US “Aid” to Israel Jumps to $3.8bn per Year

The Jewish lobby-controlled U.S. Government has agreed to increase “aid” to Israel from the current $3.1 billion per year to $3.8 billion in what the State Department has described as “the single largest pledge of bilateral military assistance in U.S. history.”

The ten-year, $38 billion handout was described by the Times of Israel as a “massive” deal which would help Israel maintain its “qualitative edge” over the Palestinians.


The agreement, which replaces a previous deal that is set to expire next year, will be signed next Wednesday in a State Department ceremony.

According to the Times of Israel, the acting head of Israel’s National Security Council, Yaakov Nagel, who is already in Washington, will sign the agreement on behalf of Israel.

Under the terms of the deal, Israel has “pledged not to seek additional funding from Congress for the next decade”—an act of chutzpah which the controlled media is presenting as some type of “concession.”

The new aid package will see Israel receive $3.8 billion annually—up from $3.1 billion—starting in 2019 and through 2028.

According to earlier reports, Israel had asked for a separate, $400 million deal for missile defense spending—which could have raised the total amount to more than $4 billion annually. However, the final figure was set without that provision.

“There was no higher figure ever discussed,” the former Israeli national security adviser Ya’acov Amidror said Tuesday, describing the deal as “the best possible” accord.

The U.S. has either jointly developed or financed all three tiers in Israel’s missile defense program—Iron Dome (short-range missile interceptor), David’s Sling (medium range), and Arrow (long range).

The handout to Israel—which refuses to allow non-Jews, refugees, or “asylum seekers” to enter its territory, which outlaws marriages between Jews and non-Jews, and  tests potential immigrants by DNA to make sure they are pure Jewish, all policies which the U.S. Government would fight against if implemented by any European states—comes at a time when the Federal Deficit is set to reach $616 billion in 2016.

This means that Americans—already drowning in government-created debt and effective state bankruptcy—will sink further into economic depression to hand over cash to nuclear weapon-armed Israel so that it can continue to remain a “state for the Jews.”

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  1. It’s so good of the Jews to do us the honor of taking this money. We are, after all, worthless when compared to them. Their souls are so different, and even their bodies are of an almost transcendental greatness when compared with us. I don’t know about you guys, but I for one don’t take these things for granted. They’ve shown great fortitude in making the noble statement that they have absolutely no intention – for an entire decade – of asking for any more money and I think that alone shows the type of people that anyone would be proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with. Our greatest ally. I know that some people without vision, without love or empathy feel anger at their labor being taken from them, their earnings that they COULD be using for their own kids’ needs. I would simply look them in their eye and ask them if they have any idea what the Jews have been through? The persecutions of 2,000 years by OUR forefathers! Do we bear NO responsibility ? Do you feel it’s acceptable to shirk your own responsibility to make Israel a safe homeland for the Jews? I didn’t think so. You should not hang your head about it for long, only reflect on it the next time you look at all the taxes taken from your check and start thinking too much of that money is going for things that don’t particularly benefit you and yours – like aid for Israel. Think about that. Reflect on it. You won’t feel anger for too long, you’ll most likely think about how happy you are to do your part for others especially Israel. Never Forget, that’s my motto. And it’s not only the Shoah – take some time to think about that every day and how it could happen again if white Christians aren’t watched carefully. The Holocaust must never happen to God’s Chosen people – they’ve suffered enough. More than any other race, nation, culture, or species even. The pogroms, the land seizures, the bitter insults, the lack of desire to associate with them. Isn’t it time you, and we, so-called “decent folks” lend a hand? Isn’t it five to midnight guys? Who’s with me?:)

    Wait a minute here! aaarrrgghhhhh what are these men in white coats trying to put on me and why am I being dragged into this van what’s that syringe ohhhhh…….snore….

    1. One is indeed on the brink of turning crazy when realising how little Goyim can do about the omnipresent Brilliance of the chosen ones.

  2. they should get no aid from america.they should only get aid if they take in refugee;s instead off helping them to come here in europe.

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