Undercover Terrorists: Israeli Soldiers Caught on Film Posing as Palestinian Rioters

As violence once again engulfs the Gaza/Israel border, video footage has emerged showing undercover Israeli soldiers posing as Palestinian rioters, and after throwing rocks at Israeli forces, shooting other Palestinians who have joined them.


The footage, filmed from two angles on October 7, 2015, shows a group of about ten undercover Israeli soldiers, dressed in civilian clothes and wearing Palestinian keffiyehs, or checked scarves, milling around in a road, encouraging Palestinian youth nearby to start throwing stones at an approaching Israeli army patrol.

Some of the undercover Jews even take part in the rock-throwing which follows, as can be clearly seen on the video footage.

As soon as they have incited the Palestinians, the undercover Jews then produce firearms and arrest several of their “fellow” stone throwers, shooting at least one in the leg to incapacitate him. The Jews then assault the now wounded Palestinian and drag him away to their military vehicles.

jew-terror-frame -01

Note the “Palestinian” rioters (see the man in the yellow shirt, and the one with a striped black and white shirt, as markers) inciting the others into attacking the approaching Israeli convoy. They then turn on the incited crowd, shooting and arresting at least three of the people they have incited to violence.

jew-terror-frame -02

The shooting and beating took place during clashes near Ramallah and the Beit El settlement, which abuts the de facto Palestinian capital and hosts the army’s regional headquarters base.

Reuters bureau chief Luke Baker confirmed via a tweet that he had viewed footage of Israeli undercover officers throwing stones at soldiers and encouraging the Palestinian youth around them to do the same.


This devious trick of posing as Palestinians and inciting mobs to attack Israeli patrols has long been a Jewish tactic in Israel. For example, in 2012, the Israeli Haaretz newspaper reported (in Hebrew, click here and translate) that the commanding officer of an IDF undercover unit confirmed it was their practice to have plainclothes agents infiltrate Palestinian demonstrations and throw stones in the direction of soldiers while encouraging the Palestinian youth to follow suit, and then arrest them for throwing stones.

Timeline of the latest violence:

The current upsurge in violence started on September 13, when Israeli police and Palestinian protesters clashed at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque compound. The clashes coincided with the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, often a tense period because of increased visits by Jews to the compound, which they call the Temple Mount.

On September 16, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared “war” on stone throwers—ironic in view of the video material which shows Jews to be instigators of many of the stone-throwing mobs.


On September 22, a Palestinian died during an Israeli army operation in the southern West Bank while allegedly handling a makeshift explosive device, and IDF troops shoot and fatally wounded an 18-year-old woman at a checkpoint in Hebron. The same day, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas warned of the risk of a new intifada.

September 27 to 28: New clashes erupt between Israeli police and Palestinians at the Al-Aqsa compound as Jews begin celebrating the eight-day Sukkot holiday.

October 1: Suspected Palestinian gunmen kill an Israeli settler couple in a car in front of their four young children in the occupied West Bank in a premeditated revenge attack for the earlier killings of Palestinians.

October 3: A 19-year-old Palestinian kills two Israelis before police shoot him dead.

October 4: A Palestinian attacker stabbed and wounded a 15-year-old in Jerusalem. The attacker is shot dead by police. Israel tightens security and bans Palestinians from the Old City.

October 5: Israeli soldiers kill a 13-year-old Palestinian boy at a refugee camp near Bethlehem.

October 6: Israel lifts two days of restrictions on Muslim worship at Al-Aqsa. Abbas says he wants to avoid a violent escalation with Israel. There are new clashes in the West Bank and in the Tel Aviv district of Jaffa.

October 7: Violence reaches central Israel where police kill a Palestinian who attacked a soldier at Kiryat Gat in southern Israel. Near Tel Aviv, a Palestinian assailant stabs an Orthodox Jew. In Jerusalem’s Old City, a Palestinian woman stabs a Jewish man before being shot and seriously wounded by her victim.

On the same day, the “undercover” incident outlined above takes place. Netanyahu postpones a visit to Germany and warns Israelis to be on maximum alert.

October 8: New clashes outside the West Bank city of Ramallah. Israeli security forces shoot dead a Palestinian at the Shuafat Refugee Camp in East Jerusalem. Seven Israelis are wounded in four stabbings in East Jerusalem, the West Bank, Tel Aviv, and Afula in northern Israel. One attacker is killed, two are arrested, and a fourth flees. Israel reimposes a ban on men under 50 attending Friday prayers at Al-Aqsa.


October 9: Jews attempted to lynch three Arabs in a revenge attack in Netanya. A Jewish attacker stabs four Arabs. The violence spreads to the Gaza Strip, where Israeli fire kills six Palestinians near the border. There are four new stabbings, including attacks by Jews who wound two Palestinians from the West Bank and two Palestinians in the country’s south.

A Palestinian who is accused of stabbing an Israeli soldier near the Israeli settlement of Kiryat Arba near Hebron is shot dead by Israeli forces. Later, local media reports that another Palestinian was killed in clashes with Israeli forces in East Jerusalem.

Hamas’s chief in Gaza, Ismail Haniya, refers to the violence as an “intifada” and urges further unrest. Late in the evening, a rocket fired from the Strip hits southern Israel, without causing damage or injuries.

October 10: A Palestinian woman detonates explosives inside her car at a checkpoint near a Jewish settlement in the West Bank. This is the first attempted suicide bombing of this recent surge in violence.

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  1. Israel, like America is fast losing any ‘credibility’ it once held…America it seems has lost ANY credibility it held years ago, I cannot listen to an American/bbc, sky ect ect ‘news item’ without thinking, “here we go again, more bul*sh*t”..

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