US, Cuban, Communists Endorse Clinton

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and the Communist Party of Cuba have both officially endorsed Hillary Clinton’s nomination for president, announcing that a “landslide victory on Nov. 8” for Clinton is necessary.

In addition, the CPUSA has announced that it will be working with a Clinton administration after the election to “build the labor-led people’s movements at the grassroots all across the country.”


Writing on the CPUSA website, party national chairman John Bachtell said that “people across the political spectrum [are] rising to defeat Trump.”

Bachtell’s party, founded in 1919, is the oldest such organization in America and was started after Vladimir Lenin invited the Socialist Party of America to join the Communist International (Comintern) in January of that year. The CPUSA is therefore, the real deal.

Bachtell said that Trump’s “undermining confidence in democratic institutions is a key part of the process by which fascism came to power in Germany and dictatorships did so around the world.”

The CPUSA is aware of the racial dimensions of the upcoming U.S. election, with Bacthell saying that Trump’s campaign is “directed at white voters,” and his supposed “extreme right ideology has found fertile soil in discontent, economic insecurity and fear faced by millions.”

“Trump is Tea Party 2.0,” the CPUSA chairman continues. “His statements are a clarion call to his supporters to engage in a struggle to overthrow the will of the majority.”

“This combination of the machinery of a major political party with the Alt-right mass media platform has created a new level of danger to democracy and peace.”

“The thought that Trump stands poised at the White House door ready to usher into government these forces with one hand while grasping the nuclear trigger with the other, has generated widespread alarm.”

“It is being met with an all-people’s rising across the political spectrum to defeat hate and defend democracy; a broad, loose multi-class alliance of millions with the labor-led people’s coalition at its center.

“The first step to defeating this danger is a landslide victory on Nov. 8 that will inflict a devastating setback to Trump and the GOP majorities in Congress and statehouses and help to isolate it in the post-election period,” Bachtell added.

Then the CPUSA chairman said that the “struggle to unite the broadest array of forces to defend, expand and deepen democracy and erode Trump’s base of support will also continue after the election.”

“The labor-led people’s coalition is already gearing up to win the Democratic Party platform, the most progressive of any major party in history. This includes a massive infrastructure project, building a sustainable energy economy, and expanding voting and democratic rights for all.

“It should also include a new stage of building the labor-led people’s movements at the grassroots all across the country, especially deep within ‘Red States’ and ‘Red Districts,’ in white communities and communities of color alike, that will advance a united people’s agenda of radical reconstruction and transformation of the country’s economic, political and democratic system.”

The Communist Party of Cuba has also endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in another article on the CPUSA website titled “Hillary’s Hour.”


Ricardo Alarco, the former speaker of Cuba’s National Assembly and member of Central Committee and Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba, wrote that Clinton is the “only hope to stop barbarism.”

The controlled media has, of course, ignored these highly significant endorsements.

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  1. “expanding voting and democratic rights for all”

    Well we all know what THAT means. Still, the takeaway here is that the CPUSA is seriously rattled and that’s a good thing. Don’t know much about the Communist Party of Cuba, but I do know that most Cubans would dearly love to escape the dead hand of Castro’s revolution including his never-ending speeches.

  2. O.K it’s time to get down to business! VOTE TRUMP!!!! all your friends all your relatives,EVERYONE! let everyone know VOTE TRUMP! Jobs! Life! Greatness! …AGAIN!!!! remember to VOTE TRUMP!!!! don’t get complacent,we are behind you guess what? it’s TIME TO CATCH UP …then OVERTAKE…then….WIN!!!!! VOTE TRUMP!!!!! GET BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

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