UK: Media Blackout on Israeli Lobby Manipulation

An Israeli diplomat exposed manipulating British politics “Protocols of Zion”-style has “resigned,” and the controlled media has blacked out all news of the scandal in a desperate damage control exercise—in contrast to what would have happened if it had been Russians behind the scandal.

The revelations are contained in an documentary series made by Al Jazeera, using an undercover reporter pretending to be an Israeli sympathizer, who infiltrated the U.K.’s Labour and Conservative party’s “Friends of Israel” organizations.

The Israeli “diplomat,” Shai Masot, who was the senior Israeli political officer at that country’s embassy in London, has now resigned and will be sent back to Israel.

The Al Jazeera investigation, titled “The Lobby,” uncovered Israel’s extensive, well-financed propaganda campaign in the U.K. to feed “corrective” stories about Israel’s policies to politicians and the media, and to fund trips to Israel for young activists.

During the investigation, Michael Rubin, a young Labour and pro-Israel activist, told the Al Jazeera undercover reporter that he worked “with the [Israeli] ambassador and embassy quite a lot”—revealing as a hoax claims that Masot was some lone rogue.

“We work really closely together,” Rubin said, “but a lot of it is behind the scenes.”

In September 2016, Masot took the Al Jazeera reporter to that year’s Labour Party conference in Liverpool.

During the conference, the undercover reporter recorded a discussion between Masot and Joan Ryan, a Labour MP and head of Labour Friends of Israel, at an LFI stand in which they talked about a slush fund of more than £1 million from the Israeli embassy used to send activists and politicians on paid trips to Israel.

Ryan said that she selected the candidates for the trip. “What happened with the names that we put in to the embassy?” she asked Masot.

“Just now we’ve got the money, it’s more than £1m, it’s a lot of money,” he replied. “It’s not physical, it’s an approval.”

“I didn’t think you had it in your bag!” joked Ryan.

The Al Jazeera documentary series also showed Jewish student Adam Schapira—who was a candidate for president of the Union of Jewish Students (UJS)—boasting about money which flowed onto U.K. campuses from the Israeli embassy and even the major U.S. Jewish lobby, the American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC).

“The Israeli embassy in the UK gives money to UJS,” Schapira boasted to the Al Jazeera reporter, adding that AIPAC was channeling money to another campus front organization known as the Pinsker Center.

“Groups like AIPAC gave some money,” Schapira said.

Masot told the Al Jazeera reporter that it was “particularly important for him to build support for Israel among all levels of the Labour Party,” which he said was being run by “crazy” Jeremy Corbyn.

At one point, Masot offered the Al Jazeera reporter the job of running the youth wing of the Labour Friends of Israel (LFI)—an offer which meant that the Israeli embassy could pick and choose officers within that body.

The Al Jazeera reporter then asked Masot: “Have you ever built something, like a group?”

Masot replied: “In Israel and here … Nothing that I can share but yeah. It’s good to leave those organizations independent, but we help them to actually [establish].”

Masot went on to boast that he had had the idea in 2016 to form a youth branch of the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI). His plan became a reality shortly afterward.

“[But] there’s no one who’s educating the grassroots of the party . . . Specifically in the Labour. Conservatives don’t need it,” Masot told the Al Jazeera reporter.

If any other country had set up such a propaganda network, these—and the many other revelations in the Al Jazeera series—would be front page news and the cause for a major diplomatic incident.

However, because it is Israel and Jews involved, the Al Jazeera revelations have been almost completely blacked out in all the controlled media outlets.

The BBC, for example, carried a few short reports on the initial revelation dealing with Masot’s talk about “taking down” politicians, but has since then ignored the story.

This example has been followed by all the controlled media outlets in the U.K. and elsewhere—while at the same time, these same media outlets have given extensive coverage to the fake news allegations about “Russian interference” in U.S. and U.K. politics.

The cover-up is clear and obvious: rather than deal with the proven fact of Israeli lobby manipulation of U.K. and U.S. politics, the controlled media hopes to divert attention away with lurid “dossiers” on Donald Trump, and made-up stories of Russian “media interference.”

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