UK Jews Attack May Government for backing Hungary in EU Parliament Vote

The Board of Deputies of British Jews, a Conservative Jewish House of Lords member, Jewish academics, and the Jewish Chronicle (“the world’s oldest and most influential Jewish newspaper”) have all joined forced to attack Britain’s Conservative Party on account its support of Hungary during the recent “article 7” vote in the European Parliament.

In a statement released by the Board of Deputies of British Jews President Marie van der Zyl, that organization said that it had “noted with disappointment that Conservative Party MEPs voted in defence of Hungary’s far-right government of Viktor Orban.

“As we have stated previously, we are very alarmed by the messages at the heart of Orban’s election campaign, including his comments about ‘Muslim invaders’, calling migrants ‘poison’, and the vivid antisemitism in the relentless campaign against Jewish philanthropist George Soros,” Van der Zyl said.

“This whipping up of prejudice by the Hungarian government–alongside restrictions on press freedom and the independence of the judiciary–must be stopped before it undermines Hungary’s democracy irreversibly.

“It is very concerning that the Conservative Party MEPs chose to defend Hungary’s appalling track record, rather than supporting this motion to protect the rule of law.”

The Jerusalem-based Times of Israel commented that the statement was a “rare rebuke to Prime Minister Theresa May’s party, which has built a strong track record of support for the Jewish community in Britain and tackling anti-Semitism.”

The Conservatives were the only governing center-right party in Western Europe to oppose triggering the European Union’s most serious disciplinary action against a member state. In the September 12 vote, 448 MEPs backed the motion, which condemned Hungary’s government as a “systematic threat” to democracy and the rule of law.

The BBC reported that Daniel Finkelstein, “a prominent Jewish Conservative member of the House of Lords and columnist for The Times newspaper,” joined the criticism, saying the vote against censuring Orbán was “a really distressing thing to have happened, and shameful.”

“Lord” Finkelstein called on his colleagues “to rethink their decision, which he said was hypocritical.”

In an editorial, the Jewish Chronicle said that the “decision last week by Conservative MEPs to ally with some of the most unsavoury groups in the European Parliament in backing Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian Prime Minister, was truly shameful and a dark day for the party led by Mrs May.

“Mr Orbán has, repeatedly, used blatant and obvious antisemitic language. Much of his recent election campaign was based on attacks on Jewish Hungarian philanthropist George Soros, in language that was designed to highlight his Judaism and, as such, paint him as the enemy of Hungary.

“This is real antisemitism, in mainland Europe, used as a policy by an EU member.

“The MEPs’ vote was bad enough. But the subsequent refusal of a series of high-profile Conservatives to condemn the vote was, if anything, even worse.”

David Hirsh, senior lecturer in sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London, told the Jewish Chronicle in another article that “The idea that Britain would now cozy up to an anti-Semitic and racist strongman regime… is shameful.”

The Jewish attack upon Hungary and the British government is of course just another example of rampant hypocrisy, which has come to characterize the Jewish lobby all over the Western World.

In the Jews’ own country, Israel, Soros is equally hated by the government for the Soros Foundation’s support of numerous Palestinian organizations, and the government of Benjamin Netanyahu has also cracked down upon the Soros Foundation’s operations.

In addition, the Hungarian government has excellent relations with the Israeli government, with Prime Minister Viktor Orban announcing during an official visit to Jerusalem in July this year that “he has the same views as the Prime Minister of Israel with regard to several 21st-century issues, including security, combatting terrorism, the defence of borders and the problem of modern-day anti-Semitism.”

According to an official press statement released jointly with Netanyahu, Orbán “stressed that they agree that the most important issue is security: every nation has the right to its own security, which it is duty-bound to provide to its citizens. He said today Europe is afflicted by migration and terrorism, against which action must be taken.”

Orban also said that “Hungary will always take action to ensure that international organizations treat Israel in a fair, balanced and unbiased manner,” and that “in the future Hungary will also continue to closely cooperate with Israel in international forums.”

He added that “economic cooperation between the two countries is strong, with two hundred Israeli businesses operating in Hungary, providing jobs for five thousand people – primarily in the field of modern technology.”

Finally, Orban said, the “outstanding bilateral relations between the two countries are due in part to the personal cooperation between the two prime ministers, and the fact that both countries are led by patriotic prime ministers.”

There is therefore no justification for the Jewish lobby in western nations to claim that the Hungarian government is “anti-Semitic” in any way whatsoever.

The Jewish lobby’s hysterical attacks upon Hungary are therefore completely without foundation, and are an obvious and easily disproven lie. There is no evidence at all that the Hungarian government is “anti-Semitic” in any way whatsoever.

Why then the attacks upon Hungary?

This is a question which can only be explained with an understanding of the psychology underpinning the Jewish lobby, which is made up of a combination of extreme schizophrenia, self-serving interest, and an implacable hatred of any form of European nationalism.

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  1. Please do not join the mainstream media in desperately trying to shore up the EU Globalist Zionist Puppet Teresa May, when the whole of the country wants her to be sacked!

    Everyone knows the MEPs are not representative of the Tory party, and often act in complete independence, so it’s no good trying to somehow link their support for the Hungarian Patriots to Traitor May, who spent the night before taking office as Temporary Prime Minister having dinner with the Chief Rabbi of Britain, and has done nothing but delay, undermine and attempt to destroy Brexit. Just as she undermined and weakened the police force during her 6 years in charge of the Home Office, refusing to deport a single Muslim criminal, and then appointed the Muslim Trojan Horse Sajid Javid to replace her. This is all getting beyond farce.

  2. The only way to understand this is probably down to the Jewish Lobby wherever it is thinks they have the sole right to dictate to any country what their laws should be at all. Israel, backed by the idiotic USA is creating hell and is never challenged? Rank hypocrisy at the very least. If there is another major war, it will have been instigated by Israel behind closed doors as they will then blame those that can’t see further than the end of their nose. No UK troops should ever be involved ever again, anywhere in the Middle East. For me, and with all due respect to the ordinary people, the casualties of the Iraq war will pale into insignificance should there be another conflict out there.

  3. I thought Hungary had a significant Jewish population with many of them serving as MP’s? Surely the overseers of antisemitism wouldn’t overlook this…

  4. The Jews want to rule the world, and must be stopped…..
    They are excellent at playing the victim card, just as are also those from the “Ideology of Offence”

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