project is a positive idea for our Jewish compatriots and it has an open end. Also my government has raised the support of the Páva street Holocaust Center. The IHRA working definition is being worked at and will probably be soon passed by the Government: these were my words, not what you stated.”

Finally, Szalay-Bobrovniczky said it was “misleading from you to say that we had a respectful and honest conversation” and that Van Zyl was “everything but respectful and honest.”

The Hungarian government is, of course, anything but anti-Semitic. Prime Minister Viktor Orban is a personal friend of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Hungary is a firm ally of the Jewish state.

The Orban government is however finding out—the hard way—that no matter how pro-Jewish they might be, any European government that dares to be even slightly in its own peoples’ interests—instead of unilaterally serving the International Jewish agenda of multi-racialism for all countries except for Israel—eventually becomes a targhet for Jewish hatred.

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  1. Yet again, the Jewish people who do not live in Israel believe they have the sole right to demand every country must live and abide by their rules. Do they not realise that it is their interference in all manner of ways that actually creates anti-semitism?

  2. Your article makes the very important point about “finding out—the hard way—that no matter how pro-Jewish they might be…”, the Jews are never satisfied with anything less than total surrender, and even then they are not content, but continue their relentless hatred of western civilization and the Christianity upon which it was founded.

    It reminds me of how Rome was falsely blamed for the Jewish-Roman War, which was started by the barbaric Jewish murder of St. James Son of Alphaeus, First Bishop of Jerusalem, who bent over backwards all his life to please the Jews. But they are never satisfied, and when they finally demanded that he renounce Christ, he bravely refused, so they THREW HIM OFF A PARAPET, and when he didn’t die from the fall, they BEAT HIM TO DEATH WITH FULLERS’ CLUBS on the ground.

    They then attacked all the “Gentiles” in Jerusalem, trying to drive out the Greeks, Christians and everyone else, which brought down the wrath of Vespasian. Seeing Jerusalem surrounded by Roman armies, the Christians fled to the mountains, following Christ’s command, because they thought it was the end of the world.

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