US Department of Education Declares Criticism of Israel as “Anti-Semitism”

In the latest example of the Jewish lobby’s stranglehold on the American government, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights Jewish head has ordered that any criticism of Israel will in future be investigated as “anti-Semitism.”

Kenneth Marcus, the Jewish head of the US Department of Education’s “Office for Civil Rights.”

According to an article in the POLITICO news service, the policy change was outlined in a letter last month by Kenneth Marcus—named by The Jewish Forward newspaper as one of the “top 50” Jews who made the news—in which he re-opened a 2011 investigation into Rutgers University in connection with alleged discrimination against Jewish students.

POLITICO said that the effect of the letter was to change “how the Education Department investigates allegations of discrimination against Jewish students, backing an approach that is favored by pro-Israel groups but that critics worry will stifle free speech and criticism of Israel on campus.”

Marcus wrote in the letter that the Education Department, in its investigations into discrimination, would use the “working definition” of anti-Semitism that is “widely used by governmental agencies” including the State Department.

That definition includes examples in which delegitimizing Israel, or holding it to a double standard not expected of other democratic nations, are deemed anti-Semitic.

POLITICO said that “some civil liberties organizations and advocates for Palestinian rights believe that the definition is so broad that it would label criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic.”

Marcus’ letter re-opening the Rutgers case, which the Obama administration closed in 2014 citing insufficient evidence of discrimination, says that department will now reevaluate the evidence “in light of the definition of anti-Semitism.”

Investigators will seek to determine, Marcus wrote, “whether a hostile environment on the basis of national origin or race existed at the University for students of actual or perceived Jewish ancestry or ethnic characteristics.”

Several civil liberties and free speech groups — including the American Civil Liberties Union, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, and PEN America — have opposed the legislation. They argue that the definition of anti-Semitism is too broad and would threaten political speech, such as criticism of Israel policy, on college campuses.

“It’s certainly something that we feared would happen,” said Dima Khalidi, director of Palestine Legal, adding that the new definition “opens the door to equate any criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism.”

Khalidi also criticized the Education Department for adopting the definition “without any process or public input.”

Several pro-Israel groups, meanwhile, including the American Jewish Committee, praised the Trump administration’s move. The Zionist Organization of America, which filed the original complaint against Rutgers and appealed, praised the Education Department’s “landmark” decision to adopt the definition.

POLITICO added that the “policy change has long been a priority for Marcus, who was confirmed as the head of the Office for Civil Rights in June. He previously was a staunch proponent of adopting a definition of anti-Semitism as president of the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law.”

Marcus wrote in a 2017 POLITICO column that the Education Department’s civil rights office was “ill-equipped to recognize anti-Semitism when it sees it” because it lacks a definition for it. “Absent a definition, the office is stymied by anti-Semitism cases and is failing in its mission to protect Jewish students,” he wrote.

In 2012, the Jewish Forward named him to the “Forward 50” list of American Jews who had the greatest impact on the news during the prior year, “based on his innovative use of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to protect Jewish college and university students.”

In naming Marcus one of “the new faces of Jewish power,” the Forward editorialized that “if Marcus has any say in it, we may witness a new era of Jewish advocacy.”

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  1. The Zionists want to teach the gojam kids from word go that the Jews control there lives from cradle to grave and to fight and die in there instigated dirty wars Oh so sad for all the stupid Americans to have allowed this to happen and all because of very Corrupt politicians??

  2. Very scary. As I understand it, this policy change would give the Department of Education the authority to sanction schools from universities right down to elementary schools, withhold funding, expel students and fire staff for violating the new catch-all definition of anti-semitism. This is the slippery slope, and it has far reaching consequences. Now that companies can fire someone for speech criticizing jews or Israel and students can be expelled by their schools, the U.S. is moving faster toward the Soviet-style “hate speech” laws of Europe that are utterly debilitating to free speech. ALL of this is un-Constitutional of course, but when has violating the highest law of the land mattered when progress is to be made? Besides, a working definition isn’t really a definition at all. It simply means you haven’t definitively defined whatever the object or issue is–that the definition is not settled. So, how can you punish someone when by your own admission you don’t definitively know exactly what the alleged crime or offense you’re trying to outlaw is, yet?

    The U.S. Constitution and existing law make it quite clear that the only speech that is prohibited is the kind that poses an immediate physical danger as in, “Hey everyone. Let’s get these rocks right here and stone those people over there right now. Let’s go!” Libel and slander aren’t covered, but they’re very difficult to prove, which includes showing proof of harm to one’s ability to earn a living as a result. The U.S. is the only country that’s ever really had true free speech. When it’s gone, it will be a loss for the entire world, as there will be nowhere left to go to freely speak your mind. I’ve seen lots of Europeans say, “The only reason I can give this speech today is because I’m giving it in the U.S.” Sometimes, even that’s not enough to protect them. Wake up, Americans.

    1. Forgive me for being a bit depressing about this. Jews supported so-called ‘free speech’ when they were allowed to control publication, and could (for example) insult Germany and tell lies about Germans since about 1916. It also allowed them to publish pornography. And to suppress anything they didn’t want published, however disgusting, such as (((American))) behaviour in wars. There was never genuine free speech in the USA. At the present day, of course, Jews still dominate the media. I was amused to see that Marine le Pen seems to be accused of possible mental problems, becuase she published material on Muslim cruelty. Of course Jews have published made-up cruelties since 1945, and not published genuine cruelty. But of course I hope Jews fail to damage the increase in genuine free speech offered by Internet.

  3. Can whites be Semitic? So many Jews claim to be “white” until you upset them, then they claim you are anti-Semitic. Can you be anti-Semitic to a white person? Since when were white people Semitic?

  4. This sort of thing helps convince me that the genetic part of ‘Jews’ strongly forces them to tell lies, automatically and unquestioningly, in a robotic way, for life. They are wired to identify ‘enemies’, keep their emotions secret, and work against them in groups for their whole lives. This undistinguished-looking clown belongs to a group with different biochemical and electrical pathways, giving them different impulses and actions from other more-or-less racial groups. They are not a product of eugenic selection, as Kevin MacDonald words it carelessly. They are the outcome of a long breeding process. They are no more derived from ‘eugenics’ than a carthorse or plough horse or a pointer dog.

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