US Company Prosecuted for Refusing to Hire Criminal Blacks

Dollar GeneralA leading American retail chain, Dollar General, has been taken to court by the US government’s Race Gestapo because its background criminal checks for employees “discriminate against blacks.”

The astonishing—but inevitable end result of anti-white affirmative action and liberal insanity has seen the  US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) file suit against Dollar General for “conditioning job offers for store clerks on criminal background checks.”

Working with an outside company, Dollar General allegedly developed criteria for determining when an applicant’s criminal history warrants rejection, taking into account the nature of the crime and date of the conviction.

From January 2004 to April 2007, Dollar General made about 344,300 conditional job offers, 75 percent of which were conveyed to non-blacks, the EEOC alleged, citing data it says it received from the retailer.

About 7 percent of the conditional offers made to non-blacks were rescinded for failing background checks, while about 10 percent of the offers made to blacks were withdrawn.

“The gross disparity in the rates at which black and non-black conditional employees were discharged on account of defendant’s criminal background check policy is statistically significant,” according to the EEOC complaint.

The check is conducted after an applicant is given a job offer, with the pass/fail result being relayed to the store manager by e-mail, according to the EEOC’s complaint.

The commission seeks a court order barring the practice and requiring the company to provide equal employment opportunities to black job seekers. The EEOC also asked for a monetary judgment to compensate rejected applicants.

In other words, the situation has now been reached where private companies who refuse to employ people with criminal convictions, will end up in court on charges of “racism.”

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  1. Many of those at the top are just pushy individuals who can claw their way up the greasy pole but lack common sense when they get there..

  2. You can be sure that shrinkage is going to increase DRAMATICALLY that’s for sure LOLOL this is what happens when race-baiting scum take over a country.

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