US: 1.5 Million Immigrants Every Year

In excess of 1.5 million Third World immigrants—legal and illegal—have entered the US each year for the past two years, a new report by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has found.

The nonwhites are now pouring in from all over the Third World, including Latin America—particularly countries other than Mexico; South Asia (Pakistan and India); and East Asia (China and Vietnam), the report said.


Titled “New Data: Immigration Surged in 2014 and 2015,” the CIS study said that the reasons for the increased Third World immigration levels include “cutbacks in enforcement,” and the “expansive nature of our legal immigration system (especially for long-term temporary visas such as guest workers and foreign students).”

The CIS’s major findings:

The 3.1 million new immigrants (legal and illegal) settled in the US in 2014 and 2015, or more than 1.5 million annually.

In 2012 and 2013, 2.3 million immigrants arrived, about 1.1 million annually.

In 2010 and 2011, 2.1 million new immigrants arrived, about one million annually.

The big increase in new arrivals in the last two years was driven by a rise in immigration from Latin America, particularly countries other than Mexico; South Asia (e.g. Pakistan and India); and East Asia (e.g. China and Vietnam).

The CIS’s preliminary estimate is that, of the 3.1 million immigrants who arrived in that last two years, about one-third, 1.1 million (or 550,000 annually) were new illegal immigrants, a significant increase from the 700,000 illegal immigrants (350,000 annually) who entered in 2012 and 2013.

The above estimate of illegal immigration represents the flow of new illegal aliens surreptitiously crossing the border, overstaying a temporary visa, or released into the country after a short detention, such as families from Central America.

The numbers do not represent the net increase in the total illegal immigrant population.

The available evidence also indicates that the number of new legal immigrants, both temporary and permanent, arriving from abroad has increased.

The CIS’s best estimate is that the arrival of legal immigrants increased about 30 percent, from 1.6 million in 2012–2013 to two million in 2014–2015.

“It is certainly reasonable to argue that with more than half a million new illegal immigrants settling in the country each year, the United States does not have control over the problem,” the report continued.

At the same time as illegal immigration has increased, the number of new permanent legal visas issued overseas and long-term temporary immigration (e.g. guest workers and foreign students) have also increased somewhat. The CIS estimated that 2.03 million new legal immigrants entered in 2013 and 2014, compared to 1.6 million in 2012 and 2013.

“The latest Census Bureau data shows that the scale of new immigration is clearly enormous,” the report said in its conclusion.

“The numbers raise profound questions about assimilation and the impact of immigration on the nation’s education system, infrastructure, and labor market, as well as the size and density of the U.S. population.

“It is difficult to find a public policy that has a more profound impact across American society than the level of immigration. It is certainly appropriate that immigration should be at the center of the current presidential election.”

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  1. It’s the only thing odumma the bumma
    has accomplished. His hatred for the
    US is incredible. He’s a mullatto and
    his attitude is make the country non
    white as possible.

    1. Jerseyjay, please don’t take it personnally! Obama doesn’t hate the USA. Hate would require investing some emotion – having some kind of feeling towards it, He could care less about America as long as the adulation of the libtards and his payoffs keep rolling in. Rahm Immanuel (chosenite) found Obama in a gay bath house in Chicago snorting coke and doing what he likes to do best. That immediately qualified him to hold the highest office in the land because it made him so very blackmail-able. He has NO power at all and his whole entire job is reading off a telepromptor. If you want to find those who pull his strings you’ll have to look at the Council on Foreign Relations – CFR and the Trilateral Commission. Ask every president since Woodrow Wilson.

  2. Obama is just following the play book . This has been going on since bush sr was in office, with the cry of amnesty and now outright illegal (sorry) undocumented paper holder.

  3. For too long, the world has emptied its sewers into this country, and it is well past time not merely to stem the flow, but to reverse it. It needs a man like Enoch Powell, who saw the same thing taking place in England in the ‘sixties, to do this. The pity is, his own party discarded him for speaking the truth. Now his predictions have come true – and not just in England.

  4. Actually, on a per capita basis, tiny, overcrowded Britain regularly gets three times the number of immigrants the USA takes.

  5. At this continuing rate, I think it’s safe to speculate that the US will be shortly entering a sharp state of decline and join the UK.

  6. Neither Obummer in the US or Merkel`s EU elite will let the `irritating minor details` in this report halt the march of the NWO.
    Having set their evil plans in motion they fully intend to complete the task.
    It`s full steam ahead from now on….

    1. Yup! No illusions now II, stripped of any camoflauge they’re Going for Gold in the last lap in the developed world: You can see it all for what it is now – Governments having painstakingly, steadfastly, progressively put legislation in place over a great many years that works to stop the people from mass objecting. No freedom to Bear Arms. Perhaps to prove that point the right to bear arms in the US has not been halted. This was to be a hallmark of the term of leading avocate of Globalism and Multiculturism – Obama. His failure in that regard may unwittingly become the saving element in the US if that country’s people act soon.

  7. The colonization of Western countries. It only ends when the West becomes an extension of the Third World … which is quickly happening.

    1. Exactly Expat. I see nearby local areas blighted by Muslims ….each a mirror image of the shitholes of Pakistan / Bangladesh that they came from. They`ve made little or no progress whatsoever in the 50 or so years since they began to arrive……except that the original trickle became an overwhelming deluge that the authorities still pander to at every turn.
      Parts of England are much resented extensions of the Turd World already and the areas are ever-widening .

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