UPDATED: White Attacker Now “Only Suspect” in Canada Mosque Shooting

Quebec police have stated that a white man—named as Alexandre Bissonnette—is actually a suspect in the shooting at a Canadian mosque, and that the Moroccan who had earlier been reported as a suspect by local newspapers is now only a witness.

Earlier, the La Presse reported that at least one Arab had been arrested for the mass shooting. However, later developments have seem to have proven this assertion incorrect.

There is still considerable confusion over the attack itself, as so far all witnesses still describe two attackers as having carried out the shooting. The latest police statement on the matter, seems to negate this allegation.

According to La Presse,—a French-language Montreal newspaper—the two assailants, “including one of Moroccan origin, broke into a mosque in Quebec City on Sunday evening, killing six people and wounding eight people among the fifty faithful gathered for evening prayers.”

“One of the assailants was intercepted on the spot. The other was able to flee by car but was stopped near the Pont de l’Île d’Orléans, about twenty kilometers away.”

The report said that the “accents” of one of the two assailants “left no doubt as to their origin.” One of them shouted “Allah akbar” and reloaded his weapon three times during the shooting, witnesses said.

The controlled media immediately produced a list of “hate” incidents—such as pig’s heads being left outside mosques, and so on, in the obvious hope that the perpetrators could be named as “racist whites,” or at the very least, that the attack could be subliminally linked by readers to “racism.”

The shooting also came on the same day that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that his country would welcome all Muslims turned away at the U.S. borders following President Donald Trump’s Executive Order barring nationals from seven Muslim countries from unqualified entry into America.

Further updates to follow as the situation becomes clearer.

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  1. Nothing will change their minds here, most Canadians now are not white and in Toronto one out of 20 is white. On subways and transit, you can be the only white person on a train. It’s finished. And with this useless prettyboy PM, this country is almost finished.

  2. Headline: White Attacker Now “Only Suspect” in Canada Mosque Shooting

    OF COURSE, he is! Another “crazy White lone gunman”. Imagine that.

  3. I can see it already… “Two gumen storm mosque, one a Morroccan national…” Oh, wait, that don’t fit with the administration’s stance on allowing all Muslims, regardless of the security risk, into the country…. “Lone white gunman attacks mosque. Please ignore previous eyewitness accounts”

  4. Thanks to Internet, and cheap video cameras/phones and websites, whenever one of these ‘incidents’ occurs, the enlightened will do a search on the relevant keywords, along with ‘hoax’ or ‘psyop’ or whatever suggests itself. Even a day or two later there’s a crop of new postings, many of them making good points.

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