Univision Promotes Trump Hate Movie

Univision host Jorge Ramos has publicly backed a new Mexican movie which portrays white Americans as mass murderers who hunt and shoot Mexicans—and who use Donald Trump’s comments on illegal alien criminals as their justification.

The movie—called Desierto (“Desert”) portrays a drunk white vigilante killing illegal immigrants with a hunting rifle as they cross the border into America, while Trump’s speech serves as a voice-over.


Desierto, which opened in Mexican theaters on April 15, starts with Trump’s description of illegal invaders and then switches directly to a scene of a white man armed with a rifle gunning down Mexicans crossing under a barbed wire fence.

It later shows the same man, in a pickup truck holding a bottle of what appears to be whisky, a beer can nearby, as a voice says, “Welcome to the land of the free.” The trailer ends with, “words are as dangerous as bullets.”

The blatantly anti-white hate movie was heavily promoted by Ramos on his Spanish Sunday show Al Punto, when he interviewed Desierto director Jonas Cuaron and star Gael Garcia Bernal.

The discussion focused almost exclusively on Trump’s factually correct remarks that the Latin American invasion has brought crime to America—and dismissed them as “racist.”

Since Trump has made these remarks in public, Ramos said, “there are thousands if not millions of North Americans who feel that they have the absolute freedom to be racists.”

* As noted by the Center for Immigration Studies columnist Jerry Kammer, Trump’s words in the movie end with his comment that the Mexican invasion “has got to stop, and it’s got to stop fast”—and then, as those words are spoken, a sniper rifle shot drops one of the invaders, and then one more.

“Then we see the rifleman, a grizzled, murderous xenophobic American—ostentatiously named Sam—whose brutalization of the terrified Mexicans propels the story,” the CIS columnist says.

“This material resonates powerfully with Jorge Ramos. His conviction that racism and xenophobia are the driving forces of opposition to illegal immigration is a central theme of his nightly newscasts.

“Ramos fixates on reports that confirm his conviction with the obsessiveness of an exploitation film director showing close-ups of bullets tearing into human flesh.”

“Cuaron’s movie, with its heart-pounding, blood-drenched scenes of sadistic chase and assault is 90 minutes of cheap and dirty. Sam, as a stand-in for Uncle Sam, represents all Americans in the world of Cuaron. He makes no more effort to understand legitimate American fears about illegal immigration than does Ramos’s newscast.”

Needless to say, this film—just like the outrageously anti-white Django Unchained of a few years ago—will not be condemned in any of the controlled media outlets for what it is—pure unbridled anti-white race hate—but is instead likely to be praised as some type of “art” which highlights “white racism.”

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  1. If that’s what the mexicans think of the Americans, repatriate EVERY last one and don’t allow any into the US!

    1. Lol, so we can only hope the Mexicans will believe it, and stop coming to USA… I like the propaganda. Hope it works

      1. maybe so for some, but they are attempting to stereotype all american ranchers as right wing shoot them up rednecks. If we tried making a truthful movie about the mexican rapists and murders in the USA, watch how quickly the leftist and feminist movement would be protesting us as unfairly stereotyping all the mexican migrants.

  2. Quote…. “words are as dangerous as bullets.”
    So are invasions of huge unsustainable numbers of uninvited immigrants

  3. Most of the people hunting and killing Mexicans are other Mexicans. They build countries they can’t stand to live in. So they move to other countries to get away from the shit-hole they called home. They blame others to hide what they are and to feel better about themselves. Don’t fall for it. They are what they are.

  4. As usual, mexico or any other foreign country for that matter, uses our western technology to produce a film depicting the americans as the aggressors or the bad guys. Insinuating somehow that the illegal aliens are not breaking the laws of the land by illegally crossing the border into a another sovereign state or country. Meanwhile each and every year, tens of thousands of innocent american citizens are being subjected to harassment, theft, beatings, rapes, and even death by some of these low-life peace loving illegal migrants. And yes, Donald Trump is the only one that’s willing to put an end to this illegal migration, by enforcing the laws that are being broken, and stabilize the country once again by stopping this foreign invasion.

    1. True statement Knight Owl, if it wasn’t for the evil “white” people the technology wouldn’t be there for the inbred low IQ bean eaters to make the movie. Actually it sounds like a great movie, can’t wait t see it.

      1. I’d love to see this movie as well, as long as I can find a free bootleg of it. Not going to put any more of my money in the hands of Mexicans than our government already does.

  5. I don’t understand the film’s narrative. If Trump gets elected he will build a wall and that will reduce the likelihood of Mexicans being shot by vigilantes. Therefore they should want Trump elected.

  6. If Whites came in swarms to Mexico in order to leech money and take jobs from the local residents, what would the “chosen people” controlled media say? And the feminists, and the communists, hmmm? Dunno ’bout them, but I know what the Mexicans would say: “YANKEES GO HOME!” “FUERA GRINGOS!”

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