UK: Whites Arrested for Bad Taste Grenfell Tower Fire Joke; but Black Knife Crime Ignored

The anti-white nature of the British establishment has been demonstrated once again with the news that a group of whites who filmed a bad taste joke about the Grenfell Tower fire have been arrested—while the sky-high black knife crime murder rampage is ignored.

According to a report in the Jewish-run Daily Mail newspaper, British police have searched the house that hosted a Guy Fawkes bonfire party where a Grenfell Tower effigy was burned as a joke.

A video of the very poor taste prank was shared on social media, and resulted in complaints by assorted snowflakes.

“Detectives investigating if the incident was a public order offence or a hate crime have been going through the property’s wheelie bins and photographing its scorched lawn—leaving with bags of evidence,” the Daily Mail reported.

The report says that five suspects—all whites—aged 19, 46, 49, 49 and 55, have all been arrested on suspicion of a “public order offence.”

Detectives will also consider if they can be put in the dock for hate crimes and if the men could be prosecuted under the Communications Act 2003, the report added.

The Public Order Act is used to prosecute people in Britain for “rioting, violent disorder and affray,” and “offences which causes alarm or distress.”

Apparently there are around 1,000 of these cases a year in the UK—almost all aimed at white people on the subject of race.

Meanwhile, the real crime plague which is destroying London—the black knife crime tsunami which has so far resulted in 118 murders in Britain’s nonwhite-overrun capital city—is largely ignored. The murder rate in London is now on a par with any nonwhite metropolis in America—and for the same reason.

According to a report in the Standard newspaper, there have been no less than five murders on the capital’s streets in six days as a result of this nonwhite crime plague.

Typically for the controlled media, the blame for the crime wave was put on whites, and white society, with the Pakistani-origin mayor Sadiq Khan explaining away the nonwhite crime as the result of “young people” not being “given more constructive things to do to steer them away from crime.”

The BBC reported that there have been 118 homicides in the capital this year, including 73 stabbings and 12 shootings, compared to 116 for the whole of last year.

The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics released in April showed that knife crime rose by 22 percent in England and Wales in 2017. There were 39,598 offences involving a knife or sharp instrument—up from 32,448 in 2016.

The race-denying and anti-white establishment ignores the obvious racial connection to the increase in violent crime and homicide in London, while at the same time prosecutes white people for making poor taste jokes about the fire in Grenfell Tower.

Snowflake Britain—where white people are arrested for bad taste jokes, while nonwhites plunge the nation’s capital city into a crime nightmare.

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  1. Grenfell tower burns down, no one arrested.
    Cardboard box burned, five arrested.

    Can someone explain why plod only arrest for hurty feels today? What an effing joke they are

  2. The tasteless bonfire video demonstrates the contempt that the white British working class feel for Third World asylum seekers and visa over-stayers. Given that most of the knife and acid attacks in the capital are done by brown people it is hardly surprising that they feel this this way. I do not know much about the background of the non white criminals, but I suspect that they or their parents did not meet the criteria of skilled workers normally demanded of non EU immigrants because they can bypass our immigration controls by claiming to be refugees or else they over-stay holiday VISAs and work in the black economy. If I am right about this then we can thank the last Labour government for their presence because under immigration minister Barbara Roche huge numbers of Nigerians were awarded asylum based on claims that they were fleeing persecution from Boko Harem.

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