US Elections Underline Racial Demographic Swing

This week’s elections in America have seen the already apparent racial divisions in American political voting patterns accentuated as part of an anti-Obama backlash among whites but have also seen two major elections decided because of the increasing nonwhite voting bloc.

In many majority-white Democratic party-held regions (traditionally the more ‘liberal’ wing of mainstream American politics), large numbers of European Americans deserted to Republican party candidates as part of a backlash against Obamacare medical reforms in particular.

This resulted in many Republicans being elected in areas where they previously would normally not have won, as increasing numbers of white realize that Obamacare is actually about taxing them to pay for nonwhites—and a reflection of their futile hope that the Republicans are any different.

However, increasing numbers of nonwhite voters, a direct result of the mass immigration policies pursued by both Republicans and Democrats over a period of decades, have ensured that some contests were easily won by Democratic candidates.

In New York City, for example, ultra-leftist Bill de Blasio, who is married to a black woman and has mixed-race children, was elected in an overwhelming nonwhite turnout—not difficult in a city that has a “white non-Hispanic” population of less than 35 percent (of which a very large number are Jewish, as the city is the now one of the largest concentration of Jews outside of Israel).

Bill de Blasio celebrates with his family

According to exit polls, de Blasio won 95 percent of the black vote, 87 percent of the Hispanic votes, and more than half—52 percent, of the “white” vote.

This pattern was repeated in the Virginia governor race, where Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe won 66 percent of the Hispanic vote, enough to beat his Republican rival by 1,066,149 to 1,010,92votes.

Virginia’s Hispanic population is 630,000, having increased by 92 percent since 2000. Of that number, 214,000 are registered to vote, and two-thirds identify as Democrats.

US Census Bureau figures show that 50,000 Hispanics will reach the voting eligible age of 18 every month for the next 20 years—which means that demographically speaking, whites will very quickly start becoming outright minorities in most major urban areas within ten years.

As nonwhites overwhelmingly vote Democrat, the next few decades will see the steady eclipse of the Republican party, as they lose ground in the demographic war against the non-white invasion—which they themselves supported and even inaugurated (the first mass amnesty for illegal aliens was passed by Republican president Ronald Reagan, a fact which surprisingly few Americans know).

Obama is therefore the inevitable and natural consequence of decades of deliberate race-blindness on the part of Democrats and Republicans alike.

Obama is therefore the symptom of mass Third World immigration and its resultant destruction of First World America, not its cause—something which conservatives have totally failed to grasp or understand.

* In Detroit, a white man, Mike Duggan, was elected mayor in the overwhelmingly black city. Although the controlled media are trumpeting as a “first,” in reality the result is not quite as remarkable as it seems.  Turnout was less than 20 percent and as a result, the more outlying–and thus more white—areas of the city could easily affect the outcome.

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  1. More comments to follow, but for the moment all I can say is it looks like an episode from the Cosby show. Bloody disgusting.

  2. 1965 immigration act and its sponsors have done a great job changing America to a who knows.

    Did anyone of you read Dr Kevin Macdonald?

  3. I watched with great interest the talks of Dr. MacDonald’s on YouTube. I also have listened to and taken note of all the talks of the late, and in my opinion the great Dr. William Luther Pierce, especially those related to the racial disintegration of America. Like MacDonald and Pierce, UNCLE SAM is also a PhD, but in Chemistry. Many things concern me about the future of the white European Race. On a local level I am greatly annoyed with the “dumbing” down of our schools and Universities.

    In my youth a University degree meant something, but not so these days. I am saddened deeply every time I see a black with an IQ of 80 displaying his/her degree or diploma from an elite college. Fortunately the sciences have been spared to a large extent. Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology and other pure sciences cannot be dumbed down to accommodate the needs of the intellectually inferior black. To do so would make such courses stand out like the proverbial “sore thumb” and people would notice, especially employers of science graduates.

    So the blacks can have their “comic book” courses, and their “African-American” studies and all the other degenerate feminist, lesbian and faggotism oriented courses they like. At the end of the day their diplomas and degrees are not worth wiping one’s backside on. And that’s the bottom line because UNCLE SAM said say.

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