UK’s “Brexit”: 23% Increase in Nonwhite Immigration as EU Whites Leave

Nonwhite immigration from outside the EU into the UK has increased by 23 percent since the “Brexit” vote, reaching a record 340,000 in 2018, according to the latest official figures. At the same time, increasing numbers of EU nationals left—underlining the fact that Brexit is harmful to Britain’s racial future, and that the real threat to that nation’s existence comes from the parties controlling Westminster.

According to the latest figures issued by the UK’s Office for National Statistics, over the past year, “627,000 people moved to the UK (immigration) and 345,000 people left the UK (emigration).”

Of this incoming number, 340,000 (or 54 percent) were from outside the EU—and although the ONS did not provide details on country of origin, it is obvious that the vast majority of these “immigrants” are from nonwhite countries in Asia and Africa.

The ONS figures showed that this increasing proportion of nonwhite immigration is a trend that has been steadily increasing since 2016, when the Brexit vote took place.

According to the figures provided by the ONS in is “Figure 3: Non-EU net migration was at its highest level since 2004; Non-EU Long-Term International Migration, UK, year ending December 2008 to year ending September 2018,” data sheets, the number of non-EU immigrants in 2015 stood at 275,000. In 2016, this figure rose to 294,000, and in 2017, it rose once again to 326,000. The latest figures—calculated as of September 2018, stood at 340,000—which translates to a 23.16 percent increase since 2015.

As the official ONS statement said: “non-EU net migration was the highest since 2004; this follows a gradual increase in immigration of non-EU citizens over the past five years for both work and study.”

The “number of EU citizens coming to the UK continues to add to the population; however, EU net migration has fallen to a level last seen in 2009 due mainly to a decrease in EU immigration,” the ONS added, saying that “more EU8 citizens, those from the Central and Eastern European countries, left the UK than arrived, as the numbers arriving fell and the numbers leaving increased.”

“Non-EU immigration gradually increased over the last five years, to an estimated 340,000 in the year ending September 2018. This increase was driven by increases in migration for both work and study,” the report continued.

UK Immigration minister Caroline Nokes told the BBC that the UK was continuing to attract and retain highly skilled workers, including doctors and nurses, but was “committed to controlled and sustainable migration.”

A report in The Telegraph newspaper from 2017 announced that Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) was hiring “5,000 nurses from India and the Philippines” following a “sharp drop in the number of nurses coming to work in Britain from the EU.”

In addition, the report said, the NHS “has already embarked on efforts to find 5,000 GPs [general practitioners] from overseas in an attempt to address growing shortages of family doctors.”

All of these facts underline the fact that the real threat to Britain’s existence comes from the race-denying parties in Westminster, and that the EU/Brussels threat is actually a side-show in the ongoing destruction of white Western civilization—and that the fake “little Englander” mentality which drives the anti-EU bandwagon has failed to understand the true dimensions of the issues at hand.

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  1. So the New Observer wants to help our treasonous “elites” VIOLATE THE DEMOCRATIC WILL OF THE BRITISH PEOPLE? The New Observer wants to OVERTURN BREXIT, and force the British people to remain enslaved to the EU GLOBALIST REGION? Does that mean the New Observer also supports the planned union of Canada, Mexico & the USA?

    Why do you keep pretending that all the Third World Invaders swarming into Britain using the EU Open Borders Policy are somehow “Europeans” = “whites”, just because they use the EU as their invasion route? Why do you keep refusing to accept democracy, while claiming to believe in “liberty”? I don’t understand it.

    1. In fact most little Englanders were older men of lesser intelligence and education which were deceived by fake conservatives like Cameron and Mogg and puppet politicians and agitators like Farage and by deceitful conservative owners of fake right wing English mass media. The media blamed Brussels, EU, blamed Germans, French, Eastern Europeans and so on for the current and future disaster of English people but failed to blame the real enemies of British people for obvious reasons. For those who compare the EU or any of its members with Mexico, look at the murder statistics first. Second, the US whites were always composed of all european types, only the idiotic little Englanders believed they were to a large extent English while this has always been far from true.

      1. “The real enemies of the British people” are COMMUNIST TRAITORS LIKE YOU, who call people “Little Englanders” if they dare to express any loyalty to their own tribe. You need to understand something: in choosing to break free from enslavement by the Communist EUSSR, the Indigenous British people are NOT rejecting our natural ties to our Ethnic European brothers around the world (=”whites”). We are stopping the Communist Open Borders Policy from continuing to flood our country with Third World Invaders, and we are taking back sovereignty over our own nation. Shame on you for advocating WEAKNESS & SLAVERY!

    2. The only possible merit Farage had was to propose the colonization of England and UK with third world colonists,( because most will be from third world countries) in the official form of points system, therefore destroying the English homeland and ending its civilization as a European people. Even more he had claimed the English need the skills of backward peoples who benefit in fact from the inventions of Europeans, but Farage claimed the English do not need the skills of Europeans who invented the modern world and technology. Farage is a major traitor on jewish payroll and possibly on foreign intelligence payroll through Banks and nothing more

  2. Look.

    Just read that ugly-faced snaggle-toothed bastard Guy Verhofstadt’s Twitter feed.

    Verhofstadt is runs the EU parliament – and thus effectively runs the EU.

    For argument’s sake, please take a few moments of your day and read that Twitter feed – and take note of that hideous man’s stinking political/racial views. Read it and weep.

    *THAT* is the reality of the EU.

    You will never, ever be able to convince me that the EU is anything other than sick, evil and profoundly anti-white.

  3. it shows to little Englanders why English people will be sooner a minority in an afroasiatic country and brexit will help this take place faster. The democratic will of the people is a nonsense, in fact old english men of lesser education and not to intelligent voted what the fake conservative press and puppet politicians asked them . Brexit was a deception of con artists and its official leader was a jewish politician, what the little engladers believed when voting for this is hard to understand, in any case they should expect practical genocide for them in the future as english will be a minority in a thirld word country .

    1. FALSE! The Globalist Elites were completely confident that they would win the EU referendum, and they were SHOCKED the next morning when they realized they hadn’t stuffed enough ballot boxes. That’s why they’re pushing for a 2nd referendum, just as they did with all the other EU countries whose people REJECTED EU membership.

  4. Of course Barnier will help Treason May run down the clock. Barnier wants everyone to forget that he was blamed for the French Referendum REJECTING the EU Constitution in 2005, followed by the Dutch Referendum in which the people also rejected it.
    Although this rejection and the similar vote in the Dutch referendum seriously damaged the Constitution, subsequent EU Presidency holders VOWED TO KEEP IT GOING, in BRAZEN VIOLATION of the democratic will of the French and Dutch people.
    Sarkozy was elected President of the French Republic in May 2007. Amongst his pledges was a re-negotiation and ratification of a mini-treaty WITHOUT A REFERENDUM. Eventually, the new version of the text, the Lisbon Treaty, was voted by the Parliament.
    In other words, the “Elites” don’t care what the Peasants vote for— they will just violate democracy to shove through their Globalist agenda. Just like Treason May & her Gang of Globalist Mafia.
    So far, the EU treaties and constitution have been REJECTED by the people of Denmark, the people of France, the people of the Netherlands, the people of Ireland, and the people of Britain, all by REFERENDUM.

  5. I say this with all honesty and candour, that you will *NEVER* find such a profoundly anti-white institution as the EU anywhere else in the world.

    Anti-whiteism is bred in the EU’s bones. It permeates and colours everything it does. The democratic deficit of the EU is bad enough, as is its destruction of historic national sovereignty and self determination, but the anti-whiteism is something which I simply cannot stomach – at any price.

    Just one small example. The EU’s Articles of Association expressly forbid ‘racial discrimination’. Only by actually practicing ‘racial discrimination’ will the nations of western Europe have a ghost of a chance of saving themselves.

    As you must know, EU law has absolute supremacy over national law and national parliaments. Therefore as long as the EU exists, Europe is doomed.

    *THAT* in a nutshell is why I abominate the EU.

    1. With all due respect, what you are saying is pure illogical nonsense.

      The EU is itself as an institution not anti-white, anymore than the UK Parliament as an institution is anti-white. It is the people who control that institution who are anti-white.

      And The New Observer is correct: those who control the UK parliament are as anti-white as those who control the EU parliament. The real enemy is in Westminster.

      Consider the following scenario, which is not unrealistic at all:

      In the upcoming European Parliament elections, there is a very good chance that the “populists” (or “far right” as the far left mistakenly call them) will take a majority of seats in the EU Parliament. It is already without question that they will take the majority of seats from Italy, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Croatia, and a large number of seats from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, France, Latvia. Lithuania, the Netherlands, Finland and Sweden.

      This raises the distinct possibility that the “populists” could very well control the EU after the May 2019 elections, and implement policies to secure the borders and halt the fake refugee invasion.

      In such a case, would you still continue to insist that the EU is “anti-white”, like a knee-jerk Little Englander, or would you have the courage to admit that it is not the institution per se, but actually the politicians?

      1. Put it this way – after years and years of watching the EU, I know what it’s all about.

        EU laws – such is ‘anti racial discrimination’ cannot be altered by any national parliament. Purely and simply from that angle and that angle alone, EU states are screwed.

      2. Anyway, it’s shit such as Verhofstadt, Timmermans, Juncker, Mandelson, Malmstrom etc etc who run the EU.

        Immigrationist trash who simply cannot be removed by any number of votes against.

      3. You can see how much the EU cares about white people with its scheme of forcing hundreds of thousands of darkies upon eastern Europe.
        Or the way Viktor Orban is incessantly and vilely attacked and slandered by EU high command for having the temerity to try to keep Hungary white.

        1. Once again, with all due respect, you are still talking nonsense. It is not the institution which does these things, it is the politicians who control it. And these are the same politicians who control the UK parliament.
          Furthermore, as I pointed out above, and which you have completely ignored, there is a very real possibility that the EU will be taken over this year by the “populists” — and if this happens, they will implement policies which will be the opposite of those currently at play.
          It is strange that you refuse to see or acknowledge this. Why?

          1. The shit who run the EU – that is the unelected commissioners – are not subject to election or popular will.
            This shit – Mandelson, Malmstrom etc is rabidly anti-white.

            Look. If you want to get a real taste of what the EU is all about, just watch its propaganda channel ‘Euro News’.

            One point I simply CANNOT get across to you is that BY DEFINITION the EU is ANTI-WHITE.
            The constitution of the EU – which is UNALTERABLE, SUPREME and SOVEREIGN over all of its vassal states expressly FORBIDS ‘racial discrimination’ , this prohibition being enforced by the ECJ which has absolute legal supremacy. In simple terms this means no EU vassal state can ever get its white status back as long as it remains in the EU.

            This is a very very important point. Please make an effort to try and understand it and the full implications of it. Basically the EU is a one way ticket to a black Europe. Of this, I’m thoroughly convinced.

            I *KNOW* what I’m talking about.

        2. And who do you think is pushing all hundreds of thousands of “darkies” into Britain via the immigration laws as outlined in this article above? The EU? Or the traitors in Westminster?
          You really need to re-evaluate your position and understanding of the problem. Your knee-jerk claims about the EU are simply not true.

          1. If ‘EU guards’ actually gunned down invaders as they crossed the Med. I might actually take you seriously.

        3. “I *KNOW* what I’m talking about.”

          Are you *SURE* you know what you are talking about? I have my doubts.

          “The shit who run the EU – that is the unelected commissioners – are not subject to election or popular will.”

          Here we have an example of what do you do not know what you are talking about. This is typical Farage-little Englander ignorance and propaganda.

          If you *really* knew what you were talking about, you would know that the European Union consists of three distinct units:

          1. The European Parliament, directly elected by the voters of the Member States.

          All decisions, rules, regulations, and policies, must all be approved by the European Parliament.

          2. The European Council, which is made up of the heads of state or government of the EU member states, that is, directly elected by the voters of each individual state.

          3. The European Commission, which is the executive tasked with proposing legislation, implementing decisions, and managing the day-to-day business of the EU.

          Each European Commission President is nominated by the European Council and has to be elected by the European Parliament, serving a five year term.

          There are a further 28 Commissioners—the ones you are referring to in your comment above, and it is these people who are most commonly referred to as “unelected” by the Farage-little Englander liars.

          In reality, all the “Commissioners” have to be proposed by the Council of the European Union (that is, by the elected governments of all Member States), and then are only appointed *AFTER* approval by the European Parliament.

          So to summarise: ultimately, power in the EU is vested in the European Parliament, which is directly elected by the voters of each state.

          Your claims that there are “unelected” people running the EU are, quite frankly, lies which have been fed to you by the Farage lunatics, who would rather have millions of Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and Nigerians live in Britain rather than those *awful* white Poles or, God forbid, those *evil* Germans.

          Case in point: Mandelson, who you correctly dislike, was proposed by the UK government, and approved by the EU Parliament.

          You really need to snap out of this Farage cocoon of lies and see the situation for what it is: the enemy is at home, in Westminster, and the whole EU thing is a pointless diversion.

          1. This is my last word on the matter:

            If you really, seriously believe that the EU is a ‘friend’ of the indigenous white European race – despite over 50 years of the clearest most incontrovertible evidence to the contrary – then you are not merely a fool, but a damned fool.

            You still haven’t addressed my main point. The EU is bounded and based on a rigid set of rules or ‘rights’ which simply cannot be altered and are rigidly enforced by the centre.

            These so called ‘rights’ are simply incompatible with *any* attempt of a white nationalist government of the future to reclaim their nation, that is the forceable expulsion of residents based purely upon race and skin colour – and race and skin colour alone.

          2. A deluded response. You may as well say the EU is not the problem if only you somehow convince voters to all vote nationalist, which has much more chance in the U.S. as you vote for EVERYONE in power (Congress/Senate/House of Rep).

            You COMPLETELY MISS THE FACT that the EU Parliament MEPs are elected via PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION which means left/liberal/greens/centrists, unless there’s a complete sea change, will always outnumber right-wing nationalists.

            Also the EU commissioners are proposed by national governments and selected by the president of the European Commission – NO ONE VOTES FOR THEM.

            You also miss the fact that Germany has MORE MUSLIMS (5.8% in 2014) now than Britain(4.8%), DESPITE GERMANY HAVING NO EMPIRES in Muslim areas like Britain did. It was AMERICA that pushed for Germany to take Turkish workers from the 1960s onwards.

            The British establishment used UKIP as a safety valve to undercut the rise of the BNP in the 2000s. The establishment never dreamed that it would lead to Brexit. Once/if Britain leaves the EU “little Englanders” like Farage WON’T BE ABLE TO BLAME THE EU FOR MASS IMMIGRATION and the pressure from the public on politicians will be on NON-WHITE IMMIGRATION.

            My last reply was NOT APPROVED yet NewObserver George Washington header is “freedom of speech”?

          3. Further out of the current 751 EU MEPs only 100 are non-globalhomo.

            As you discount the “Little Englander” Farage (married to a GERMAN) leader of Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD), we’ll also discount their 45 MEPS.

            So in total you have just 55 MEPs out of 751 that are nationalist.

            >Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) Le Pen = 37
            >Non-Inscrits (NI) i.e. Golden Dawn but also include Greek communists = 15

            So you just need 320 MEPs to swing power, and then elect a new EU Commission, and then hope that the liberal non-elected EU Commission approved EU commissars go along with your plans about changing the fundamentals of a mutli-cultural/racial EU. It’s more feasible for a new AH to gain power in Germany.

        4. “If ‘EU guards’ actually gunned down invaders as they crossed the Med. I might actually take you seriously.”

          That is childish knee-jerk nonsense, and you know that.

          Machine-gunning Africans just isn’t going to happen under any regime, and it is pointless to even say such things.

          1. also, do not forget that these third world immigrants Farage wants multiply so fast that they are guaranteed to make the English a minority fast and then assimilate them in the pass of non white population, destroy their culture and genetic basis, on the other hand the european immigrants have similar natural growth rate as the English and will not make them a minority. What Farage and those who payed him want is to make the English a minority as fast as possible and this is where the deception is. Many jewish members of ukip want this actually, because they hate the English and they run the puppet Farage not the little Englanders who are exploited by them

          2. A real white nationalist regime would do just that.

            Incidentally, the Saudis and most other Arabs would do exactly that, right now, if threatened, and would absolutely not give a shit about ‘liberal opinion’.

          3. The Indian government routinely ‘guns down’ Bangladeshis attempting to illegally cross the border.

            India is a democracy based on the ‘rule of law’ (supposedly). It is affiliated to all the relevant UN ‘human rights’ safeguards.
            Yet it’s got the guts to resist invasion with lethal force.

  6. The Brexit referendum was about sovereignty and 3rd world immigration. If we get out of the EU we won’t have to take Merkel’s migrant quotas and we won’t be forced to comply with their multiple insane initiatives. So it is a necessary first step but no more than that. The direct (non-EU) invasion continues unabated. We need either a military coup or a GE with a resounding victory for UKIP under Gerard Batten.

    1. “The Brexit referendum was about sovereignty and 3rd world immigration”

      Where did you get that from? I never saw anything in either the Leave or Remain campaigns about 3rd world immigration! Can you tell me where this was. because I missed it.

    2. I *KNOW* the character and calibre of the trash which runs the EU.

      I simply do not trust them – and will never trust them.

  7. Put it this way:

    The EU ‘loves’ white people in exactly the same way the US Congress ‘loves’ white people.

  8. Anyway, why all the blather about the UK and Brexit?

    The UK – like the rest of western Europe for that matter – will, as a matter of fact and certainty, become majority non white in population well before year 2050, that is only in 30 years time. This will happen even if all non white immigration is halted tomorrow.

    The only hope of the white indigenous European race is the retreat and redoubt of eastern Europe. Forget the UK, France, Germany and the rest, they are finished.
    Now, just look at *WHO* is doing their absolute damndest to force black/brown immigration on eastern Europe, so that it follows western Europe’s fate?

    Hint: It’s got two letters, and begins with ‘E’ and ends in ‘U’.

  9. many people voted for the naive idea that their internal politics offers a better alternative, while evidence shows the opposite, Farage and Johnson as well as other politicians with foreign origin or working for enemy interest are planning a major invasion from the Third World, something worse than the Blair years, and even a colonization plan where there is an official colonization policy of Third World migrants to UK (named an expansion of Labours points program) yet the naive British will condemn Blair but not Farage or Johnson as well as the leader of official Leave who are not only giving them a worse immigration than Blair but they are also deceiving them and facts show that.

  10. “Most Little Englanders were older men of lesser intelligence and education,” sneers one of your anti-Brexit contributors, without presenting a scrap of evidence to back up his (her) claim. In making such a statement, however, the writer betrays the shortcomings in his (her) own intelligence and education. ‘Little England’ survived (and prospered) as a self-governing independent state for 1,500 years, and is one of the oldest countries in Europe. ‘Little England’ pioneered the industrial revolution, and ‘Little England’ created the biggest empire in history (which ran one quarter of the globe’s surface & one fifth of its population). Not a bad achievement. I could go on and on . . .

    Stop blaming Brexit and stop bashing the Brexiteers! They’re not the problem. It’s the Remain dominated political elite who are the problem. They have never accepted the referendum result and will stop at nothing to stop Brexit. They are not just bad losers and poor democrats, they are TRAITORS to Britain and ENEMIES of the British people. It simply beggars belief that any so called Nationalist can align themselves with, or apologise for, such foul folk.

    I strongly suspect that many older voters backed Brexit because they probably voted YES in the 1975 referendum. Unlike today’s snowflake generation, they actually grew up with the EU but later realised that they had been well & truly CONNED – i.e. seen what the EU turned into, and it’s something very different to what the politicians promised them (and lied about).

    The EU will abolish England, and all the other European countries in time. I no more want the abolition of my country than I want the abolition of my race. Taking back control of our borders will not solve everything but it would be a step in the right direction.

    As for jibes about intelligence, I would point out that the leading opponent of BOTH the EU AND MASS MIGRATION throughout the 1970s was Enoch Powell – the most intelligent politician of his generation and a man with far more brain cells than anyone contributing to this column.

    Another point, one is making a fundamental error in equating EU migration with White migration. A race problem has been deliberately created in all the European countries, and in some (France, the Netherlands) the alien wedge is larger than it is over here. Europe has long ceased to be a Whitemans’ club – that was just a Mosleyite fantasy. The Europe of today is the creation of Coudenhove-Kalergi, not Sir Oswald. The fact that folks come from Europe means we can no longer assume they are (ethnically) European.

    The Brexit result and the Trump victory have dealt two devastating to blows to the global elite. That is something that all Nationalists should be glad about.

    Yes, Farage is an opportunist with a capital O. But that’s not the point. In pulling off the referendum he’s done more for Nationalism than yesteryear’s nitwit Nationalist ‘leaders’ who strutted around in fancy costumes ever did.

    1. England was one of the latest civilizations in Europe to rise and in fact the modern UK is 2-3 centuries old after the union with Scotland. In fact the English state emerged with the English language as late as 13th century after the Normand conquest and its iron grip were soften, before that it was a French-Latin state and before that a Saxon-germanic state and before than a Roman state. There was no real civilization before that, the scientific fact as history and genetics, British are a mixture of european peoples. The fact that some brexit supporters are naive enough in not collaborating on equal basis or respectable basis with other europeans but have no problem in being under the yoke of jews such as Cameron, Johnson, Lawson, Newmark, Feldman, Goldsmith, Milibands, Berkows, Corbyn , Landsman as well as countless jewish gangsters and con-man from USSR and from Israel and from everywhere and all the others shows why brexit patriotism is such an empty nonsense and in fact will accelerate the importation of DNA from third world destroying the genetic european Britons. And Israel is the first country to sign a commerce treaty with UK of course in their interest as all the treaties signed in the past with the US. Regardless of your feeling, today England is small geographically and they are in the process of remaining without a homeland, so the concept of little england is to much, realistic is former England and in the short term they are irrelevant as a power. Your statements prove you have modest education and promote a shallow, deceiptfull and nonsensical civic patriotism which is the grave of English people as if they have more in common with the jews which led brexit than with the other europeans, on contrary, brexit was seen by jews as a manipulation of the English against their own european allies

    2. outside the fact that he has conducted the brexit campaign in an immoral way and has taken money from jews like Desmond and others and from the gangsters of former USSR (through Banks) , Farage failed many times to be elected as an MP and is far less successful than the nationalists from other countries such as France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary which are in power or have a real chance to power and have many MPs. On the other hand Farage is a nobody outside his deluded supporters. As it was his mission, Farage has prevented in UK the emergence of a true English nationalistic party and attempted to deceive Trump repeatedly destroying US nationalism too. Farage has always been controlled opposition

    3. The only possible merit Farage had was to propose the colonization of England and UK with third world colonists,( because most will be from third world countries) in the official form of points system, therefore destroying the English homeland and ending its civilization as a European people. Even more he had claimed the English need the skills of backward peoples who benefit in fact from the inventions of Europeans, but Farage claimed the English do not need the skills of Europeans who invented the modern world and technology. Farage is a major traitor on jewish payroll and possibly on foreign intelligence payroll through Banks and nothing more

  11. Yet again your correspondent makes sweeping assertions for which no proof is provided, then adds insult to injury by making unwarranted and gratuitously offensive comments about the education levels of his/her detractors (of which he/she knows absolutely nothing).

    I re-iterate, England is one of the oldest self-governing nations in Europe with an unbroken record going back over 1,000 years to Anglo-Saxon times. As unified countries go, most European states are younger. Spain was unified in the 15th century, and Germany & Italy only re-unified in the late 19th century. Some European countries, like Belgium, for example, were artificial creations put together (also in the 19C) by ‘The Great Powers’ entirely for ‘Balance of Power’ reasons. Other countries have come and gone, but England endured.

    Between 1066 and 1939 there was no major invasion of the British Isles, consequently the UK gene pool was one of the most stable and least disturbed in Europe. But now more migrants enter in a single year than previously came in a thousand.

    However, the fact that the composition of ethnic Brits is 100% European does not give millions of Germans, Frenchmen, Dutchmen, Italians & Scandinavians, etc, the automatic right to settle in the UK any more than it gives millions of Englishmen, Welshmen, Scotsmen & Irishmen the automatic right to settle in those countries.

    “There was no real civilization before” Roman times, we are told. What about Stonehenge? And Skara Brae? And Silbury Hill? And all the other pre-historic monuments? What an incredibly ignorant statement to make!

    To be anti-EU is not to be anti-European, any more than being pro-EU is to be pro-European. Some of the biggest enemies of the White Race – Merkel & Macron, for example – are the most ardent supporters of the EU. As are the UK race renegades who lead Remain.

    In or out, there is no reason why British Nationalists should not continue to work with European Nationalists against The Real Enemy. We have more in common than what divides us. But the EU itself is, and never has been, a ‘Whitemans’ club’. That was always a Mosleyite fantasy. It was not set up to defend Europe or Europeans, or its civilisation, or its culture. The EU is a supra-regional body that is a stepping stone towards world government. It has failed to keep Europe European, and its purpose is to make it non-European.

    Most British Jews supported Remain. A Times of Israel poll recorded a 2:1 majority in favour at the time, and other polls produced similar results. The following quote from The Jewish Chronicle is a typical example:

    “It is a simple matter of fact that here in the UK, the Jewish community has benefited much from the European Union. On trade and the economy, we have benefited from the EU’s liberalisation of trade with Israel — lowering prices for religious items and kosher food for our community.
    The European Union has been a consistent and constant source of tackling antisemitism. Multiple forms of funding, programmes and action — from Holocaust education, to the code of conduct on hate speech for the internet — have sought to protect our rights.
    In 2015, the European Commission appointed a coordinator on combating antisemitism and a series of actions culminated in a European Parliament resolution on combating antisemitism being passed . . .
    “It is frightening that Brexit is leading to a rise in hateful rhetoric, giving succour to the far right and normalising hate crime,” which is probably why thousands of British Jews are flocking to take out citizenship in Germany – of all places – according to recent media reports.

    And Comrade Corbyn would be fascinated to discover that he is “under the yoke of the Jews”, when the same people are the very ones doing their damnedest to get rid of him!

    Farage did not invent Brexit; he jumped on a bandwagon the NF set rolling in the 1970s, and which the BNP later took forward. The Establishment backed UKIP to defeat the BNP. That worked, but Farage then struck out on his own and decided he was not going to be anyone’s stooge. In getting the referendum he did far more damage to the Establishment than the BNP ever did. He’s been persona non grata ever since.

    In any case, supporting Brexit makes good tactical sense. It seems to be the ONLY thing around which Nationalists can now UNITE (or at least the REAL ones).

    1. the supporters of EU from outside UK should in fact celebrate Brexit but the supporters of brexit in UK will find they were deceived if the evidence is not clear already

  12. I will not comment of history, to much but the former EEC was not indeed designed to be a white mans club and of course was never designed by Mosley, who supported its formation but had no role or relevant political power , but it was designed by conservative strategists to isolate the USSR economically and the US military and intelligence forces as well as many Conservative European politicians had a role in this and of course the economic isolation of the USSR played the decisive role in the fall of the USSR and of communism in Europe while the armed forces could not engage in a war with the USSR due to the nuclear balance, so even if not made by Mosley , the EU had a major role in preserving the European civilization already. Only British politician close to the USSR were against the EU at that time as now British politicians close to Russian interests and money like Farage. While the EU in its current form is dominated by liberals this is also due to the fact that conservatives lost their doctrine inside their national politics, and EU politicians are mostly politicians who had formerly worked in their national political system. Of course Merkel used her influence to manipulate EU in opening the gates to invasion but Merkel is not a EU politicians, she is used her influence and she is bad for Germany as British Westminster are for bad UK but they are both politicians withing their national political systems but have influence on EU, so this opening of the borders was from inside the political systems of these countries. The problem was long before EU and UK has open border to Commonwealth long before EU, that is not the fault of the EU and ultimately, the Commonwealth indian, pakistany, bangladeshi and other S Asian migrants will be a majority in UK soon with the help of Farage and his deluded supporters, not the Europeans. The Europeans do not settle in UK , they take jobs and it is easier due to the fact that many speak already English. In regard to UK, as I mentioned the state is composed of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland and its age is the age of the union which is very recent, not the age of the oldest component. Every state is celebrated based on the age of its union not the age of its components, and the age of UK is less than 2 centuries while the age of Great Britain is less than three centuries. England may be 5-7 centuries but not from 1066 because at that time the official languages were French and Latin so it was a state with a different language and even the language of the people was Germanic actually. It became English after at least 3 centuries of being spoken orally while the elite was speaking French and Latin so the English language is no more than 7 centuries in a form understandable today and the state cannot be older than the language. Of course it is as if you claim Italian state is since roman times even if the present italian is a simplification of the Latin in the same way English is a simplification of German. The same argument goes for Spanish or French as they are simplification of Latin and you cannot claim their state have 2000 years. Again education. In fact there were other migrations to UK from 1066, for example the Huggenots and Germans from which for example Farage descends and of course the Irish. Older than the Romans were Greek and Anatolian migration in aftermath of the agricultural revolution. The first migration in mass of a non European people were the jews and you fail to observe this. In regard to jews, it is hard to know how most voted and there were on both sides of the referendum jewish voters and activists but the Leave was led by two jews, Lawson and Johnson and they want for England a non English future, a non white future and as colored as possible and as remote genetically as possible. In any case, Mosley was the chance of England to remain English white Churchill was the maker of its current and future non English future. Mosley understood and predicted its future while Churchill used jewish bribes to pay his debts while destroying England and gravely damaging the entire western civilization, because not only he owed money to jews but they also had him compromised

  13. England did not cease to be English because of 1066. The Normans represented a small ruling clique, but their impact on the gene pool was small. They made changes to the culture and the language, but in time they also changed through becoming Anglicised and assimilated. The same goes for the Norse invaders who preceded them. But England survived. Ethnically, Norman, Dane & Saxon were closely related and all came from the same parts of Europe. Anglo-Saxon England was one of the wealthiest and best run countries of its day – which is way it attracted the depredations of Normans and Norsemen in the first place. But it survived these invasions – and in time the Normans and the Danes became English; the English didn’t become Norman or Danish.

    But all this historical stuff this is getting away from the main point, which is that no one – and least of all Nationalists – wants to be ruled by foreigners. No true Nationalist wants to cede sovereignty of his country any more than he wants to see it flooded with migrants. The two things usually go hand in hand. In this country, people IDENTIFY as being British, or English, or Scottish, etc. That is their NATIONALITY. Hardly anyone in the UK would identify themselves as being European, other than in the strict biological (or cultural) sense of the word. ‘European’ represents a physical type or a cultural affinity, NOT a nationality. The same goes for the other European nations – they are Frenchmen, Germans and Italians first; the European identity, if it exists, comes a long way behind.

    And in any case, the issue is no longer about Brexit anymore, but whether Britain is a DEMOCRATIC country or not. ‘Honourable Members’ – a euphemism for the Westminster traitors -are hell bent on overturning the referendum result by thwarting THE WILL OF 17.4 MILLION BRITISH PEOPLE. There’s nothing democratic about parliamentary democracy, and nothing remotely honourable about the MPs who are trying to bring this about. Nationalists could make GREAT POLITICAL CAPITAL through exploiting this betrayal, as well as in backing Brexit (for previously stated reasons).

    Nature abhors a vacuum; so does politics. Farage & Co have only prospered because British Nationalists are incapable of getting their act together. Things go from bad to worse. To say that current outfits are useless, incompetent and completely ineffective would be an understatement. The BRUTAL FACT is that, politically speaking, we are IMPOTENT and have become an IRRELEVANCE.

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