UK: Whites Blamed Because Nonwhite Police Officers moreCorrupt

In yet another display of the “blame whitey” syndrome which nonwhites use to blame their own shortcomings on white people, white police officers in the English city of Manchester have been accused of “racism”—after statistics showed that there are more corruption and disciplinary actions taken against nonwhite officers than white.


According to news reports, Greater Manchester Police’s (GMP) internal standards branch is currently being “probed over racism claims.”

Research by Manchester University Academics commissioned by GMP revealed that Asian members of the police force were 2.8 times more likely to be subjected to an internal corruption investigation than white officers.

This higher corruption level among nonwhites is one of Britain’s worst-kept secrets. Just last week, British Attorney General Dominic Grieve said politicians need to “wake up” to the issue of corruption in some minority communities.

Grieve told the Daily Telegraph it was not restricted to “any one community” but he was referring mainly to “the Pakistani community.”

Incredibly, the latest accusations of “racism” against the GMP have come from something called the “Association of Black and Asian Police officers” (BAPA), which said that there is “corruption and dishonesty within the PSB and it’s [sic] investigations.”

One can only imagine the uproar which would ensue if white police officers formed an “Association of White Police Officers” —the very same BAPA would without doubt be the first to condemn that as “racist” as well—but no-one dares to speak out about the fact that nonwhite police officers are allowed to organize on racial lines, but whites are not.

The GMP has, of course, strenuously denied the allegations. Nonetheless, its bosses have instantly collapsed before the demands by the nonwhite-only organization, and has promised a full investigation into the latest allegations.

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  1. The jewish owned mainstream medias (85% of the world medias) are always behind this promotion of the anti-white racist policy, and now this dirty job is carried out by black persons…
    Some historians have demonstrated that WWI and WWII were in fact white people genocides programmed by the jewish lobby… In fact it is "funny" to see that nationalist european parties are criticized by the jewish owned mainstream medias while at the same time the most racist israeli parties are never criticized by these same jewish owned mainstream medais …

  2. Any town or city thats mostly black will be destroyed by blacks. Look at Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. They have black mayors, govenors, councilmen, and even the courts employ mostly blacks. But yet, there's a high % of crime and corruption. And they will still blame whites and racism even though there are no whites or a smaller % of whites. It tells me that non-whites are more sleazy than whites.

  3. Yup. Hordes of blacks only associations, but attempt a whites only organisation. Labelled immediately as far-right or racist.
    Don't even mention the cops in S.A. If you can still find a white officer you are lucky. What you generally get is the rude, self-entitled nitwits with almost no training and even less brains.

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