UK: Whites Blamed for Nonwhite Crime

White people—in the form of so-called “institutional racism”—are to blame for the fact that far more nonwhite youth than whites are arrested by police in Britain, rather than the fact that they commit more crimes, the controlled media and anti-white establishment has announced.

According to reports, the “campaigners” (in fact just nonwhite professional ethno-activists) want to “raise [the] alarm” over what they say are “appallingly disproportionate” numbers of “black and minority ethnic children being arrested.”

Basing their hysteria upon a report compiled by the Howard League for Penal Reform, data obtained through Freedom of Information law shows 26 percent of all child arrests are youngsters from minority ethnic backgrounds—a figure, they say, is more than double the proportion of black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) people in the population as a whole.

Leaving aside the fact that the BAME proportion of the UK population is much higher than 12,5 percent, and actually over 20 percent—a deliberate deception on the establishment’s part—the arrest figures indicate, the “campaigners” say, not that this group commits more crime, but that there is “appalling disproportionality in the justice system.”

The “campaigners” have now “called on the Government to take urgent action to tackle the institutional racism in the criminal justice system,” the report says—in other words, it is racist white people who are too blame because more nonwhites than whites get arrested.

The figures show that 22,579 black or minority ethnic under-18s were arrested last year out of a total of 87,529. Five per cent of the total arrests were listed as “other”, indicating shortfalls in recording practices by police forces.

In London, more than half (60 per cent) of all child arrests by the Metropolitan Police were black and ethnic minority children — with this group accounting for 12,000 out of 20,000 of the total.

Nonwhites  accounted for 42 per cent of child arrests in Bedfordshire—a policing area where only 23 per cent of the total population is BAME, while in the West Midlands, where 30 per cent of the total population is non-white, police recorded the arrest rate of nonwhite children at 41 per cent.

In Dorset, which has a nonwhite population of 4 percent, BAME children accounted for 14 per cent of child arrests by police, while in Dyfed Powys, where non-white people make up just 2 per cent of the population, BAME children made up 25 per cent of child arrests.

The figures come after a report by the prison watchdog which revealed that almost half (49 per cent) of children in jails are nonwhite, compared with 41 per cent the previous year and 35 per cent the year before that.

* Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick also recently enraged the “campaigners” after saying that that harsher jail terms should use to deter those driving the increasing knife crime in London—and by saying that statistically, young black men and boys were more likely to be involved in this crime.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner, who is Britain’s most senior police officer, made the comments to campaigners, prison governors and academics gathered at a charity event.

Dick voiced concern over a spike in stabbings in London, which have risen by more than 15 per cent so far this year and seen 16 teenagers among those murdered using knives.

“For debate, should we couple that with harsher more effective sentencing? It is clear other approaches are no longer working.”

Dick said young black men and boys were statistically more likely to be the victims and perpetrators of knife crime, making up 21 of 24 teenagers murdered so far this year.

Ms Dick said the crime wave was being driven by a “core group of young offenders” repeatedly committing assault and robbery “with relative impunity”.

The Commissioner cited the case of a 16-year-old boy from south London who has committed 42 separate crimes including assault and drugs offences in three years, carries a knife, is involved in gangs, but has never been jailed.

She argued that an increasing number of young people do not fear state action and are not deterred by the threat of imprisonment because they do not believe they will be jailed, or that it would be for a short time.

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  1. When you see the mugshot of violent criminals in UK newspapers it always seems to be that of a black or brown person, but whites are too repressed to comment on this.

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