UK’s Multicultural Farce: Muslims Object to Homo Propaganda

Muslims in the nonwhite-overrun British city of Birmingham have withdrawn hundreds of their children from a local school in protest against homo propaganda being added to the curriculum—yet another indicator of the inherent contradictions of liberal race-denying “multi-culturalism.”

According to local media reports, Birmingham’s Parkfield Community School—which is completely nonwhite and has 775 pupils from 23 different countries—is in uproar over homosexual assistant head teacher Andrew Moffat’s pro-homo propaganda.

When Moffat—a deluded white liberal—started with his homo propaganda, parents immediately launched a 400-name petition to scrap the classes.

Muslim mother Fatima Shah was quoted by media as saying that “It’s inappropriate, totally wrong. We don’t send our children to school to learn about LGBT. We send them to school to learn maths, science and English.”

Taxi driver Abid Ali, 56, originally from Mirpur, Pakistan, said that his community was “traditional” and that homosexuality should not be taught at school.

Describing one book used in his lessons, Moffat said that “There’s one, for example, called Mommy, Mama And Me. “It’s a very nice, gentle board book for four or five-year-olds and it’s a little story about two mummies. I’m just teaching children from an early age that there are different families out there.”

Under a proposal put forward by the Department for Education, sex education it will be “recommended” that primary school children are to be given lessons in homosexual relationships in England from 2020.

After the failure of the petition, the Muslim parents started weekly demonstrations outside the premises, objecting to the homo propaganda.

Finally, this week, reports say, they have withdrawn all their children from the school.

The school was supported by Amanda Spielman, chief inspector of the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted), who said that it was “vital children know about families that have two mummies or two daddies.”

During the protests, cries of “shame” can be heard from the Muslim crowds, who sport signs stating “Our Children, Our Choice”, “Let Kids Be Kids” and “Say No To Sexualisation of Children.”

Dad Abdul Ma, 46, said: “This is a brainwash. We bring our children here so they can later work as a solicitor or a teacher, not to be taught about being gay or a lesbian.”

Razina Mahmood, 40, with two children at the school, said: “This is nothing but indoctrination of our children. “You are using our children as an experiment.”

One father at the school, whose six-year-old daughter attends the school, said his wife wanted to leave the country rather than let her daughter attend the lessons. 

The man, who did not want to be named, said: ‘My daughter has been asking questions my wife did not know how to answer. She is too young for this. A family who live near me have already returned to Pakistan because of it.”

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  1. However, it will be alright for every other primary school to teach these things in the same city. Hypocrisy is rampant within the Muslim world. Please, please do consider leaving the UK if you object to the laws of the land and return to your country as soon as possible. Your hypocrisy is staggering, it’s OK for Pakistani men to assault school-girls as in Rotherham and elsewhere.

    1. Your logic gap is staggering.

      Where in this article has anyone said it is okay for “Pakistani men to assault school-girls as in Rotherham and elsewhere”?

      Why are you equating these concerned parents with those rapists/harassers? Do you have any proof that these individuals are the same people as those perpetrators?

      As for objecting to the laws of the land, they have every right to do, and these are, in fact, extremely objectionable laws.

      The LGLwhatever-alphabet Mafia have no right to thrust and impose their lifestyle choices on other people and especially not on other people’s children.

      1. Try waking up to the fact that the ‘LGLwhatever-alphabet Mafia’ have been imposing laws for very many years, be careful of what you say, there are laws to protect them far more than you. The Birmingham Pakistani people would have heard about Rotherham and kept silent. Just over 7 years of living and working in the Middle East allows me to understand Muslims far more than even many of our politicians.

  2. “A family who live near me have already returned to Pakistan because of it.”

    Maybe the Jews and Leftists are on to something here: We should “gay up” the school curriculum to get rid of the non-white Muslims from Europe. But then how do we get rid of the Jews and Leftists?

  3. This is wrong to teach this homo propaganda in any where especially schools. The Bible is clear about this kind of act. God made man and he made woman and it should always be one man and one woman not one man and one man or one woman and one woman. They are breaking the laws of God with this kind of thing and God will have judgement over all of them.

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