UN Vote: Defeat for Jewish Lobby

The international Jewish lobby has suffered a major defeat with the overwhelming rejection by the United Nations of Israel’s continued land theft and the illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.

The U.N. Security Council motion was supported by the U.K., France, Russia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Spain, the Ukraine, Angola, Egypt, Malaysia, Senegal, Uruguay, and Venezuela. At the same time, the incoming Trump administration has revealed its fully-fledged ultra neo-con colors.

The U.S. government—traditionally the Jewish lobby’s puppet at the U.N.—abstained rather than be seen voting against its master. This was a last gasp measure by the Obama administration which supports a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine question.

Although the Jewish lobby has presented the two-state solution and its supporters—that is, the Obama administration and the “left-wing” Jews as traitors and enemies of Israel, they are nothing of the sort.

The mere fact of supporting a Jews-only state alongside a Palestinian state, means that even these “left-wing” Jews want a Jewish ethnostate.

The U.N. Security Council vote has now set the stage for a major confrontation between the incoming Donald Trump administration—which will be totally under the control of the “right-wing” Jewish lobby.

Trump has already tweeted that the situation at the U.N. will be “completely different” after his inauguration. In addition, the Jew that Trump has appointed as “American” ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, is a well-known supporter of the illegal Jewish land seizures in the occupied West Bank.

Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner—who Trump has said may become a “Middle East peace envoy” in his father-in-law’s administration, is a director of a family foundation that has made charitable donations to the illegal West Bank settlements.

The gifts totaled $58,500 between 2011 and 2013, a small portion of the almost $8.5 million the Seryl and Charles Kushner Family Foundation gave away in that period, according to IRS records.

Trump has said he may make his son-in-law a broker for talks between Israelis and Palestinians, saying Kushner would be “very good” at working with both sides.

Friedman—who is also Trump’s real estate lawyer and “adviser on Israel,”—has said “it may be time to reconsider the two-state formula.”

Friedman also heads the American Friends of Bet El Yeshiva, which got $10,000 from the Kushner family in 2011 and $28,000 in 2013.

The Beit El Yeshiva is a Jewish school in the illegal Jewish settlement of Beit El, located near Ramallah in the West Bank’s “Area C.” All Jewish settlements in “Area C” are illegal in terms of international law.

The Israeli government, furious that the U.N. Security Council member states refused to accept its “rights” to continue to unilaterally steal Palestinian land, has started to lash out at some of the weaker states who voted against it.

The Israeli ambassadors to New Zealand and Senegal have been recalled, a planned visit to Israeli by the Senegalese foreign minister to Israel has been cancelled, and the Jewish state has also cancelled all aid programs to the African country.

While the Jewish lobby has the Trump administration sown up and in its pocket, the reality remains that the other U.N. Security Council members will prove to be increasingly problematic after the latest vote.

Although the Jewish lobby—and its controlled media—will now present all of these states as “anti-Semitic,” they are nothing of the sort.

All of them support Israel’s right to exist—alongside a Palestinian state. This position is even supported by the “left-wing” Jewish lobby in the U.S., as represented by the “J Street” organization and other smaller groups.

However, states such as Russia, France, the U.K., and others correctly say that the Palestinians also have a right to exist, something which the right-wing Jewish lobby and Israel say is a threat to Israel’s existence.

While the latest resolution is not binding in legal terms it will, however, have other practical impacts, not least in the effect it will have on the pending Palestinian complaint to the international criminal court over the illegal Jewish settlements.

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  1. Wait. Israel cancels its aid to Senegal? The largest recipient of US aid is canceling the few sheckles it throws to a destitute African nation? That’s rich! Recalling two envoys is one thing. They should recall their diplomats from UK, France, Russia, and particularly the US. Finally, we’re seeing a display of testicular fortitude against these ingrate monsters.

  2. I can’t help feeling there’s something behind the scenes here. The UK has been run by Jews since 1917, or maybe 1933, or perhaps 1945; they’ve ruined Britain, damaged its genetics, replaced the empire by Jew puppets, built up vast paper money debts, ruined education, run the media, including books and TV. There must be some other interpretation here.

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