“Unaccompanied Minor” Invaders Cost German Taxpayers $3.5 billion (€2.8 bn) Per Year

The 56,758 Third World invaders claiming to be “unaccompanied minors” currently living in Germany cost that country’s taxpayers a minimum of €2.8 billion (or US $3.5 billion) every year—more money than America gives directly to Israel in “foreign aid” each year, new figures have shown—alarming even pro-invasion activists who have warned that this level of parasitism is unsustainable.

According to a report in Die Welt newspaper, the figures—acquired from federal state governments in Germany—show “high expenditures for young people who have come unaccompanied to Germany.”

These “high expenditures” are the equivalent of around €50,000 per year, and, when multiplied by the 56,758 invaders claiming to be “minors,” gives a figure of €2,837,900,000 or US $3,522,543,531.

The report pointed out that the central government only refunds a fraction of the invasion welfare costs to the individual German states, and as a result, the state “finance ministers have sounded the alarm.”

According to the Die Welt survey, the state of Schleswig-Holstein alone spent €105.2 million alone in 2017 providing housing for “unaccompanied minor refugees.”

This was, according to the state government in Kiel, set aside for 1795 “unaccompanied minor foreigners,” of who “775 are now adults.” This works out, the report said, to an average cost of €58,600 per “minor” invader.

Similar costs were calculated for all the other states, with the lowest “cost” being around €40,000 per invader in the state of Brandenburg.

Overall, Die Welt reported, the national average spent on “unaccompanied young people” is around €50,000 per person.

However, the paper admitted, this is likely to be a low estimate, because many of the states had either no or “outdated” information to hand, and only one state which reported its figures also included expenses such as “medical assistance, travel expenses or interpretation costs”—which means  that when those costs are factored in on a national level, the true cost is likely to be many millions more than €2,837,900,000.

The report goes on to reveal that the central government has “so far only paid a small part of the costs, which is why the ministers of finance of the federal states demanded at their conference in January that the federal government contribute at least half to the financing of the unaccompanied.”

In the state of Schleswig-Holstein, for example, the federal relief amount for 2017 was only €11.9 million euros, which was one-tenth of the total expenditure on these “minors.”

The tax burden, it seems, is just passed on down to local authorities, who get landed with the invaders and receive no support from the state governments.

Even worse, according to the Association of Towns and Municipalities, the Social Code allows “adult foreigners” to be cared for by the child and youth welfare service until the age of 27—which means that the gullible liberal German taxpayers can look forward to subsidizing these parasites pretending to be refugees for decades to come—or at least until there are no longer any white Germans left.

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  1. Why are there child migrants allowed to roam the cities without supervision? Why isn’t there a cerfew on children? Why are 27 yr olds considered to be children.

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