UN Supplying Invasion of Europe

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), and George Soros’s Open Societies Foundation, are actively supplying the continuing illegal nonwhite invasion of Europe through the Balkans route, the mayor of Hungary’s border town Ásotthalom has said.

At least 500 invaders were caught breaking through the Hungarian border fence at the town last month, and among their possessions were UNHCR backpacks, supplies, and leaflets from a Soros-front instructing them on how to break the law.


According to a series of Facebook posts by Mayor Laszlo Toroczkai, the local Ásotthalom police force continues to intercept invaders from Africa and Asia at the border fence which runs near the town.

The invaders are often carrying backpacks supplied to them by the UNHCR, and more often than not throw them away once all the supplies packed therein are used up.

UNHRC-backpacks UNHRC-backpack

Mayor Toroczkai said, “not for the first time, we find in the bags they leave behind, leaflets issued by the ‘Welcome to Europe,’ aka ‘W2EU’ organization, which is linked to the Open Societies Foundation of George Soros.

These leaflets are guides in Arabic and English which encourage the invaders to form groups and immediately call for an attorney if they are faced with border guards.


“The most shocking of these documents” was the one that encourages the invaders not to let their fingerprints be taken, Mayor Toroczkai continued.

He pointed out that taking fingerprints was not only required by the EU’s own rules, but that it was the “only chance to find criminals and terrorists” among the already registered so-called refugees.

These leaflets also advise the invaders that it is best that they claim to be minors, because minors cannot be taken into custody and they cannot be deported, even if they have no papers, he added.

“This is very interesting, especially if we think about the case of the IS terrorists who attacked people in a train in Germany,” Mayor Toroczkai continued.

“He was caught by us, here in Ásotthalom, but he also used this method, claiming he was a 17-year-old Afghan, whereas now we all know that he was a 19-year-old Pakistani.”

Mayor Toroczkai pointed out that all this is done by organizations supported financially by George Soros, “who is also supporting the Democratic Party during the American presidential campaign with $25 million.”

The W2EU and the ProAsyl organizations are both offsprings of the bordermonitoring.eu group, which is the main organ through which the funding for their activities is arranged.

Mayor Toroczkai also announced that the town council of Ásotthalom was preparing a litter clean-up bill to be presented to the UNHCR for the expenses incurred in removing all their supplies and backpacks that have been thrown down by the invaders.


In another post, Mayor Toroczkai revealed that he personally had, along with his town’s police force, captured 320 invaders who broke through the fence last month, and that an additional “several hundred” were captured in the fields and woods around the town, which lies near the border with Serbia.

This meant that the number of invaders getting through near his town was minimal, but it also meant that the Third World invasion flow through the Balkans route had not stopped, only slowed down.

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  1. Not Surprising. The UN as an organization founded by Roosevelt and his Jewish/masonic friends has no other goal than destroying the European peoples.
    The Second Word War was won by the UN as masonic US President Truman correctly stated once in a speech.
    Not as some think by countries like the US, UK, or USSR, although they provided at that time manpower, arms and made the effort to subdue the declared “Rogue Nations.” The aim will be a World Army and the enemy are freedom loving people.
    If in the future China, India or other nations are providing manpower and arms is only to that point important as ethnically different troops placed in other people’s territories might easier shoot at any case of turmoils or revolutions in their designated area of deployment.
    The Enemy of the UN are the European people, specially the German Government at that time because they dared to challenge the Bankster Mafia and point out the Kalergi Plan publicly.
    Their friend is everyone who is supporting their destruction.

    1. but why? Europe will become just one big third world place with no economy and no intelligent working people, then what?

      1. That’s right. Such a “Europe” of course would be hell for Europeans, but a fine source of profit for some others. Particularly, there is a tribe that has historically been drawing profits from dividing and setting peoples and nations against each other, and from the resulting destruction. Yes, destruction is a great source of fat profit for some.

      2. Good question. I truly think they are psychopathic. Their Talmud/Thora superiority teachings for millennia have made them so full of themselves that they think they are intelligent enough to manage all by themselves alone if in the future there are no more European peoples left.
        Their dream is having a worldwide theocracy, living as Effendis like Ovadia Yosef had in mind, where everyone else follows their imposed laws. The Jew even be s/he poor will always be better off than any gentile.
        They self-hypnotize themselves constantly how good, intelligent, capable, and innovative they are up to the point that they truly believing their own brainwashing.
        That’s why great thinkers always saw them in general as copyists but never as creators, even though they have some creative mindsets in their tribe. But their impact is negligible compared to what would we not have if it were not for the European inventors. Be it here or on another continent.

      3. Of course there will be an economy. Peope need to eat, live somewhere, move around, generally just consume basic and not-so-basic necessities. Since the modern economy is like 90-99 % digital, there is almost endless possibilies for financial middlemen living off the rest of the economy.

    2. Before they died, two old Australian men who’d fought in WW2 separately told me they’d come to believe that the wrong side won.

  2. The UNHCR and the George Soros Foundation should be sued by victims and the relatives of victims as well as countries that have been put to additional expense in coping with refugees who destroy their identification docuements.

  3. I used the think the UN was founded on some sort of post-1945 idealism. Wrong again. There are hundreds of instances of Masons/ Jews/ puppets causing damage. Experts on the UN and its subgroups ought to describe, in detail, what they do. There are just too many tentacles of the Jews/ Masons for any one person to understand them all. We have to get easily-understood explanations out there, supplied by experts in law/ money/ offshore concealment/ military/ police/ academic/ invasion/ political parties/ media/ state housing/ moving funding to aliens from locals/ fake charities etc etc, so people can piece together the big picture.

  4. Since the UN was established there have been no end of wars so it has clearly failed. This case just proves that like the EU it is well past its used by date

  5. Once again, Hungary leads the way! This is the first time anyone has thought to bill the organisers for the mess they make. No-one up to now has questioned the assumption that European taxpayers should pay the whole cost of dealing with the invaders including supporting them and their families in perpetuity.

  6. I’m not stating anything as fact. But, word is, iPhones are given to the invaders at crossings to Europe, by Red Cross. With free service, of course, and company handling communications, located in Turkey. Synchronized, waiting for the call of “Day X.” The slaughter of Europeans and European blood around the world.
    For which alphabet agencies of US and Israel are transporting containers of military weapons into Europe. For the invaders, that is.
    Can TNO, anyone research that rumor?

  7. This is 100% true, I live in Hungary and we are seeing this every day. On October 2nd we will have a referendum on accepting the EU immigrant quota,the first such in the EU.It is expected that over 80% will say NO. But as usual the liberals object and Brussels talks about sanctions etc.. such is democracy.

  8. The UN as well as NATO should be abandoned as they are being used in the war against the West by the Judeo-Islamic terrorist international network. The US needs to build new alliances based on friendly cooperation with those territories and peoples based on the solid footing of Nation State identities.
    Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia should have sanctions put on them. We do not need them. We will do and can do much better without any of them.

  9. I would say I am a non violent person but the only way I see to peace is the removal by any means of Sorus ,Rockafellar and the Rothchilds which are always up to their necks in creating wars along with our puppet governments. These people are interbred to keep there vast wealth in the families and time has proved with royalty that this in itself causes many types of defects one of which I feel is pyshcopaths.If you have not yet seen the Georgia Guide Stones, it might be agood idea to look them up. They intend to remove at least six billion people from the face of the earth.The new world order will leave the obedient as the worker bees and the elite to reap the workers rewards. In their pathetic minds I think Sodom and gomoro is their quest.But where the money will come from with such a small community I have no idea.But I suspect all our puppet politicians will be desposed of in due cause and the Jews will finally consider themselves as gods chosen.

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