UK: Two Black Gangs “Barred” From Birmingham City Center

Two violent black gangs—the “Burger Boys Gang” and the “Johnson Crew” have been banned from the city center of Birmingham, England in what is a last desperate measure by the authorities to try and halt the nonwhite crime plague that is enveloping Britain’s second largest city.

According to a report in the Telegraph newspaper, eighteen blacks from the two notorious crime gangs have been banned from entering areas of Birmingham “following a landmark court ruling.”
The action, which also forbids the gangsters from associating with each other or participating in music videos that promote gang-related violence, was taken after a spate of firearms offences “that brought terror to the streets of the city during the summer of 2015 and start of 2016.”
Ten of the blacks are currently serving prison sentences, including Reial Phillips, 21, who was at the heart of a series of turf war shootings in the city, which left eight people injured.
The shootings were part of an ongoing feud between the Burger Boys Gang and the Johnson Crew, which escalated when members of the opposing factions uploaded rap videos online to taunt one another.
West Midlands Police and Birmingham City Council have now secured full injunctions against the 18 men in what is believed to be the largest group gang injunction ever secured.
The blacks, who are aged between 19 and 29, are forbidden from associating with each other and also from entering areas of Birmingham, including the city centre, Handsworth, Newtown, Winson Green and Lozells—all completely overrun by the Third World immigration invasion—for the next two years.
Another condition of the injunctions is that they are banned from participating in the music videos that promote or support gang-related violence.
The injunctions were granted after more than 80 witnesses gave evidence at Birmingham Crown Court and also allow police to restrict the vehicles and mobile phones they use.
Police and the council previously secured interim injunctions following a spate of gun and drug-related crime in the city during 2015.
Earlier, it was revealed that fewer than two out of five primary school pupils in Birmingham are white.
Only 33,208 out of 90,869 pupils in the city’s schools were classed as white in 2016. This figure represents 36.5 per cent of the complete make-up.
This is down from 36.3 per cent in 2015, when Asian children made up 32,251 of 88,809 total pupils. Children with black ethnic background made up 12.4 per cent, 11,295, while mixed children background made up 8.5 per cent, 7,680 and Chinese 0.6 per cent, 527.

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