US College: Invaders Given Preference

Nonwhite invaders who have entered America illegally are being funded by the Obama regime to the tune of millions of dollars to attend colleges free of charge—while American citizens are put to the back of the queue and forced to pay for their studies.

In one state alone—California—in excess of $12 million has been set aside to pay for invaders illegally resident in America to attend university.


According to the Lifezette news service—as syndicated on Fox News—the pro-invader financial aid also includes a $900,000 per year funding to the University of California’s (UC) “Undocumented Legal Services Center,” which advises students illegally resident in the country on how to become educated while breaking the law—at the taxpayers’ expense.

The program is not hidden from sight, the report states.

Just this May, former Secretary of Homeland Security and current University of California president Janet Napolitano announced a three-year commitment to support illegal UC students university-wide.

“We are committed to continuing a path forward for undocumented students at the University of California,” Napolitano said in a website message.

“This funding will further strengthen the university’s undocumented student initiative, and help ensure that these students receive the support and resources they need to succeed.”

UC boasts that it has earmarked $8.4 million through the 2018–19 academic year for “undocumented student support” across 10 campuses, which will be divided among three initiatives—the federal DREAM loan program will receive $5 million a year for at least three years, making student loans available to illegals who are not eligible for federal aid.

Additionally, $2.5 million will go to funding textbooks for illegals, funding payroll for student services coordinators, and offering graduate and undergraduate fellowships for illegals.

It is not just in California where this subsidizing of illegal immigrants—at the expense of Americans—is promoted.

In Chicago, Loyola University has a “Magis Scholarship Fund” to benefit illegals—subsidized out of the fees paid for by legal students.

An additional $2.50 “student fee” is added to each Loyola University student’s semester tuition bill—raising roughly $50,000 each year for the fund.

The scholarship is a joint partnership between the Latin American Student Organization (LASO) and the Student Government of Loyola Chicago.

The plan has been approved by the University’s Board of Trustees, Lifezette continued.

The scholarship’s mission is to not only help “undocumented” undergrads with school costs, according to the school’s website, but also to “jumpstart conversations in and outside the classrooms.”

“There are so many undocumented students who are working hard at Loyola but unfortunately can’t receive federal financial aid,” said Catalina Cipri, co-president of LASO.

“So it often compromises their ability to work as hard in school because they have to work to pay for their tuition.”

Even websites meant to disseminate general information about colleges have jumped on the “college for illegals” bandwagon, the Lifezette report continued.

Says, “Undocumented students should not hesitate to express their desire to go to college. Thanks to the Family Education Rights and Privacy act, school officials can’t disclose personal information (including immigration status) about students.”

Marguerite Telford, director of communications for the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) in Washington D.C., told Lifezette that “Schools are placing U.S. students at a disadvantage by designating a portion of seats to foreign students—this is done largely to garner more money for the schools.”

“But when you give seats to illegal aliens, it reduces the number of seats available to U.S. citizens.”

“A couple of states allow illegals to pay in-state tuition, which is kind of strange—you can’t be a U.S. citizen residing in Virginia and get in-state tuition in other states, yet someone who shouldn’t even be in the country can,” said Telford. “American students and their families lose spots in our education system.”

In addition, the Lifezette report said there are scholarships from organizations, corporations, and universities “dying to throw bushels of money your way if you are here when you shouldn’t be.”

MALDEF, a “civil rights organization for Latinos,” lists at least 50 different scholarship opportunities for illegal aliens—including scholarships funded by Microsoft. The tech giant will pay partial or even full tuition for a full year for an invader, the report said.

The Kaiser Permanente Health Care Career Scholarship Program awards $2,000–$10,000 scholarships to illegal aliens, and PFLAG National Scholarship Program will fund illegals who self-identify as a sexual deviant (“LGBT”) with $1,000 to $5000 a year if they have a plan to work within the “LGBTQ community” after graduation.

All of this is supported by the Obama White House, Lifezette continued. The administration’s “Partnerships for Refugees” website lists many ways the private sector can do more, including these goals on the education front:

“Establishing scholarship funds to support access to higher education for refugees, and providing free flights, textbooks, and housing assistance to refugees who are traveling to the United States to attend college.”

“All of which puts our own legal American students last—even as good and hardworking parents struggle every day to give their children a great education against a rising tide of difficulty,” the Lifezette report concludes.

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  1. What traitorous low lifes who support this. They should all be deported to a third world country and that includes Obama!

  2. Reading this repellent open treason on the part of the universities and our leaders makes me feel physically queasy. How can these creatures even remotely justify their deeds against their own people?

  3. This just burns my ass. I had to
    sacrifice and bust my hump for a
    college education as well as my parents
    who also sacrificed. It’s just plain disgusting. Also theres many thousands of students who have trouble paying off students loans.
    Have that scum soros from his personal accounts pay off their

    1. It is disgusting and blatantly racial. Its amazing how much tax payers are getting screwed. Id be protesting and not in a polite way either

  4. How stupid are you Americans? Ya all thought that Communism died in 1989 when the Berlin Wall was breached & destroyed. That event actually freed communism to overrun the rest of the world.

    Yet you don’t recognise Communism when you voted a communist into the highest office in your homeland. Have ya all learned any lessons yet? I doubt it. Instead of grasping the situation by the throat ya all sit around & try to analyse the problem to death!

    Your only real problem solver who will shake it all up & take the correct action needs your votes to rescue you from the next despot.

  5. They spit openly into our faces as if they are awaiting an reaction to their malicious deeds. They will never cease until they will be stopped.

  6. The pattern is clear. Illegal non-white invaders are given a privileged status above the taxpayers of their host country. An uninvited, uneducated parasite is considered more worthy than those who strive and make sacrifices to better themselves.

  7. Clearly, Obama has learnt a thing or two from the EU and UK where this sort of bias is practiced on a day to day basis. Being so predictable, you can be sure that next, for you US citizens, will be increasing amounts of legislation to stop you complaining.

  8. Russell Group member Bristol University has offered scholarships and softened the application process for refugees and asylum seekers as part of a scheme to integrate those escaping conflict into education.
    Professor Hugh Brady, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bristol, said: “We know there are factors that make it difficult for people from refugee and asylum-seeking communities to apply to university”. It’s so easy spending taxpapyers money, especially when it’s not coming out of the liberal scum’s pockets themselves!

  9. Same in Germany. I had to work on two jobs to afford to attend university. Furthermore Merkel forces employers to take refugees for payed jobs instead of germans. Germans, after having payed years and years of taxes, get Harz 4 after having been unemployed for one year. Once “on Harz 4”, you are 2nd best ( 2. Arbeitsmarkt ) and you won’t get a regular job anymore. This only makes sense if you think of NWO. And not even then.

      1. Honestly this is how Merkel was elected:She promised to take back Harz4. Once in charge, she didn’t care a damn. Almost everybody I know will vote for afd, but in my opinion she prepares everything to declare the national state of emergency, for in this case there won’t be any elections at all. Let’s hope for the best.

  10. As outrageous as this seems, I’d rather the American kids never coming anywhere near the propaganda spread on the college campuses today.
    At second glance, this is the only way academia can conceivably fill the classrooms and continue their evil ways. Besides, who wants to go into debt for a useless diploma based on a pack of lies.

    1. You do have a point. And what percentage of the low-IQ la raza will be able to successfully major in, say, chemistry, engineering (electrical, mechanical, etc), medicine, physics, mathematics, computer science, IT….. They will not take many spots from white Americans in thew worthwhile fields – but they will take some.

      I attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte during the early 1980s, graduating in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering. It was quite notable to me that in this low-cost university right there on the northeastern edge of Charlotte, a city which then had a negro population of 95,000 to 100,000, I observed during my years at UNCC that there were exactly zero negroes majoring in electrical or mechanical engineering.

  11. Off topic, but interesting: Today (21.08.) we’re told by the government to care for supplies and water to survive a “potential lifethreatening situation”. Of course, Mrs. Merkel has a place in an official bunker, to keep up business as usual. Stirred up the sh**t, but makes sure she survives. Any questions… (FAZ article)

  12. Further evidence that Western leaders are working in concert against the interests of their own people.Mass immigration, same sex marriage, women on the front line are 3 more examples of ill thought through policies never mentioned in any manifesto, with no evidence of popular support and all destructive of Western culture and institutions.

  13. The good news is: white (European – Americans ) don’t have to worry about some national debt.
    Politicians, organizations, non-white beneficiaries and all scum involved created it, they are responsible.
    I’m a white man so, had to pay every penny of my education.
    This will work out nicely when the USA, by some miracle, finally splits into countries. Hopefully one of them pure white race.
    This will only defer ” fundamental transformation ” (I.e., white genocide) of North America, unfortunately. Because, obviously , it’s been too late for that continent for decades now.
    European immigrant families , Christian / Catholic , were the foundation of North America.
    And that’s what “the hybrid” envies, like they all do.

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