UN Declares Iraq Safe; 4 Million go Home and All “Iraqi Refugees” are Now Fakers

The United Nations’ International Organization for Migration (IOM) has admitted that Iraq is now “safe” and that nearly four million Iraqis have already returned home—proving that there is no longer any excuse for Iraqis to be claiming “refugee” status in any other country.

According to the IOM’s latest Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) report released on September 4, 2018, “nearly four million people have returned home,” adding that this was because “in December 2017, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared the end of the country’s war against ISIL [ISIS].

“Across Iraq, IDPs continue to return home at a steady though slower pace than in 2017. The governorates with the greatest number of returnees are Ninewa (1.49 million), Anbar (1.27 million), Salah al-Din (nearly 553,000), Kirkuk (296,000), Diyala (222,000) and Baghdad (77,000).

“Virtually all (97 per cent) have returned to their habitual residences, two per cent to private settings, while one per cent (19,000 individuals) remain highly vulnerable having sought shelter in religious buildings, schools and unfinished or abandoned buildings.”

According to latest IOM data, returnees “cited the improved security situation, availability of housing, lack of financial means to remain in displacement, the encouragement of community leaders and support from friends and relatives as factors in their decision to return.”

“IOM DTM data has documented the phases of the crisis and has been critical for planning humanitarian assistance,” said Marta Ruedas, the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq. “Data on returns is also essential for this next phase of our support for recovery and reintegration.”

It said most of those who had gone back were displaced from the northern province of Nineveh—home to Iraq’s second city Mosul and an ISIS bastion for three years before that organization was driven out in 2017.

Displaced Iraqis have also gone back in large numbers to the Sunni province of Anbar bordering Syria and scene of the last major battle against ISIS.

In other words, the UN has now admitted that there is no longer any threat in Iraq, and all those Iraqi nationals who claimed asylum in Europe, America, or anywhere else, are fake and should now all return home—if they were genuine refugees.

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  1. But the Democrats don’t want them to go back home. What good was it to bring them to the US in the first place if they couldn’t be made into voters?

  2. They were never genuine anyway. I knew someone who worked in the South on a large scale engineering project for the last 5-7 years & he said he never even heard a gun go off.

  3. The weaponry, wars, and action in Iraq were all controlled by Jews and their US military simpleton hyenas. And the results, effects, people were all controlled by the Jewish media. They could more or less make up any story. And of course hide anything they wanted – notably Jew profits and long-term control.

  4. To declare that an entire country is either safe or unsafe is absurd because all Third World countries are less safe than the West due to their higher murder rates, and they are all prone to insurgencies which tend to be concentrated in certain areas. If any country that is troubled by insurgents is classed as ‘unsafe’ that would mean that hundreds of millions of people from the Third World could qualify as refugees and get to the front of the immigration queue, which from our point of view is intolerable. In reality people displaced by insurgencies or ethnic and religious conflict rarely need to leave their own country because the violence is usually localized. For instance during the Rwanda genocide the United Nations set up refugee camps inside the country, but that was not enough for the well off Rwandans who flew to the United States and claimed asylum there. This demonstrates how the huge increase in asylum claims in the EU since the 1980s are due to fact that increasingly large numbers of third-worlders can afford the cost of passage to Europe which encourages asylum shopping as they look for host countries that can offer them the best deal.

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