UK: Whites Blamed for Low Black Student Numbers at Oxford/Cambridge Universities

Whites have “failed staggeringly” to let blacks into Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and now they must admit students regardless of academic achievement, the Ghanaian-origin “British” Universities Minister Sam Gyimah has announced.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Gyimah—who was born in Britain but spent most of his youth in Ghana—said that the administration of the two famous universities had made a “staggering failure” by not admitting more black students, and that “colleges must look beyond exam results to improve diversity.”

Gyimah said he struggled to understand how Oxford and Cambridge could regularly produce Nobel prize winners but could not “crack the issue of admissions.”

He said they had “not done enough” to improve admissions rates of black students and urged them to “take into account a broad range of factors”, rather than focusing purely on academic results.

“British” Universities Minister Sam Gyimah.

He said that the universities should make more use of “contextualised admissions” and that they “take into account a broad range of factors, not just the performance in the tests.”

His comments come after new data emerged that at Cambridge, six colleges failed to admit more than 10 black or mixed-race students in five years, while St Edmund’s College failed to make a single offer.

Similar figures for Oxford, compiled between 2015 and 2017, showed one in four of its colleges had not admitted a single black student each year.

In 2017 Oxford received 396 applications from black students but admitted just 48, a success rate of less than 14 per cent.

In contrast, 8,908 white students applied and nearly one in four were admitted.

The reason for this discrepancy is, of course, that the universities are till  using academic achievement and ability as guidelines for admission—and it is this “crime” for which they are now being attacked.

Gyimah warned the two universities to “reconsider,” as there were now “very hard levers” available to the university watchdog, the Office for Students, “if the universities fail to change their ways.”

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  1. The Ghanaian-origin “British” Universities Minister Sam Gyimah should take a good look at this: Average IQ by Country.

    If his IQ is high enough, he may ‘understand’ the (not politically correct) reason why so few black students are admitted.

  2. “Colleges must look beyond exam results to improve diversity”.

    This is why there is nothing special anymore about a degree from Ivy League universities. They let everyone and anyone in now (providing they’re not White). Throwing away their standards to (((diversify))) their student body means their graduates are no longer set apart from others. A degree from Harvard or Yale, especially in the hands of a non-White person, is basically a certificate of attendance and has no bearing on their actual abilities. These schools are destroying their own pedigrees. But isn’t that the whole idea? To destroy all the great institutions because “we’re all the same”?

    1. What is (((this))) about? With their average IQ’s of 112 Ashkenazi Jews excel without affirmative action policies.

  3. So wait – now there are threats ? If the standards are not lowered for students who can’t compete at the level of the other students there are “very hard levers available to the university watchdog,” wtf is that supposed to mean? No funding? Riots and chimpouts in Oxford and Cambridge? How about this – get the EFF out of our country. We know things are out of control but it seems that people are in charge who should not be, telling us to run things contrary to the running that made them great in the first place. I’m SO tired of this crap – Negros are failing and it’s someone else’s fault, anyone else who fails look in the mirror but they can never be responsible. Oh BTW please let them into the top colleges so they can fuck them up. It makes no sense.

    1. The differences between black and white people go far beyond colour of the skin. Largely different average IQ levels also bring largely different behaviour, life style and cultural patterns with them, e.g. Africa, Chicago, Detroit…
      As can be expected, these large differences do not mix very well and they will in the end tear apart society.

  4. By every objective, measurable criterion Negroes tend to be less intelligent than whites and Orientals. These differences appear to be genetic. Affirmative action policies discriminate against whites and Orientals, and reduce the collective performance of organizations that practice it.

  5. Not just Sam Gyimah but the entire establishment stubbornly adhere to the doctrine of racial equality, and if there is not equality of outcome among the races then this must be the fault of white privilege despite Indian and East Asian students achieving at least as high exam results as whites, if not higher. Basically the solution to this non problem is to drop standards to produce the equality of outcome that they are convinced would be the norm without wicked white prejudice keeping blacks down.

    1. The politically correct ‘solution’ is indeed to drop the common denominator standards to fit students with the lowest average IQ level. “Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they make mad first.” – Prometheus.

  6. So the education system will have to be dumbed down to allow blacks and mulattos entry into these exclusive universities. The reason there are so few blacks and mulattos there is that they don’t have the intelligence. Nothing to do with racism.

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