UK Rewards 20,000 “ISIS Radicals” with Priority in Housing, Jobs

The British government is to reward up to 20,000 “radical Muslims” and ex-ISIS fighters who are “returning” from Syria and Iraq with welfare hand-outs, priority in housing, and jobs—putting them ahead of white Brits—so as to “reintegrate” them back in society to “prevent terrorism,” it has been revealed.

Mohammed Emwazi, the Iraqi-born “British Muslim” most famous for his ISIS beheading videos. His colleagues will now be given priority over white British people in housing, jobs and welfare.

An article in the Mail on Sunday said that the government’s plan, officially known as “Operation Constrain,” will see Jihadis returning from fighting in Syria offered “taxpayer-funded homes, counselling and help finding jobs to stop them carrying out attacks in Britain.”

The strategy will even “allow fanatics to jump to the top of council house waiting lists,” the newspaper added.

Quoting official documents, the report said that up to “20,000 extremists previously investigated by MI5 will be targeted with what critics last night described as ‘bribes’ aimed at turning them away from extremism.”

The program is due to start next year, the report continued, and will be paid for by the government’s Home Office “out of its £900 million counter-terrorism budget.”

The report went on to add that the “intelligence agencies fear as many as 20,000 former ‘subjects of interest’—people who had been monitored but later dropped off the radar – could be plotting fresh atrocities. It is this group that will be targeted by the new scheme.”

The paper said that in “hotspots for terror suspects such as Birmingham, Manchester and London, local police will be handed details of potential terrorists by counter-terrorism police and MI5 and will visit them in person.”

The report did not add, of course, that those cities—the three largest in Britain—are the most Third World overrun in the country, with white British people being an absolute minority in both London and Birmingham.

The report continued: “If the extremists do not have suitable accommodation, the council’s housing department will try to put them in social housing and may pay their rent if they are poor. They could also be given priority on waiting lists.

“If the terror suspect is unemployed or lacks qualifications, they could be helped into education or training, then found a job with public bodies or charities. And if they have mental health problems they will be referred to appropriate charities or the NHS [National Health Service, the taxpayer funded free health service].”

It is still unclear exactly how many Muslims with UK nationality have gone to fight for ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Government figures claim that up to 850 individuals are involved, but that figure is widely regarded as propaganda designed to disguise the true numbers, which are likely to be substantially more.

That this is so, is confirmed by the new “Operation Constrain,” which would never have been devised for such a small number of Jihadis.

The program is, of course, doomed to failure, just like all the other race-blind policies pursued by the British government, an error which is also made by most Western governments as they now face the inevitable consequences of mass Third World immigration.

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  1. This article proves 100% how corrupt the elected representatives of the citizens are, in this 21st Century.I am no longer to be proud to be British or that I served my country for 9 years. The political elite are not proud of Britain to turn this once proud Christian Country into a third world one where no one, and I mean no one is allowed to write or speak out against the massive influx of illegal migrants as well as draining the European countries of their citizens because the UK economy outshines theirs, Any anti-immigration comments is considered racist. So glad I’m over 70, can’t emigrate now, but I wish I had 40+ years ago when I had that chance.

  2. I agree with Bryn 100%. Just wonder what the establishment will say when this come back and bites us all on the backside? because it will.. I am a little younger then Bryn and served for 6 years. Problem I had was I lived abroad for 7 years (in the EU) then had to prove to all and sundry who I was when I got back to the UK. I was treated worse than an immigrant and I already had 42 years of NI paid into the corrupt system.

  3. The ‘old boy’s network con’ was that instigated by both Heath and Wilson who failed to tell the people about the realities of ‘ever closer ties’ with the EEC as it was called. Then along came Major who signed the Maastricht Treaty and last by no means least, Blair. Opened the door to Europe’s unskilled labour, brought in the Human Rights Act so that his wife could earn mega money and agreed with the Lisbon Treaty. There would not have been a ‘Brexit’ had the EU elite given Cameron his requests, the ‘Remain’ team would have won. Now the people are in the same position as we were in 1975, NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IS GOING TO COME. So the ‘old boy’s network’ has been in existence forever and there’s no chance it being dissolved any time soon.

  4. Why not extradite them to Syria where they can be put on trial and receive the punishment they justly deserve? Of course our elite don’t want to deport our citizens to a country where they committed terrorist crimes if that country retains the death penalty, yet their humanitarian conscience does not flinch at imposing the death penalty without trial by assassinating them with drones.

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