UK: The Asylum Scam and a Tale of Three Invaders

The “asylum” swindle being perpetrated upon the white world by Third World invaders—and the race-denying liberalism which allows the scam to continue—has been decisively illustrated by three recent news items detailing the shocking criminal path followed by three fake “refugees” since they invaded Britain—a Syrian, a Guinean, and a Somali.

The first case, as reported by UK media, dealt with what the Daily Mail called a “predatory Syrian refugee” by the name of Hasan Alkhabbaz, who had been given special “fast track” asylum by the government.

Alkhabbaz was jailed for 16 months after a series of sex attacks committed in London just weeks after his arrival in London in 2016, a court heard.

The invader admitted six charges of sexual assault at Southwark Crown Court, which heard that he “got a sexual thrill of seeing the horror in the faces of his victims as he attacked them.”

Alkhabbaz and his relatives were all allowed to settle in the UK after claiming they had suffered terrible ordeals in the Middle East—even though more than half of Syria is at peace and under government control.

The fake nature of his “asylum” claim was reinforced by the fact that the Syrian was arrested at Heathrow Airport on September 8, 2016, while trying to board a flight to Egypt and on to Sudan.

After his arrest, he had been put under a travel ban by the police and released on bail pending his trial—but he had immediately applied for a Syrian passport at that country’s embassy in London, and had tried to leave the country.

The second case, as also reported by the Daily Mail, concerns the case of Guinean Thierno lbrahima Jollah, who invaded Britain in January 2003, claimed “asylum” and was granted exceptional leave to stay—even though Guinea is not at war and British nationals even go on holiday there.

While in the UK, Jollah has been in and out of jail for a series of crimes, with the Daily Mail reporting that the “violent asylum seeker [was] jailed three times as he battled for ten years against deportation,”—but was now “awarded £4,000 compensation because he was ‘unlawfully’ held under curfew after he was released from jail.”

In May 2006, Jollah was convicted at Cambridge Crown Court of threatening to harm a witness, juror or person assisting in investigation of an offence of common assault and was jailed for 15 months.

In September 2006, Jollah was convicted of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and sentenced to a further six months.

Attempts to deport him “dragged on and he remained in the UK” and was jailed for a further year in 2013 for child cruelty.

Under powers that entitle the UK Government to deport foreign criminals, Jollah was served with notice of deportation in May 2007 in respect of the earlier offences and was detained pending the outcome of his trial.

However, in January 2008 he was granted bail on condition he report to the authorities regularly but by June 2008 his challenges to deportation had failed. He then failed to comply with his bail conditions, was arrested as an ‘absconder’ served with a deportation order and put in detention. But because of complications with the deportation order he was freed again in July 2009, the Daily Mail reported.

By 2013 when he had been freed from the child cruelty sentence it emerged that he might be from Guinea rather than Liberia and that he may also have a different name to Jollah. “Because of fears by the authorities that he could abscond, he was released from a detention centre but put under a strict curfew and electronically tagged,” the newspaper added—but now a court has ruled that the correct procedures were not followed and the criminal invader must now be paid “compensation.”

The third case, as reported by the Daily Mail, concerns a “violent Somali criminal who has been jailed 13 times” who has been awarded a “£80,000 payout from taxpayers because he was kept in detention for too long.”

The report said that Abdulrahman Mohammed, 39,” has been jailed more than a dozen times for crimes including affray, knife possession and multiple assaults and robberies.”

According to the report, a judge ruled that the Home Office kept him in prison for 445 days too long whilst trying to deport him.

Despite describing him as ‘a prolific and violent offender’, Judge Edward Pepperall QC awarded him £78,500 in compensation.

In a description described as ‘ironic understatement’ in court, Mohammed’s own lawyer had said ‘he might not be considered an asset to society’

The judge said: ‘I can well understand why the Home Secretary might wish to deport him.’

The European Court of Human Rights had ordered that he stay in Britain despite the government’s attempts to deport him and it has now been ruled he was unlawfully detained while authorities worked out how to handle his case.

The UK government has now given up on attempts to deport the Somali criminal back to his homeland.


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  1. Our biggest problem in Britain, apart from our political prostitutes, who are trying their hardest to keep us in the EU, are the thousands of “common purporse” infiltrators who were installed by Bliar Broon and Camoron, our entire judiciary, civil service, police force, churches, and probably our military are infested with leftists put in place to carry out the Bliar/Broon/Camoron cabals evil work when they left office, and I don’t think May is much better, we have a much bigger swamp to drain than the Americans have, and no sign of a British Trump to drain it, until we have done that, the invasion will continue unabated.

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