US Govt. Still Supplying Syria “Rebels”

The US government is still supplying Syrian “rebels” with millions of dollars of weapons even though that government supposedly brokered a cease fire in February.

The latest shipment of arms—supposed to be secret—was revealed in a new article in the famous Jane’s Defence Weekly, and showed that the Central Intelligence Agency is still delivering thousands of tons of weapons to “rebels” linked to ISIS.

syrian-rebels with arms

A Syrian “rebel” from the US-supported Jaish al-Izzah group with a 9K111M Faktoria anti-tank guided weapon.

One ship with nearly one thousand tons of weapons and ammunition left Constanta in Romania on December 5. The weapons are from Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania. It sailed to Agalar in Turkey which has a military pier and then to Aqaba in Jordan.

Another ship with more than two thousand tons of weapons and ammunition left in late March, followed the same route, and was last recorded on its way to Aqaba on April 4.

According to Jane’s, documents released by the US government’s Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website have provided an indication of the types and numbers of Eastern European weapons and ammunition the United States is providing to Syrian rebel groups as part of a program “that continues despite the widely respected ceasefire in that country.”

Jane’s researchers found that the FBO has released two solicitations in recent months “looking for shipping companies to transport explosive material from Eastern Europe to the Jordanian port of Aqaba on behalf of the US Navy’s Military Sealift Command.”

According to a report put out by the Century Foundation—one of the oldest “progressive” public policy research institutes in the US—weapons

“have flowed steadily into Syria since the ceasefire began. Even those who hope for a political settlement aren’t betting on one any time soon. Instead they’re stockpiling for the next round, which they expect will be as desperate as the last.”

According to that report, “rebel” commanders

“said the United States had been forthcoming during the ceasefire period, replenishing arms stocks and leaving open the possibility that some anti-aircraft missiles might be released into northern Syria.”

“The US military commanders are always with us. We ask. They are very cooperative. They understand our needs,” the report quoted one Colonel Hassan Rajoub from the “Free Syrian Army” as saying.

The US government insists that it is only supplying “moderate” rebels, but, as the whole world knows, these arms all inevitably end up in the hands of ISIS.

As reported in the Foreign Policy journal,

“hard-core Islamists in the Nusra Front have long outgunned the more secular, nationalist, Western-supported rebels. According to FSA officers, Nusra routinely harvests up to half the weapons supplied by the Friends of Syria, a collection of countries opposed to Assad, and has regularly smashed FSA factions that were corrupt and inefficient—or that Nusra thought were getting too strong or too popular.”

The FBO cargo lists uncovered by Jane’s revealed that “AK 47 rifles, PKM machine guns, DShK heavy machine guns, RPG7 rocket launchers, and 9K111M Faktoria anti-tank guided weapon (ATGWs)” are all amongst the weapons being purchased by the CIA and delivered to the “rebels.”

Anybody wondering where the refugee-terrorists in Europe are getting their weapons to carry out attacks such as those in Paris and Brussels, need wonder no more—they can thank the US government and its current president, Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama.

Video below: US-supported Jaish al-Izzah “rebels” destroy a Syrian Army armored vehicle with a US-supplied BGM-71 TOW missle. Note the “Allahu Akbar” shouts in the audio.

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  1. The Thing in the White House loves the headchopping “rebels”! They are sadistic, psychotic Inhumans cutting off every head in sight to Obama’s and Satan’s satisfaction. Allahu Akbar they shout while wallowing in blood and gore.
    It’s Obama and the mob of traitorous Americans in his government who are directly responsible for the Muzzie invasion of Europe. By getting rid of Gadaffi in Libya they released a tsunami of human flotsam and jetsam to flood the continent.
    May Obama come to an ugly end for the destruction his malicious actions are causing globally!

    1. Clinton will continue these disastrous policies. Syria and Russia will just have to keep eliminating the ISIS threat.

  2. “The thing in the Whitehouse …….?.
    Surely you mean the “Muslim in Chief in the Whitehouse “. …….!

  3. Step forward US government and current president, Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama.
    You fulfil the following criteria on all counts.

    `In individuals insanity is rare but in groups, parties, nations and epochs it is the rule`. Nietzsche

  4. Remember folks, it was then Sec. of State Hillary clinton who came up with the idea of supplying ISIS with weapons and money and talked Obama into carrying out her plan.

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