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Jews Want “Refugees”—But Not in Israel

Every major Jewish organization in America has publicly demanded that America open its doors to hundreds of thousands of Muslim “refugees”—while at the same time supporting the Jews-only state of Israel which has barred all “refugees” from entering.

JTA Eleven Jewish Groups

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) has reported that eleven Jewish groups (including the Union for Reform Judaism, the Orthodox Union, the Rabbinical Assembly, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society HIAS, the National Council of Jewish Women, the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the umbrella body for Jewish public policy groups, and many others) have formally urged Congress “not to roll back plans to accept Syrian refugees into the United States.”


Another JTA article (“For Jewish groups, Syrian refugees are a reminder—not a threat,” November 24, 2015), reported that the “consensus among the three major streams of US Jewry—Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox—is derived from a shared understanding of Jewish scripture, said Rabbi Jonah Pesner, who directs the Reform movement’s Religious Action Center.

The JTA article went on to quote Rabbi Steve Gutow, the outgoing president of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, who said that “sympathy for the refugee was written into the Jewish cultural genetic code.”


This latter opinion was echoed in an article in the Jewish Exponent, America’s second-oldest Jewish newspaper, published in Philadelphia. An article in that paper (“As Anti-Refugee Sentiment Builds, Jewish Agencies Push for Settlement,” November 25, 2015), quoted Rabbi Jennie Rosenn, vice president of community engagement at the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) in New York, as saying that they had “been helping to connect local congregations with refugee families coming to their area.”

The Jewish Exponent said that Jews had “been spurred to action by the numerous High Holiday addresses dedicated to welcoming the stranger,” and quoted Rabbi Jonathan Roos of Temple Sinai in Washington, DC, who had spoken to his congregation about the need to assist Syrian refugees through the lens of Jewish law and tradition.

To that end, the Jewish Exponent continued, Roos’s Temple Sinai “has been working on the issue of refugees since 2014,” and although Temple Sinai “cannot directly sponsor refugee families, as congregations in Canada currently are,” Roos said that “Our own historical experience reminds us and points to the need to empathize, understand, and support the people who are in the same position.”

The overwhelming Jewish support for Israel, which has openly refused to accept even one refugee, contrasts dramatically with their support for the policy of promoting Muslim refugees into America.

It seems that Rabbi Steve Gutow’s “Jewish cultural genetic code” and Rabbi Jonathan Roos’s “need to empathize, understand and support” only extends as far as non-Jewish countries. When it comes to their country, Israel—which all these Jews fanatically support—this “need to empathize” is thrown out the window.

As reported earlier, the Israeli government has refused to accept any “refugees” from Syria or Africa—and is building a new wall to keep them out.


An official statement from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said that “Israel is a small country, a very small country, that lacks demographic and geographic depth. Therefore, we must control our borders, against both illegal migrants and terrorism.”


Israel’s official view on barring Syrian “refugees” was also detailed in the LA Times of September 6, 2015 (“One country that won’t be taking Syrian refugees: Israel”), where Netanyahu repeated his assertion that Israel’s “lack of demographic and geographic depth” required controlling its borders against both “illegal migrants and terrorism.”

In fact, Israel has also made it illegal for any non-Jew, as racially defined by that state, to immigrate to Israel at all, no matter where they come from.


At the same time, the Israeli government has also financed, through its official foreign aid section (IsraAID), the Third World Muslim invasion of Europe.

IsraAID is mainly financed by the Israeli government’s Department of Foreign Affairs, but, as the Jewish Exponent article revealed, it is also financially backed by Jews in America:

Rabbi Lance Sussman, senior rabbi of Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel in Elkins Park, is a trustee of IsraAID, which aims to “help Israel, help humanity.” As a trustee on the organization’s North American board, Sussman is trying to build up the organization and solicit donations for the work IsraAID conducts in Jordan, Turkey, and the shores of Greece.

The hypocrisy could not be clearer:

 – In America, Jews are united in pushing for mass Muslim “refugee” immigration.

 – In Israel, which these same Jews all fanatically support, all such Muslim “refugees” are completely barred, and prevented from entering by law and physical barriers.

It is impossible to escape the conclusion that the Jews know that mass Third World or Muslim immigration to Israel will destroy that nation’s homogeneity and Jewish identity.

It is also then equally impossible to escape the conclusion that the Jews also know that their demand for more mass Third World or Muslim immigration into America will destroy that nation’s homogeneity and identity—but because it is a non-Jewish state, they do not care and in fact encourage its destruction.

It is one law for the Jews, another for the Gentiles: the preservation of racial identity for Jews, and the destruction of racial identity for non-Jews.


  1. The reason behind is they want to be as a race safe behind the multicultural mixed race societies and not to fear antisemitism like it used to be in homogenized (nazi) Germany and rest of Europe (pogroms in Eastern Europe) There is now a conscious evil plan in place to destroy the white European western culture by the global elite (Soros etc) and the jewish Hollywood alike.
    Read this:

  2. In any community there appear to be Jews who support Rabbi Abraham L Feinberg and his final solution set out in September 5 1967 Maclean’s Magazine and those who support and respect Raphael Lemkin and the Genocide Convention. It is thanks to a Jew that Article 2e of the Genocide Convention exists. “Forcibly transferring children of the group to another.” is a criminal act. If this so called New Observer is truly independent then instead of referring to Jews they respect the jargon in the Military Tribunal which met at Nuremberg and identify the individuals guilty of public incitement to violate this Convention, there would be a rational discussion on the subject.

  3. It’s past time we got rid of Israel as a dependent bloodsucking parasite. Israel does nothing for the USA except bring us more trouble and cost us money. Why do we allow this? I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. What hold do they have over us–is it blackmail??? To our “leaders–get rid of this costly burden and get our country back. They’ve caused enough trouble, and spied on us enough. Even USA Jewish people are seeing Israel’s true colors.

    1. “Israel does nothing for the USA except bring us more trouble and cost us money. Why do we allow this?”

      The reason behind is quite simple – for most very influntial American Jews (Fed, Supreme Court, Senate) Israel is still a “very special” place they will always help. Of course with American taxpayers money. Without their support Israel would be finished in no time!

  4. The reason that the jews have a holg on the US is they own it . The federal reserve is owned by wealthy jews. Rothchilds alone owns all or part in almost every country in the world. Right now they are paying Camerons remain campain and Hilary Clinton all other politician were given money by the jew except Donald Trump. This is where most of his trouble came from but I believe he has come to some agreement to lay off them, which is probably the only reason he’s still in the race.These people hate seems to go through generation after generation. the worst thing is our own politicians going along with ethnic cleansing.


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