UK’s BBC Offers Jobs to Nonwhites Only

In yet another indication of the British establishment’s rapid slide to open anti-white hatred, that country’s taxpayer-funded state broadcaster, the BBC, has started advertising jobs to “non-white ethnic minority” backgrounds only, specifically forbidding whites from applying.

News of the latest move came on the BBC Newsbeat’s Twitter account, which announced that the service was “looking for a Trainee Multi-Media Journalist. This is a @_CreativeAccess scheme for people from a black, Asian or non-white ethnic minority background.”

“Know anyone who’d be suitable? Share this with them,” the tweet ends, giving a link to the “Creative Access” organization where details of the advertisement are contained.

On the “Creative Access” link, readers are informed that the jobs on offer are for “trainee Multi-Media Journalist[s].”

According to the advertisement, “Newsbeat is the flagship news programme on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1Xtra.”

The successful trainee will “be passionate and engaged in the world of journalism and will also offer a different perspective on stories that affect the key target audience of 16-25 year-olds. They would be expected to work on radio broadcasts, and online including the website and on social video,” the advertisement continues, going on to say that the aim is to “make an impact inside and outside of the company.”

* The “knowledge, skills, [and] experience” required for the positon are not exactly onerous, according to the advertisement.

* In order to qualify, a candidate must have an “understanding of the subjects that affect 16-25 year olds, [an] excellent understanding of relevant social media platforms, [be] interested in pursuing a career in broadcast journalism, [have] excellent verbal and written communication skills, [and have an] enthusiastic approach to work and always willing to try new things.”

* There are therefore, no educational qualifications required at all.

* It is right at the end of the advertisement that the punchline appears:

* “To Apply

“This traineeship is only open to candidates from a black, Asian or non-white ethnic minority background.”

According to its website, “Creative Access” is a “Community Interest Company” which seeks to work “towards a day when Britain’s society is truly reflected in our creative industries.”

The company says that “figures from the last British census, published in 2011, and Creative Skillset’s 2012 Employment Census showed that the UK was 14% non-white and London’s population was over 40% [Black and Minority Ethnic] BAME. Yet BAME representation across the creative industries had fallen to just 5.4%.”

For this reason, the company says, it aims to help non-whites “secure paid training opportunities in creative companies, and supporting them into full-time employment.”

The UK law which forbids racial discrimination appears not to apply to organizations or companies which discriminate against whites.

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  1. At least the BBC has the guts to come right out and expose themselves as racists and state publicly that they hate White people. In the U.S., they still hide their anti-White hiring preferences behind Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employment bulls**t because they’re too cowardly to act openly as what they are, racists.

  2. Nothing wrong with that considering that most of the younger UK population are non-whites.
    In 20 years they will be looking only for Arabic speaking Muslims.

  3. This is a joke! The BBC is almost completely run by an ethnic minority now! Over 80% of senior management at the Biased Bullshit Corporation are Israel firster Jews. i.e Zionists.

  4. The sad fact is that the BBC is the UK’s official government propaganda organ and is funded by a tax forcefully taken from every British owner of a TV set.
    Non ‘licence fee’ payers are one of the biggest categories of prisoners in UK jails.

    George Orwell, himself a onetime BBC employee modelled the ‘Ministry of Truth’ on the BBC.

    On a side note, the amount of blatantly anti-Trump bias, propaganda and just sheer naked hatred and sneering emanating from BBC TV news is breathtaking.
    Absolutely no attempt is made to present news on Trump in an impartial, fair and balanced way – as, supposedly, the so-called ‘BBC Charter’ is supposed to ensure.

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