US Congress Ups “Missile Aid” for Israel by $705 million to Record $6.5 Billion

The Jewish lobby-controlled US Congress has increased direct military aid to Israel’s missile defense systems by another $705 million in 2018 to bring the total given the Jews-only state to over $6.5 billion, Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman has announced—a development which has been totally ignored by the Jewish lobby-controlled media in America.

News of the increased military aid to Israel’s missile defense—contained in the recent omnibus spending bill signed into law by US President Donald Trump last week—only appeared in newspapers in Israel.

Liberman’s pleasure at the cash handout to the Jewish state was barely contained in a report in the Jerusalem Post, where he said that “I thank our great friend the United States, which has invested $6.5 billion to defend the skies of the State of Israel. We are grateful for the assistance.”

The report went on to say that “Congress has dramatically increased its budget for the Israeli missile defense programs by $148 million to include ongoing Iron Dome and Arrow 3 development.”

(Needless to say, the Jerusalem Post report did not have to say which Congress it was referring to—because the US Congress is in reality the Israeli “congress” as well).

According to the Israeli Defense Ministry, the increase of funding was “requested for production of the Iron Dome, David’s Sling and Arrow-3 missile defense systems.”

The newest generation of the Arrow 3 system, which will be tested in Alaska this summer, is believed to have better-intercepting capabilities at a much higher altitude and much further away from Israeli soil, the report continued.

“The increase in the budget will also be used for further trials of all systems as Israel and the US continue to develop additional capabilities for them against future aerial threats.”

“I thank our great friend the United States, which has invested $6.5 billion to defend the skies of the State of Israel,” Liberman continued. “We are grateful for the assistance and uncompromising commitment of the administration and Congress to Israel’s security.

“Tomorrow in Jerusalem I will meet with a delegation of congressmen headed by Israel’s friend Nancy Pelosi, and will thank them personally.”

  • According to the latest figures, the US Budget deficit stands at $985 billion.  The deficit occurs because the U.S. government spending of $4.407 trillion is higher than its revenue of $3.422 trillion.

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