UK’s Grenfell Tower Fire: Five Nonwhite Welfare Swindlers Convicted

At least five nonwhite invader swindlers have been prosecuted for falsely claiming money and benefits—courtesy of the UK taxpayer—following the world-famous “Grenfell Tower” fire in Third World overrun London.

The Grenfell Tower blaze took place on June 14, 2017, and started in the fridge of an apartment of Behailu Kebede, an Ethiopian taxi driver. It is reported that as the fire spread, instead of warning more people about what was going on, he was busy packing his belongings.

The tower was known to have housed a large number of illegal invaders for years, and the outlawed practice of sub-letting was rife in the building.

Residents who survived the fire have been put up in luxury hotel accommodation for months before being “allocated” new housing, and it was in exploiting this fact that the nonwhites have falsely claimed to have been made homeless by the fire, in order to claim either luxury hotel accommodation or financial compensation money.

Muhammed Gamoota admitted to two counts of fraud amounting to £5000 and he was jailed at Isleworth Crown Court for 18 months. He had claimed back in 2017 that his father, Abdul Salam, had died in the blaze; in reality his father was alive and well living overseas.

Illegal immigrants and Jamaican nationals Elaine Douglas and Tommy Brooks spent eight months living in a four star hotel at the taxpayers’ expense at a cost of £400 a night.

They also spent more than £20,000 on meals which were given to them by the local council. It is believed that they may have claimed a staggering £120,000 in total over just a matter of months. They are yet to be sentenced.

In February, Vietnamese-born serial conman Anh Nhu Nguyen was jailed for 21 months after he falsely claimed that his wife and son had perished in the fire. He managed to claim £12,500, and was even selected to meet Prince Charles in the days after the fire – a clear sign of how naïve British authorities were.

Nguyen successfully managed to obtain British citizenship—despite having 17 aliases. He also had 28 previous convictions for 56 offences, which included theft, arson and grievous bodily harm.

In April, Zimbabwean-born Joyce Msokeri was jailed for four and a half years for fraud after falsely claiming her husband had died in the Grenfell fire. She claimed £19,000 and spent the taxpayers’ money on bags, dresses and hotel costs.

When authorities began to investigate her claims, Msokeri was so desperate to avoid prison that she hired a man with a history of mental health problems to pose as her husband – so that she could claim he had miraculously survived and had only just been found.

Bizarrely, she also claimed in her defence that her husband had been living in a cave in the seaside resort of Margate, and that he had been fed by tourists. On top of this, she also claimed her sister-in-law had died in the blaze too, and pretended to be her sister-in-law on at least one occasion.

The official Police total of individuals who had survived the fire stands at 255, yet it is well known that many more people have been given aid because of food banks, clothes banks and compensation schemes—a sure sign that the fraud detailed above is only the tip of the iceberg.

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  1. Some white people created this mess by allowing them in. Tony Blair and the Labour Party pushed it for years. So called conservatives did what to stop it exactly? It is even more bizarre this is happening in Europe where so many white folks live; more bizarre than America because America borders heavily non white nations to the south of it. A place like England literally takes them from other nations and plops them into London and other places.

    I laugh at insane cucked Christians( not all Christians, I proudly am one) who use the Bible as a reference to be taken over. The reality is the so called “stranger” had to follow the laws of the host land and become like the host land. Also we were not dealing with literally millions of strangers then, not even close.

    In Bible times people were executed for a laundry list of offenses. These days some cucked Christian denominations make a point to be against executions despite the fact JESUS never said to do away with executions. So that means they would have kept alive Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler and serial killers? The good news is whitey is really getting tired of the cuck and actually standing up bit by bit.The fact people can be fined or go to jail for simply being against being invaded in Europe shows the ruling elite has been waiting for this reaction for some time. Even old time once beautiful actress Bridgette Bardot is fined often for speaking about the muslim invasion in France. The fact a literally white place that was once London can now be some bizarre multicultural nightmare shows just how evil the white leaders who promoted it truly are. No different than sick white leaders of the Democrat Party either doing nothing or outright defending demons like Ms 13. Unfortunately I expect non whites to basically defend them. This is who they are.

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