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UK Xmas Markets under Terror Watch

Mass Third World immigration has now caused so much terrorism in Europe that Britain’s traditional Christmas markets in at least three cities have had to be specially protected with massive police presences and concrete barriers to try and prevent suicide bombers, car bombs, and Nice-style truck attacks.

In Britain’s second largest city of Birmingham, police erected concrete barriers to prevent a repeat of France’s Bastille Day truck attack.

According to a report in the Birmingham Mail, the concrete barriers have been erected at Birmingham’s traditional and world-famous “German Market” to prevent an Islamist attack.

Police fear that a Muslim will try and drive a truck through the crowds attending the market, as happened in Nice, France, when a nonwhite invader killed 86 people and injured 434 when he drove a large truck through a Bastille Day crowd on the beachfront.

According to the U.K.’s internal intelligence service MI5, the current terror threat for Britain is “severe.”

This means that an attack is “highly likely,” based on an analysis by the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC), which, MI5 says, is based on “available intelligence, terrorist capability, terrorist intentions, and timescale.”

Just last month, the Birmingham Mail said British police were placed on “high alert” following tip-offs that ISIS and al-Qaeda plan attacks on shopping areas.

A security source said the “Christian period of festivities, bringing together large crowds of soft target civilians, will attract attention from those who wish to inflict harm.”

Similar reports have been received from Manchester, London, and Newcastle, where heavily armed police have been deployed in an attempt to prevent Muslim terror attacks.

None of the controlled media coverage dares to point out the obvious fact that the terrorism threat is the direct result of mass Third World immigration to Britain.

According to the 2011 Census, for example, the white population of Birmingham had already fallen to just 53 percent, and in the intervening five years, has most certainly dipped below the 50 percent mark.

An earlier report in the Birmingham Mail revealed that in 2011, more than half of under 16s in the city were nonwhite, and the city was already so overrun that even a total halt to immigration would not prevent the city from swinging majority nonwhite within a few years.

The link between Third World immigration, terrorism, radicalization, and social unrest is clear and obvious to all except the most deliberately race-blind individuals, which, sadly, appears to include the government of Britain and the political class of all of its major parties.


  1. More of that “white supremacy” I guess. Interesting the more muslims they invite in, the more terrorism you have. How I wish Europeans were more along the white supremacist lines, it would be a safer place to be.

      1. DasWoj. True. But you have another problem. The Zionist controlled Western powers are pushing your country into a hot confrontation with Russia. Unless your people can reverse this dangerous posturing I believe that Poland will be in flames sooner rather than later. I believe their plan is for a major European war to ignite in 2017.

    1. Les: Euro folks are unable to think critically. They allow more Muslims in yet cannot equate that with more terrorism. They need to oust their neo-Maxrist leaders. Euro folks need their head examined for stupidity and decadence, apathy. They care nothing for their future, children or heritage. Nihilism prevails. Soon the EU will become a caliphate with mass killings and mayhem turning it into a third world nightmare.

      1. It is not Euro folks who are unable to think critically, we think just fine. But we are battling the ruling elite who are pro the new world order – them in charge, us paying taxes to finance them. We have voted for Brexit but the ruling elite are trying to keep us in the EU – anything which promotes the EU and the new world order they will support. They are basically quislings and traitors, a pox on them all.

  2. It beggars belief that the political elite do not really understand what they are doing. In the Middle East, for centuries Muslims have been at each other’s throats, and in order to eliminate the opposition, they do not care one iota who gets killed in the process. Syria and Yemen are two current examples, Iraq was and could well be the same. Pakistan and Afghanistan don’t really like each other. What does it take for some-one to be allowed to ‘call a spade a spade’? If that is not bad enough, now include into the melting pot, the various economic migrants from the African countries, so the future of not only the UK but many EU countries is BLEAK.

  3. Apparently the U.K. Government see does not see the connection as we are swamped with migrants and more being smuggled in by the thousands.

    1. Yes they are aware of the connection. The “Plan” is to mongrelize and destroy our civilization. That has been the Communist/Left Wing/Zionist plan since they fermented the French Revolution. What we are seeing is the culmination of a centuries old conspiracy to destroy us.

  4. Well, guess we’ll all sleep soundly, and walk around more comfortably, knowing the “extreme terrorist organisation” national action, have now been banned. Gee, those right wing organisations must be stamped down on, then we wouldn’t need the extra vigilance, eh. Pffttt……..

  5. This is a good article exposing the weird phenomenon of “Christmas Markets” in the UK. The Birmingham Mail boast of “Birmingham’s traditional and world-famous German market” is laughable, since German Christmas markets have only sprung up in the UK within the last 10-15 years, and appear to be largely run by Muslims in places like Bristol, Birmingham & Leicester. “Terror attacks” seem unlikely, given that Brits are more in danger from Biocontamination Jihad than runaway lorries. It’s a strange thing to be handed your steaming mug of German mulled wine by a grim-faced Muslim Invader forbidden to drink alcohol. As with curries, you never know what’s in it.

  6. My humble opinion for what it’s worth is that the Muslims in the UK are not true Muslims. They do not want the life of those that live in Saudi Arabia for example, where women are not allowed to drive, executions take place immediately after mid-day prayers on a Friday; and (when I was there) a father could not go swimming with his wife and daughter, or a wife could not take her son and daughter swimming. whether that has changed I’m not sure. So these Muslims want to live in a Western Culture where Muslim wives can freely sit on a bus/train next to a Christian man? In 1981 there were several high rise blocks of flats that had been built in Damaam; Riyadh and Jeddah but never occupied because a wife was not allowed to use the lift with a man who was not her husband – these flats were only occupied for the first time during the first Gulf War. On top of that, travelling down a motorway, my colleague and I passed a double-cab pickup, the men were in the cab and the women on the back in the open? So all in all, by what right do they have to make demands to Christian governments that their religion has to be supported at all?


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