UK Xmas Markets under Terror Watch

Mass Third World immigration has now caused so much terrorism in Europe that Britain’s traditional Christmas markets in at least three cities have had to be specially protected with massive police presences and concrete barriers to try and prevent suicide bombers, car bombs, and Nice-style truck attacks.

In Britain’s second largest city of Birmingham, police erected concrete barriers to prevent a repeat of France’s Bastille Day truck attack.

According to a report in the Birmingham Mail, the concrete barriers have been erected at Birmingham’s traditional and world-famous “German Market” to prevent an Islamist attack.

Police fear that a Muslim will try and drive a truck through the crowds attending the market, as happened in Nice, France, when a nonwhite invader killed 86 people and injured 434 when he drove a large truck through a Bastille Day crowd on the beachfront.

According to the U.K.’s internal intelligence service MI5, the current terror threat for Britain is “severe.”

This means that an attack is “highly likely,” based on an analysis by the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC), which, MI5 says, is based on “available intelligence, terrorist capability, terrorist intentions, and timescale.”

Just last month, the Birmingham Mail said British police were placed on “high alert” following tip-offs that ISIS and al-Qaeda plan attacks on shopping areas.

A security source said the “Christian period of festivities, bringing together large crowds of soft target civilians, will attract attention from those who wish to inflict harm.”

Similar reports have been received from Manchester, London, and Newcastle, where heavily armed police have been deployed in an attempt to prevent Muslim terror attacks.

None of the controlled media coverage dares to point out the obvious fact that the terrorism threat is the direct result of mass Third World immigration to Britain.

According to the 2011 Census, for example, the white population of Birmingham had already fallen to just 53 percent, and in the intervening five years, has most certainly dipped below the 50 percent mark.

An earlier report in the Birmingham Mail revealed that in 2011, more than half of under 16s in the city were nonwhite, and the city was already so overrun that even a total halt to immigration would not prevent the city from swinging majority nonwhite within a few years.

The link between Third World immigration, terrorism, radicalization, and social unrest is clear and obvious to all except the most deliberately race-blind individuals, which, sadly, appears to include the government of Britain and the political class of all of its major parties.

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